Friday, June 3, 2011

Vloggin.. I'm not sure that word is ok to use in front of your children or parents.

So, blogging is soooo 1990s and now apparently the cool this is to vlog.

WTF is vlog you ask?  Its video blogging.  I wouldn't have guess either, but I've been to a few blogs that have vlog Friday's and I was like, hrm, interesting concept.

The most interesting part?  Actually doing it.

I mean, I've got opinions on plenty of stuff, and I know there are vlog (every time I type this I feel ridiculous, which I'm glad for) rings out there, where someone suggests a topic for the vlog event, which is kinda cool.  Not sure how I could get in on one of those.  I like the blogging challenge.  I try to post blogs at least every other day.  Sometimes, that doesn't work out, but most of the time, I'm pretty good about it.

Vloggin would be another challenge for myself.  Could I do it?  Could I get over how country-bumpkin I sound and put my face on the internet for random people to see?  What if I had a HUGE zit on vlog day, can I take a sick day?  Why would I even care what the internet thinks about my vlog?

Step back.  I know how to work skype, but getting my camera do work on its own seems kinda like a challenge, I know if Teh Bear is reading this, he's shaking his head at me, because he's left me videos on my computer before, which I would find waiting for me after a grueling 12 hour shift, and it would immediately make my day infinitely better.  He's one of three options: a- apathetic to my new blogging addiction, b- supportive in that he would teach me how to use my camera for something other than skype dates, c- not supportive because he likes my face all to himself via the internet (least plausible option).  PS, Teh Bear is great.

Idk, its a consideration.  Something to decide another day?

Potentially something you'd see if I was a vlogger.


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  1. LIES!!!!! The shaking of my head is over the fact that you gave me 2 negative options out of a total of 3. I mean, it's possible that my choices were A) Glad that you have an outlet for your opinions and what not. B) Glad to read what you write (I've already told you why I like that. Or C) Disappointed they are not more about me (cause I'm selfish like that...sheesh :D)


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