Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Your body is a temple... of art?

My parents very rarely miss out on an opportunity to be, well, parents.

Evidence 1:
Teh Dad does NOT approve of this top.
I once wore a cami/spaghetti strap tank top while I was staying at Teh Dad's house the summer before I graduated college (so I was over the age of 21), and when I walked into the kitchen, he saw me and IMMEDIATELY, without taking a breath, said, "Is that an appropriate shirt?"  No jk.  This is the man who changed my diapers, who even gave assistance in the genetic gene pool for the table that I carry around on my chest (aka my boobs), and I wasn't even planning on leaving the house.
Me: Well, what's wrong with it?
tD: Your all hanging out up top.
Me: Pretty sure I saw teh stepsister wearing a shirt exactly like this one yesterday and you didn't say anything to her.  (she wasn't even 16 yet)
tD: Yeah, but she doesn't have to worry about what you have to worry about.
thanks for the sublty Dad.
Me: Well, its not like I'm going anywhere.  And I'm pretty sure that if you go to town you're going to see way worse, cause I don't own  booty shorts.
tD: And you better never.

Evidence 2:
Teh Mom does NOT approve of this piercing.
I told Teh Mom that I wanted my eyebrow pierced soon after I turned 17.  I have a history of piercing my ears, she wasn't really surprised, but she definitely wasn't ready for facial piercings.  Her response was the combination of over my dead body and hell no and I'm not signing for that and whew, you're not 18 yet, hahaha.  I broached the subject again before my 18th bday, which went something like this:
Me:  I'm getting my eyebrow pierced on my birthday.
tM: No you aren't.
Me: It's what I want.
tM: You aren't allowed to have piercings at school.
Me: There's plenty of kids with piercings at school, there's even a freak kid who's got his nose bridge pierced and all sorts of other wacky face places.
tM: You need to wait 6 months, so you can think about this.
Me: It has been over 6 months since I decided this.
tM: No, wait 6 more months.
Me: I'm still going to get it done.
tM: We'll see.

3 months goes by after my birthday, I felt like this was a happy medium anddddd well, I'm not known for my patience, so I rebroached the subject.
Me: I'm going to get my eyebrow pierced.
tM: No you aren't.
Me: Yes, I am.  I've wanted this for almost a year now.  I'm doing it.
and I did.  And I loved it.  And it grew out.  And then I pierced the other eyebrow and took it out before the same fate happened.  Was Teh Mom pissed?  Oh yeah, pretty sure she didn't talk to me for at least a week, and if she did it was mostly painful.  We weren't in a good place then.  Then again, we aren't normally in a good place, so I guess we were setting the standard for the future?

Who else was pissed?  My work place, HellValue FairValue.  They made me cover it up with a bandaid, so since I'm a pain in the ass rebel, I bought kid's Dr. Seuss bandaids because Cat in the Hat had just came out in theaters.  They were not pleased with my neon green bandaid, but it was a bandaid, so I got scorns and customers asked me what was wrong with my face and I told them nothing, I had my eyebrow pierced and management didn't like it.  I forgot my bandaid a few times and had to wear a normal sized regular colored bandaid and it half covered my eye.  I almost took off a finger with the meat slicer because I couldn't see and told my manager to wear a bandaid over his eye, so I could call him a pirate and see how he liked it.  Regular customers complained to me that the bandaid was ridiculous that you couldn't even see my eyebrow ring normally (I loved those people).  When I had on the regular bandaid they were even more concerned.  <3 the south and conservative people. (Sarcastic font)  Siiiiigh.

Evidence 3:
I had talked about getting a tattoo for years, especially after the ordeal with Teh Mom about the piercing, I knew it had to be something that I loved, for permanent.  I thought long and hard.  I searched through tattoo databases for many moons.  Finally, I settled on a triquetra (aka, the symbol from the show Charmed).  It is an old Celtic symbol that had several different meanings that I liked.  I found a particular design I liked and waited.  I decided on it when I was with the ex-fiancé and he told me he wanted to get a tattoo also, so I should wait for him to decide what he wanted, which I agreed to.
"Wow, thats not as big as I thought it was
going to be." -Teh Dad

I discussed this decision with my parents, being the young, nieve, oldest child that I am.  They weren't pleased.  NO ONE WAS PLEASED.  Not Teh Mom, not Teh Dad, not teh stepmom, not Teh Granny.  The elders weren't pleased.  But, like always, my mind was made up.  I explained what it meant to them, I think they did appreciate the trinity aspect of the symbol, and they expressed their dissatisfaction.

Teh Mom: That will be on your body for LIFE.  Its a bad decision.
Teh Granny: Girl, you know I love you, but sometimes I just don't think you think with the brain God gave you.
teh stepmom: silent treatment with a stare, then walked away

Almost 2 years and a breakup later, I finally got my damn tattoo without the ex-fiancé (Thank Jesus).
I've never regretted it.

Evidence 4:
Proud Parenting comes in many forms.  My family is pretty good at showing it.

He loves that sweatshirt.

Notice the coordinated Wolfpack red?

Teh Mom after we chalked up the road to
celebrate Courk's graduation.  She definitely
goes above and beyond to celebrate,
its awesome.
When I gave Teh Dad this shirt,
he hated it and called it tacky,
which he still denies.
I still love this shirt and he wore it
for me while I was home on leave,
I think its growing on him in his old age.

I'm not even sure if Teh Mom or Teh Dad even read my blog.  If they do, neither of them have commented yet, which kinda makes me wonder.  Its too bad I don't vlog (video blog), cause the voices that my parents have when I'm telling stories is apparently very amusing.  Maybe that will be a decision for another day.. or better yet, a very large commitment for another day...



  1. I read your comments, not everyday but most days. I think this is your way of expressing yourself to the world. I may agree with or not agree with you, however, the right to express your is yours.

    I love you.



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