Friday, June 24, 2011

Some random thoughts...

1.  When people confirm how much being in the Middle East sucks, I feel justified in all the whining I've done.

2.  I heard all about desert heat in the summer.  No one warned me about the stupid wind, that kicks up the stupid dust.  The dust "storm", which now I'm doubting is actually a real dust storm, but more just the wind "driving too fast" (story related to childhood) which is stirring up the dust that never actually gets blown away, just around.  My body isn't handling this well.  The doc said it was a virus, but I'm dubious about this instead just being my body not responding well to the dust, and they can't say, well, you aren't dealing well with the local environment, but enjoy your remaining 5 months here.

3.  Did I just say 5 months?  Not 4/5, not 3/4.. a definitive 5?  Yes, I did.  I got hard copy orders this week and the only other time I've been more excited, while in Bahrain, was when I got my verbal orders a few months ago.

4.  The only times I'll be more excited than anything orders related, while in Bahrain, is when Teh Bear arrives in 13 days (under 2 weeks!?!?!) and when I leave this dust-forsaken island.

5.  This weekend is Teh ZepZep's birthday.  I wasn't really there for the first one, obviously.  I was there for the 2nd one, but now I've missed 3 and 4.  That's what my life has come to, a series of missed out events like birthdays (and my dog's isn't the most important that I've missed), weddings, funerals, fun get togethers.. all because I chose the military life.  Sometimes I definitely have to use the scale to see the pros vs the cons.

6.  Sometimes when I read FB and see someone post "at least we have netflix on our phones" because the internet is out...  I kinda want to freak out on them.  Something to the effect of, "what would you do if this was 1892 and there was no internet and all you had was a wooden wheel and a stick to entertain you?!?!?!  You ungrateful....."  Then I realize, I've been that person before, but I did also give myself the 1892 argument, then I sighed and checked to see if the internet was working yet before decided I was "hungry" (aka bored eating) and prayed to the internet gods that after I finished eating the internet would be revived.

7.  This has been a difficult week.

8.  Next week will be less difficult, but more anxious, because Teh Bear will be almost on his way.

9.  I really should be productive about Teh Bear's visit.  Maybe change the sheets or something?  Make sure the lamp on the other side of the bed works.  Make some space for him to hang up clothes (I don't have dressers so hanging is the only option unless he wants to stack his clothes in the chair).  I only spend a consistent 72 hours at home during the week, this doesn't include sleeping while I'm on my working shifts.  There isn't really much to clean.

10.  Teh Bear said that I'd do cleaning of some sort before he gets here, because that's what I do when people come to visit.  I blame that on Teh Mom.  But honestly, I just rather not have a pile of dirty socks and undershirts sitting beside my dining room table when people arrive.

11.  Someone on FB spelled uber: "oober".  This makes me cringe and also further proves why using the word "uber" isn't ok.  Additionally, it rhymes with goober, and no one likes to be called a goober, its just awkward.

12.  I miss going to yoga.  Particularly, GTMO yoga.  I hope Pax River has yoga classes.

13.  When I was in GTMO, I started going to Mass, again.  I liked it.  I miss it.  Because I'm in Bahrain and the weekends are Fri/Sat instead of Sat/Sun, church services are offered on Friday, and there is also a daily mass at noon each day (except for Fri).  Working my ridiculous schedule doesn't work with other scheduled activities.  And church being on Friday is weird in my head.  I'm ready to be in 'Merica again.

14.  What do doctors see when they look in your ears with their special tools?  Getting my ears looked at used to be is still my favorite part of going to the doctor.  Don't know why, I think I'm just a freak.  Its all good until the light starts making the plastic warm which starts to burn the inside of my ear..

14a. (story)  Usually, when you go to medical, they finally call you to your room, after waiting at least 10-15 minutes past your appointment time, which you arrived 15 minutes early for, and they get your vitals.  To include your temp and your blood pressure.  Yesterday, when I went to medical (for the 2nd time in 2 days), they finally called my name, and the HM3 took my blood pressure, and left.  I was confused, normally they take my temp, but maybe since I was here yesterday?  Eh, whatever.  I laid back and waited on the doc to come in.  He came in and said he'd be back.  Uhhh, ok, I'll be here, all day, like always.  Siiiigh.  Then the HM3 came back with a temp machine.  While I held the thingy under my tongue he said something about how the Chief was gonna kill him because he found a machine first.  The Chief came back with a temp machine in his hand.  Then told the HM3 to open up, because he wasn't gonna go find something and not use it.  So I got my temp taken and so did the HM3.  Then the Chief came back after the HM3 left.  I pointed out to the Chief that there had been a temp thing on the wall the entire time that neither of them had seen, he kinda looked at me, like well then, who's the idiot..  Go, go 3910 skillz, I mean I am practically an HM anyways... lol.

15.  I'm trying to come up with some playlist ideas, and I'm not really good at them.  I'm a pro at all music, shuffle though.. But apparently, thats not so good for setting a mood.  Hrm.

16.  I've come up with a pretty extensive list of things to do while Teh Bear is in Bahrain.  He's most excited about the Mini GP race at the Formula 1 track.  I'm really hoping I can pull together a group of people willing to spend 25BD for an hour and a half of racing after 1030pm..  There's a lot of tricky variables in that.

17.  Sometimes, I lack professionalism at work.  But I know there's always at least one other person who can hands down, always win the unprofessional award when in competition with me.  This person makes me want to be more professional, and makes me want to punch them in their face sometimes because of how embarrassing they can be.  Yet, sometimes, when their farts run people out of our shop, it is high amusing.  This doesn't mean I want to hear about their poop stories.

18.  Today my Warcraft acct expires.  I haven't played since June 1st.  I miss it very little.  I miss socializing with the Wow peeps much more.

19.  I'm not allowed to PT for 2 weeks because my snot won't drain.  No jk.  Hate this place.  No jk.

20.  I think after sleeping for 12 hours, 4 hours of awakeness, is long enough time to deserve food, drugs, then naptime.

****This blog will not take the place of tomorrow's regularly scheduled "I will post a blog at least every other day" blog.  Yer welcome.  :)
****Sorry there were no pics.  It was just way too much effort today.


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