Sunday, June 5, 2011

Adulthood comes with responsibilities.

Overalls are tricky.  They can be cute.. if you're a child, have the right body type, are doing manual labor.. but there are too many ways overalls can go wrong.

Examples of WRONG:

This is NOT okay for multiple reasons. (google search)

This is NOT ok. (image)

What brings on the fashion police?

I was standing watch a few weeks ago and a lady walked in wearing bleached out denim shorts overalls.  She looked like she should have several kids trailing behind her screaming or she had been at a picnic, and decided that she'd stop into work real quick.  I'm not really sure, I guess it just rubbed me wrong.  If I was her and looked at myself in the mirror that morning, I probably would have said, wait, something is off.. oh yeah, its these overalls from 1992, let me try some slacks.

Who am I to judge?  I mean, I had corduroy overalls in brown that I wore until one of the buttons fell off in middle school.  Then I upgraded to a mickey mouse pair that were hand me down, but looked baggy and at least kinda cute.  Then Mickey was to childish, so I upgraded to a plain pair from Old Navy (miss that place).  I think I had another button/strap malfunction that never got fixed, so they were a lost cause.  But I feel like overalls you really have to be careful with.  Especially as a woman...  meaning wearing overalls REQUIRES WEARING A SHIRT UNDERNEATH.

Examples that work:
This is okay. (google search)
This is okay. (google search)
This is okay. (google search)

This public service announcement was brought to you by Teh Megan.

PS.  When I get back to America, I want a pair of overalls now, but I promise if they are too tight they will stay in the store and I'll dream of how cute they could be, and if I do wind up owning overalls again, I promise to always wear a shirt underneath... duh.

PS.  Are we FB friends?  Like can I decide another day on FB and we can be!  At 75 likes there will be a giveaway surprise!!!!

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