Wednesday, June 22, 2011

23. My Worst Kiss

Kissing has the potential to be very awkward.  I mean obviously, you usually kiss people you're close to which is very personal.  So bad kisses are taboo.  Do you tell someone they are a bad kisser?  or do you just try to lead them differently and hope they figure out that you're purposely tryin to change things up?

Until recently, I wasn't a cheek kisser, so for me, when I talk about kissin, its lips to lips, usually romantic in association.  My family doesn't really kiss, we hug, which is alright with me.

My embarrasing admittance/story.
I once saw people kissing on tv with their mouths open, tongues playing around and I learned that this was called French Kissing.. I tried to do it to Teh Mom.  She was slightly freaked out, so was I, so it never happened again.  Oops, my bad, blame the child.  I was really young, so if she asked me why, I probably told her I saw it on TV and she said that wasn't how kids kissed their parents.  I'm sure it was probably a funny story for Teh Dad when he came home though.  Hey, your daughter french kissed me today... awkwarrrd.

So my worst kiss evar?  Make it plural, worst kisses ever?

(not really sure what this site is about)
There was one guy that liked to examine my tonsils with his tongue.  And I couldn't say anything, literally and figuratively.  I mean, how do you nicely say, hey if you could not put your ENTIRE tongue in my mouth, that'd be greatttt.. kthx?   Cause I'm not really sure how.  So instead, I tried to lead by example.  Mostly, by NOT putting my tongue in his mouth..  And when he started to get to "tonsil-y", I'd need a "breather".  This definitely didn't put a stop on the habit.

I started to worry this guy was gonna hit my gag reflex one day..  That leads to a pretty bad image in my head, but still amusing nonetheless.  The thought of kissing this guy wasn't appealing to me.  Especially after my attempts to change the kissing style were fails.  It definitely didn't work out, not just because the kissing problem, which makes me feel less shallow while writing this.  :)

And can I just say for the record that talking about the technicalities of kissing is only semi-awkward.  Especially knowing that sometimes Teh Parents read Teh Blog.. hehe (nervous laughter).


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