Monday, January 7, 2019

Weekend Review {01/07}


Friday was the last Friday of just work and it made me sad.  I am NOT excited about going back to school, nope nope nope.  It's just 1.5 more years and I can do it, but fffaaacccckkkk that's just so mentally painful to consider right now. 

I had a massage scheduled at 11 and it was deeeeelightful.  I'm finally to the point in my life that my massages are about recovery more than relaxation, but when 90% of my body doesn't hurt, I CAN relax more, so this is a good thing.  She focused on my back and butt (dat squat ass) and I walked out feeling human again.  I wasn't able to see Teh Chiro because the waiting room was full at noon when my massage was finished and they closed at 12.  I was confused, but said I'd come back on Monday.  Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

After my massage, I went to Sam's to get gas, then decided to take a trip into Sam's to pick up meats that I had been putting off, which would mean no errands to run over the weekend.  After completing these tasks, I headed home.  For the first time in years I ran out of every Bath and Body Works lotion I've been using since probably.. uhh.. 2012?  I wish that was a joke, but it probably isn't since I know I had this lotion from my Australia DET, which was in 2012.  Anyways, all of that to say that instead of going straight home, I stopped by the mall since BBW was having their semi-annual sale or quasi-annual sale or whatever sale and picked up 2 bottles of lotion and then really headed home.

$2.12 for premium?  Plskthx.

I got home and put all the things away and opened my computer up to discover more emails in my inbox than the entire time I'd been on vacation.  FML.  After putting out the fires, the rest of the work day was me ignoring problems that I couldn't fix and explaining to a PM that until he gets more information about a process we have to do, I'll continue hating it.. and will probably continue hating it even after we have more information.  Ya know, in true Megan fashion.

I hit up the gym around 3:45.  Since my massage had given me full range of motion again, it was a good time.  Teh German came in when I was almost finished.  It was a gross workout since it's practically summertime here with 100% humidity.  After my workout, I agreed to run the Rugged Maniac race with a school/gym-mate.  Teh German came home as I finally got into the shower.

For literal years, I've been hunting this pop-up ramen place called 2 Nixons.  They were rumored to have the.most.delicious ramen EVER.  Well, I almost always had a conflict and I gave up for a while and then recently on of my school friends who knows the owner of 2 Nixons invited us to go out to ramen with them.  And of course, I was always out of town or already had plans.  FINALLY.. FINALLLLYYYYYY, I was free when the friend posted about going on FB.  I immediately responded something like, "ME ME ME! PICK ME!  CHOOSE ME!  LOVE ME!" and so we agreed to meet for ramen on Friday night.

We left around 7 to head downtown to meet to-be-named-Friend at Proof (the hosting location of 2 Nixons for the time being).  After ordering drinks and noms, we waited.  We were served shrimps with the heads still on, Teh German managed to peel the shrimps on his own AND ate them without issue (I did offer to peel the shrimp for him since it still had the head on it and I know he definitely doesn't like his food served with eyes).  Next came our yakitori.  It was perfect.  Everything had a spicy type of sauce on it, but not so much I couldn't endure it, thankfully.

THEN... our ramen came.  It was like a little heaven beam was shining down over my bowl when it was placed in front of me.  It was heavenly to look at, but even more so to taste it.  It was worth the hunt/wait.

We chatted for a while after our food had vanished from our plates and then we finally headed out when we knew that our meters were definitely expired.  When we were paying, the chef had the bartender pour us go-to shots, on the house.  Thank you, yes please.  Why don't I know the owners of more delicious feeding places?  I think I need to make this a goal.

After getting home, we opted to have some screen time.  I enjoyed my puzzle and audiobook time laying in the bed, while Teh German sat on the couch and scrolled.  Eventually, he came upstairs and it was sleepy time.


Saturday was facetime day.  We spent the morning talking to Teh German's dad, mom, and opa (grandfather), and we called Auntie P, but she had company, so we arranged to facetime Sunday morning.  As we were finishing up our chats, Teh PT Wife sent a snap about going day drinking.  While we had plans to do adulty things like yard work, we are easily swayed (some of us more than others, Teh German, by the mention of beer), so we agreed.  I offered to drive since I knew I wouldn't be enjoying beer. 

Teh German actually drove us to our first stop, Westbrook Brewing.  As we were leaving the neighborhood, Teh Dad called, so I chatted with him while we headed to Mt. Pleasant.  When we arrived to the brewery, it was fine, but as the earth turned, the sun blinded everyone and we left.  We did run into one of my coworkers, which was cool.

We (but especially me) were hungry, so we decided our next stop was 2 Blokes Brewing since they had a pop up food thing going on that served cheese steaks.  I did order a beer since they had sprite and tried to make it into a radler, but it wasn't overly enjoyable so I suffered through it.  It took an hour for the cheese steaks to come out, so I was glad I ordered the burger.  It was pretty good, but not for the price we paid and for the wait.  They said they had some grill issues because of the wind (they were outside), but we were disgruntled and the beer selection didn't really make the drinkers happy, so after we ate, we closed out and moved on.

We debated going to Ghost Monkey Brewery, but we ended up at Palmetto Brewing since the drinkers knew there were items on tap that they actually wanted to drink.  When we got there, a man was playing keyboard and singing jazzy types of songs about Charleston and New Orleans and it was loud and it didn't take me long to get annoyed.  Additionally, my company was pretty drunk by this point and it was hard to hear, so my patience was limited.  We did play a complete game of Phase 10, Teh PT Husband won, which is probably for the best since he's a super sore loser, we acknowledge these things and accept them for what they are, lol.

After the game ended, we headed home to wait on the pre-ordered pizza that Teh PT Wife had ordered as the day drinking had started.  Teh German and I went inside and changed into comfy clothes and then headed over to Teh PT House.  They were watching Hell's Kitchen, which I tried very hard not to overly snark, but didn't really succeed.  After pizza arrived, we headed outside for the dudes to have cigar time. 

Around 10, the day drinkers were tired and it was time for bed.


Sunday was make up day for all the chores we didn't accomplish on Saturday.  We were out of the bed by 9, breakfast was accomplished, and I did some flight hunting for my Pittsburgh trip.  At 11, I headed outside to scoop a million years worth of poop (2ish months).  While scooping, I was listening to my audiobook, then I talked with Teh Running Bestie about my flight situation, and then Teh Sister to ask her about her Pittsburgh plans and discuss life things.

My poop funnel backed up and I wasn't able to get all the poop down the drain.. ugghhh.. which meant the situation had to be monitored until I could dump the rest of it down the drain.  While I waited on... movement (ha!), I started working on cutting down all the death in the flower beds.

THIS is the stem? stalk? from the passionflower vine at our front door.
It's a MONSTER.  At least 2 thumbs thick.
See also, I will never NOT have passionflower vine in the front garden.

Teh German mowed the backyard weeds and picked up all my cuttings.  I checked on the poop, no movement, and went inside to shower.  Eventually, we both ended up chilling in the living room and we watched a few episodes of Gracie and Frankie (I was watching, then Teh German ended up also watching).  I turned the TV off so Teh German would focus and do some computer work, which didn't end up happening, grrrr.  I tried explaining to Teh German that I have a very limited amount of time to help him with this undertaking/project but he didn't seem to care.  So I said fuck it and went about my business of entertaining myself.  When Teh German suggested watching The Office, I agreed.  Teh NY Chef delivered some post-Christmas goodies, which was perfect timing since it's fat week and I lurveee her chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

We did pause to make dinner (currywurst and fries and green beans), and by we, I mean, Teh German made dinner.  After dinner was consumed and cleaned up, it was back to the couch.  I gave Teh German one more opportunity to work on his stuff together and he preferred to watch The Office.  When he comes at me after school starts to work on his stuff and I don't have time, I'm not sorry.  I'm not going to stress myself out about HIS problems if he can't be bothered to worry about MY problems when the time comes.

We watched The Office for the rest of the evening and then the weekend was over and it was bedtime and sadness.


Overall, a very good weekend.  It was our first weekend back from vacation so we had to catch up on some house things, and our last dog free weekend, so we also had to catch up on sleeping in.  We accomplished almost everything that I had put on our to do list.

In bad news, my Adobe subscription expired before I finished editing Snowcation pics, which is a real progress cockblock.  I'm either going to have to commit to paying for Adobe again (which isn't really high on my list of desires since you have to commit to 6 months minimum (6x$20/month)) or find another program to edit with (higher on my list, but more tedious).  So ya know, Snowcation pics are forthcoming... probably.

School starts back Wednesday.  As with the fall semester, she wasn't ready.  I did order my textbooks except one.  I can return them for a full refund if some sneaky students find electronic copies for me, which wouldn't hurt my feelings.  This semester holds:
-Data Algorithms (the class I failed over the summer at College of Charleston)
-Computer Networks and Organization
-Circuits part 2
-Cybersecurity part 2
-German (my last required German class, I could prob take more German classes, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time in my class schedule)

Teh Running Bestie arrives with the beasties on Thursday!  While we enjoyed not having the responsibility (and mom guilt of leaving the dogs home all day long without us) of the dogs, we are both excited for the family to be reunited. 

Next weekend is Charleston Marathon weekend, and we'll be running the half.  I don't feel prepared since I haven't really been able to run since Kiawah.  I do count all the stairs at Red Rocks Amphitheater as training since we were at altitude and I could barely breathe.  Also, at the gym on Friday we did this weird hopping obstacle course and my ankles were pretty disgruntled about that through the weekend, so I didn't get a long run in.  This week will include at least one run and maybe a few days at the gym where I take it easy.

If you follow me on Tweeters and saw my live-tweets of my Cyber Awareness Challenge, you are welcome.  I shared that to FB and not a single person commented on it.  Either my friends have hidden me or FB was like, "You've posted too much today, this is not going in news feeds, STFU."  Either way.  Entertained me.

Teh Running Bestie did an awesome job at keeping us entertained with pictures of the fur-kids.  Expect a heart-exploding from cuteness post in the near future of all these photos that had to suffice while I was missing my Meri snuggles.

It's really January now, yall.  First full week.  We got this.
PS.  I don't write the date often, but I haven't lapsed into 2018 yet.  #Likeaboss

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  1. Going back to work yesterday nearly killed my soul. It wasn't even a real day! There were no students & I left at noon... I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to survive today...

    There are a few Ramen places here that I need to try ASAP. I've been wanting to for awhile but now I need to create a real "Farewell Tour of Texas" since I'm planning on moving back to MN this summer.


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