Saturday, June 25, 2011

going bald..

14.. 17.. 28.. 32.. 47.. 68.. 79.. 91.. 101! (Google search)
Teh Mom always used to say this thing about brushing your hair for 100 strokes a day.  It makes it grow or some craziness.  I got bored after however many it would take to just brush my hair regularly, so I never really did the test.  But I've decided that its probably a bad idea for me to experiment with this now.

1.  When I brush my hair in the morning, I have to clean out my brush at least once because of all the hair that has fallen out.  This doesn't include what landed on the floor/in the sink/what will come out when I put my hair up for work.
and because I'm a hair freak I have to clean out my brush EVERY TIME... (image)
2.  When I wash my hair in the shower (daily, hello oily hair), after every shampoo AND condition, HANDFULS of hair fall out.
icky.  (google search)
3.  So much hair falls out when I'm in the shower that every 4-5 days I have to clean out the drain because the water doesn't drain fast enough for me (I really don't like standing in water that doesn't drain, especially if it can cover my little toes, when its up to my ankles, we're in serious trouble)
Oh hair catcher.. how you hold no candle to me..  (google search)
4.  I'm trying to be nicer to my hair.  Instead of just pulling it down after work, I've started untwisting the hair ties instead of dragging them all the way down my hair (which causes breakage and even more hair to fall out)...  this doesn't mean hair doesn't still fall out or isn't broken all the way down (</3 having to wear my hair up for work).

This doesn't necessarily seem to be related to anything really.  I know that sometimes stress can cause hair loss, but it doesn't seem like on the days that I really notice all the hair falling out are days that I'm stressed.  Exactly the opposite, its days that I've been lazy that my hair also feels like "unwinding" and decides to clog my shower drain.. 


PS.  Hair clogs are VERY high on the list of grossest things EVARRRRR.  Just sayin'.  /gag.


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  1. I have to clean out my drain everytime I take a shower, I feel your pain. Im too young and female to havig thinning hair


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