Thursday, June 16, 2011

Running out of things to blog about.. zomy.

So usually, I’m full of rants. Shit to babble on about, things that don’t matter to anyone.. and I’m ok with that, because this blog is about me, Gentle Reader, not you. I mean I could make it about you, but what fun would that be? Its not like you’re telling me your rants, thus, its automatically more fun to hear me ramble.

Recently, I’ve felt all writers’ block-y, and I’ve had to refer to my list of potential blog subjects to come up with blog topics. I mean, I don’t fault myself for having a list, because I would have definitely forgot some pretty good topics if I didn’t have my list, like the toothpaste blog that I’ve yet to write, but will get to… eventually. 

But sometimes, a blog about toothpaste doesn’t feel appropriate for the day, so I come up with something different and save particular topics for another day (sometimes the title of this blog is just so convenient, one day I’ll thank Teh Ginger for encouraging me to go with my first choice). 
So I mean, really, I can’t actually run out of things to blog about unless I actually run out of items on my list, which so far isn’t the case.. BUTTTTTT… because I was feeling bored with the topics that were remaining on my list, I did a google search for blog topics. Yeah, I’m creative like that. 

I pulled up a whole bunch of tabs to see what people were saying. Apparently, Chris Brogan (this last name always makes me think of the word Bromance btw) wanted me to write about 100 things that were mostly social media related.. and damn if I don’t already have a media degree and a waning lack of interest in the facebook/internet/advertising linked world. He bored me, so I went to my next tab. Something about how to be interesting. Really, I didn’t meet many of those standards, so feeling like I was about to feel like a blogging failure, I moved to the next tab, which was 50 suggestions for things to write blogs about.. like the person I most admire or why I love my hometown. Much closer to what I was looking for. Things that normal people without an interest in the real world can write about, check. Copy pasted to the blog subjects draft email that lives in Gmail land. SCORE! 

One of the other tabs had a link on how to be funny. Pretty sure I didn’t really meet too many of those qualifications either. And it was suggested on another tab that you start out every blog by talking about your Gentle Reader and why the topic was important to them. My topics aren’t important to you (probably) which is why you read my bullshit-ary anyways… and maybe you think I’m funny, but probably not. The example was something like, you will spend $25 on parking because you’re rushed but you could be saving money and here’s how. Apparently, this creates a link to the reader and gives them cause to keep reading. Meh. I draw you in with stupid stories and pictures of me being silly on my webcam and having a Hitler ‘stache. WIN. 
(Google Search)

So in this blog, this is what happened. I drew you in because you were worried that I was already done blogging (didn’t I just start blogging?) because I ran out of things to talk about. Then I tricked you by actually saying that I wasn’t really out of things, but that I was searching for MORE things to talk about, which in turn for you means, YAY Teh Megan will continue blogging! Lucky you, Gentle Reader. 

Tea time! (Google Search)
Also, not sure why I’ve started using Gentle Reader, but it makes me feel all old school English (UK English, not USA English). Like, I should be drinking Earl Grey tea (which I’ve never had btw) and having crumpets. I’d probably also refer to my peeps as Dear Teh BFF, Dear Teh Bear, Dear Miss Reflective, Dear Shoulda Been a Cowgirl. Hehehehe, that was fun. 

So, be on the lookout for less rants and more storytime.. YAY! Teh Megan stories! Those always end up long and full of tangents.. BWAHAHHAHA, my blog, my way, suckas Gentle Readers.


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