Friday, January 4, 2019

Five on Friday #177

EINS - Random Shit

-So what happens when I have zero fucks to give about anything (aka Snowcation) is that I forget to show you cool shit that I've done... liiiiiiiiikkkkeeee... dye my hairs.  I give you:


When it's lunchtime and you're foiled, but you still walk your happy ass across the parking lot to Sonic for foods.

A cool 90's hair trend that never took off, I'm confident.

Wellllllllll.. ok then.

No more goo!

More goo!


Salon visitor!

Salon visitor!

(aka, I've been here for 4 hours and I'm ready to go home now.)

there's a green "oil slick" at the roots,
to create the full on peacock/galaxy hairs.


-Being at work on Wednesday challenged my ability to focus in every possible way.  For real.  I couldn't focus on one task for an extended period of time before I'd squirrel to something else.  I did manage to handle all my work tasks without problems, but it was the killing of time that was so challenging.  Edit photos?  Refresh FB every 5 minutes?  Blog?  Organize the laptop?  Plan meals for the week?  Grocery shop online?  ALL.THE.THINGS.

-When I meal plan for the week, I try not to repeat the same shit over and over.. mostly out of consideration for Teh German.  I'm over that shit.  I'm over all the mental effort of trying to mix it up and keep it interesting so he doesn't get tired of a certain meal.  I think my new year's resolution is to be more selfish as a means of self-care.  I know that sounds pretty asshole-ish, but simple things like meal planning shouldn't stress and frustrate me as much as they do.  I feel unappreciated because I put forth a LOT of mental effort into planning meals that are delicious, pretty simple, and not the same thing all the time, in addition to making the grocery list and doing the shopping for the items (be it online or in the store).  Yes, Teh German often picks up the groceries when I do online orders, but that is minimal effort compared to all the time/effort that goes into making it possible for him to pick up the order...

This means if I feel like making ramen 2 weeks in a row, I'll make ramen 2 weeks in a row with no fucks to give since Teh German rarely makes any dinner suggestions, while I spend 30 minutes to an hour (at least) planning for the week.  This also applies to going out.  I'm tired of trying to read his damn mind and anticipating his wants/needs when I don't feel like the mental effort is reciprocated.

-Part of this resolution is because of being unappreciated.  Part of the resolution is because I realized that I often do things preemptively to make Teh German's life more convenient, but the same consideration is not returned.  This became glaringly obvious when we had to share a small bathroom during our Snowcation.  He was doing getting ready things while I was blow drying my hair.  Rather than wait on him to ask me to please step aside, I'd just move out of the way, then he'd take his time doing whatever, all the while I was waiting on him to finish whatever he was doing before I could finish drying my hair.  When I didn't move in time at one point, he tisked (my absolute least favorite thing ever that he does) and grunted at me.  I lost my shit and finally said, "USE YOUR WORDS!  I shouldn't have to read your mind."

-Have you ever been SNOWMOBILING?  If not, DO IT.  If so, isn't it awesoooommmeeee?????!!!  Snowmobiling was, by far, my favorite part of our Snowcation.  I decided to make reservations on a whim, despite how expensive it was, because #YOLO #Snowcation.

-If your vacation doesn't include dogs, it's probably less satisfying than if it did.  Just sayin'.  Not only did we stay we 11/12 greyhounds in Denver, we stopped in Baltimore to visit our dogs (and Teh Running Bestie) for NYE.  #WORTHIT

-Summarized email thread:
Coworker: blah blah blah, I need an email address associated with my CAC card*.
Me: Your email acct has not been created yet.  When it gets created, I will let you know, but I checked some places to double check and I'm right about that.
Coworker: How do I get my email account?
Me: It is part of the process. I checked the box that you needed an email account.
Coworker: How do we do the request?  Do we need to start over?
Me: It is part of the existing process.  I told you this was a long process.  Plus the holidays, plus you not doing shit because you put a contact email address you don't have access to.  As I stated, I will let you know when the account gets created, as soon as I know.
Coworker: I'm not complaining, I just don't understand how the process works.  So there's nothing else you need from me, correct?  Thanks for your help.
Me: Correct, there is nothing else I need from you at this time.  If that changes, I'll let you know.
Coworker: Ok, thanks again.
Me: 🤦🤦🤦
Me out loud: Is it a full moon?  Mercury retrograde?  Do I communicate ineffectively?  Am I even speaking English right now?  WTF?

*CAC stands for common access card.  To say CAC card is redundant.

-I placed THREE Sam's orders between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning, knowing that Teh German would be fetching all 3 orders on Thursday afternoon before he came home from work.  #NotSorry #IKeptForgettingShit

-Dear Society,
Dumping shit (like literal human waste) in public places is a health hazard.  It was a contributing factor to the plague that wiped out a large portion of the European population in the 14th century.  So stop shitting in the National Parks and being generally shitty people.  Ugh.

-WOOOOT!!!  Yelp Elite 2019!  AND I got my gold badge for 5 years of being elite.  #LIKEABOSS

-I'm just going to be honest with you, Gentle Readers.  I can see why Iliza Shlesinger is so popular,  But while she makes me do that nose snort laugh thing, she does not make me LOL as much as I'd want a "like super funny comedian" to.  And the worst part is, after watching all her standups on Netflix, I am now super aware when I make those raptor sounds... and I can't stop.  I probably did it prior to watching, but now it's obvious when I do it because I'm aware it's a thing.  🤦

-Shit we're doing this weekend:
FINALLY getting ramen from 2 Nixons.
Skyping with (almost) ALL the Germans. 
Much needed yard maintenance.
Professional development things.
Sleeping the fuck in (it's our last dogfree weekend, I need to take advantage of this time).

-We finally started watching The Office (US version, kthx) and Teh German has actually lol-ed a few times.  I've been wanting to rewatch it for years, so I'm glad we're sharing this experience, lol.  We already caught up on The Ranch and Teh German will wait for all the episodes of Vikings to be posted before we start watching this season because he doesn't like having to wait.  You should have seen his face when we finished the new episodes for The Ranch and it ended with a cliffhanger.  He was NOT pleased. 

-I read books.  Specifically I read these books in 2018:

ZWEI - Money Shit

Non-vacation related expenses...
-Cards Against Humanity's newest expansion.. again.  since my Black Friday order didn't actually go through because their servers were fucked up.
-Target 70% off Christmas candy.
-Amazon Prime membership
-Poopourri for our future travels.
-Drawer organizer containers for the desk.  The top drawer in my our desk is a catch all for shit that just slides around and by the end of last semester it was really grating on my nerves.  I'm glad to be fixing this.
-Oh Yuk (jetted tub cleaner), another mental sigh.
-Gym membership (I really wish there was a way to pause a membership when you're going out of town for half the month.  #firstworldproblems, I know.)
-Car insurance
-Grocery/house stuffs from Sam's (veggies, laundry stuffs, etc)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Irrationally, it really bothers me that Teh German uses toe nail clippers exclusively for everything.
I found these hilarious, but knew he wouldn't use them, since his "old faithfuls" are fine, so I didn't purchase.

Lawd, if there was ever a cup that described me better, I'd be damned.
"I try to act nonchalant but inside I'm actually chalant AF."

"I hope you are up and running again soon!
Just kidding.
We hate running."
This made me think of Teh Running Bestie and I forgot to show her, so now she gets to finally see it, LOOL

A Coors hoodie with an insulated beer coozie behind the lint ball pocket.
Teh German admitted that if it hadn't said Coors, he would have purchased it.

When did Beanie Baby eyes get so obnoxiously large?
These are NOT REAL Beanie Babies.

Alas, I did not purchase this as it was $7 for those dinky brussel sprouts,
but the novelty was cool.

I lurrrrvveeee ramen-pho

While getting the ingredients for ramen-pho, I happened upon SEAWEED.
I lurrrrvveee seaweed.  I cannot explain why.
Now I want to find it in bulk and eat it always.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. TEH CLOUD.  Bed sweet bed.
  2. No school.
  3. Getting back into my workout thangs.
  5. Finding cheap textbooks (although finding free digital copies wouldn't hurt my feelings)
  6. Watching The Ranch.
  7. Light work week.  Hooyah holiday return.
  8. Vegetables.  I'm old.  I need fiber.  I don't tend to get enough fiber on vacation.  You're welcome for that TMI.
  9. Restaurant week reservations.
  10. The smell of my clean laundry.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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