Friday, June 10, 2011

Sleeping Activities... that mean I prob should never get real sea duty.

And not because I'm not a real sailor.. But because my sleeping body has taken on a mind of its own.

Exhibit 1:
I sleep with earplugs in every night.  1.  I'm a light sleeper.  2.  I'm a light sleeper that lives beside a very popular road.  3.  I'm a light sleeper that lives beside a very popular road that loud motorcycles and vehicles like to race down and/or rev their engines to take off from the stop lights no matter the time of day or day of the week.  4.  Prayer call is after 8pm and as early as 4am.  Did I mention I'm a light sleeper?  Let me rephrase that.  I'm a SENSITIVE sleeper, because I also don't handle lights well either.  But back to the story.

Sleep made possible by:
Mack's Silicone Earplugs
One night, I woke myself up because I could hear vehicles going down the street due to the fact that I had taken out one of my earplugs.  How do I know I had taken it out?  I was still holding it.  I was purposely holding it so it didn't get lost in my bed, which I actually recall thinking in my sleeping/aware state.  Sleeping Megan didn't think that putting the earplug back in was a good idea, Aware Megan thought it was a good idea.  Aware Megan sent the command to headquarters.  HQ said, no go, because Sleeping Megan had staged a coup.  In a haze, I finally semi-came to, took out the other earplug, then put both of them back in.  Strange?  Yeah, I agree.

Next thing I remembered was waking up and remembering waking up in the middle of the night because of an earplug malfunction.

Exhibit 2:
I like going to bed and waking up in the morning, not having woken up at all in the middle of the night for anything.  I used to pride myself on this.  Now, I'm questioning if this ever actually happened at all.

Well I don't have a fever..  (source)
Another night, I was asleep, but was completely aware that I was kicking the covers off of my body.  I would cover myself back up, and then I'd kick the covers back off.  Sleeping Megan was apparently getting out of the bed for something.  Aware Megan send a message to HQ that said, hey, busy right now, that operation isn't valid.  HQ never even bothered to send a reply, because I kicked the covers off again.  Aware Megan was very annoyed at this point and thought, we'll fine I'll just get up and pee, even though I don't need to go.  I came-to at some point while I was peeing.  I don't even recall opening the door to get in the bathroom.  Awake Megan was annoyed at Sleeping Megan.  Awake Megan washed her hands and stumbled back to bed, shutting the bathroom door and hitting her shins on the bed frame.  Sleeping Megan was satisfied at having won the sleep-action war and didn't protest for the rest of the night.

Currently, these are my main two pieces of evidence.  I also have a history of talking in my sleep, but those might have expired because they were from when I was kid.  Apparently, I respond when questioned while I'm sleeping.

When I was sharing these exhibits at work, someone mentioned that sleepwalkers aren't allowed to go to ships.  I was miffed, but only slightly.  Never get to go to ship?  Bummer (NOT!).  I was more upset by the fact that someone had insinuated I was a sleep walker.

How do you go from normal sleeper to sleep walker?  And why does my body like to become aware in the middle of the process?  Why can't I be like a normal sleep walker and do shit and not remember it at all?  This seems like a much simpler option than having your semi-awareness fight your full-sleepingness... while you're trying to sleep.

   I just want to be normal...  bwaahahahahaha.

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