Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Wee Lass visits Bear country.

That title came from the event title on the google calendar.  I'm not sure who came up with that, me or Teh Bear, but either way, I still kinda giggle every time I see it.

What it translates to in English is: I went to visit Teh Bear in FL.

I got to endure not only 1 flight delay, but 2.  Grand.  Love airports.  I got snuggles, I got socializing, I got so much desserts!  All in all, it was a good time, even though we were in Florida.

No checked luggage, aye.

"NASCAR is basically the state's official sport."
If it wasn't illegal to light things on fire on an aircraft, this magazine would have been in flames.

We ate at a place called First Watch for breakfast.  It was delicious!  I really like their silverware wrappers:

I really like this guy too.  He wasn't on the menu.

Playing with the new camera.

This is the disgruntled face from a dutch angled shot.  :(
After breakfast, we met Teh Bear's mom, dad, brother, and nephew at Universal.

Mandatory globe shot.
Waiting in line to get tickets.

Waiting in line for Despicable Me.

Despicable Me propaganda.

I could be friends with this guy!

Teh Bear said I was the right size for sure.

Teh Bear, Teh Bear's Brother, Teh Bear's Nephew waiting to be the next Minions!

Teh Bear said this door was just my size.


I lub all things Despicable Me.

The Mystery Machine in GTMO was so much better than the one at Universal.

Teh Bear suggested the 2nd to last note might disqualify me for the ride...
after we'd been standing in line for at least 30 minutes.
Haha, boyfriend, funny jokes.

I was here in REAL LIFE 2 months ago!!!  

Teh Bear's Nephew was selected to be a "star" for the Disaster ride.
Teh Bear's Brother was the "Dad-ager" instead of manager.

Channeling my inner Harry Potter.

Tacky kids sunglasses.  They start 'em off early for sure.

WOAH!  I feel like I need to be screaming YOLO while wearing these.
After Universal, we were tired and sweaty and decided to go back to the hotel for a dip in the pool and a shower before heading to dinner.  We had smelled a delightful Italian place on the way out of the park, so we thought Italian would be a good idea and then I went from "I want pizza" to "OMG CARRABBA'S!!!"

In the most superb news you'll hear this year, the Dessert Rosa had been mutated into a devilish "mini-dessert."  By devilish, I mean the most unsatisfying miniature morsel they could stuff into shot glass, and it was only unsatisfying because it was so small.  Excuse me, but I need an ENTIRE DESSERT ROSA to be satisfied.  I'm a fattie like that.  They are bringing the original size Dessert Rosa back.  Thank ALLAH!!!!!

My mouth was watering just looking at the menu listing.

Teh Bear looking extremely sunburned, even though it wasn't really that bad.

OMG DESSERT ROSA IN MY FACE!!!!  I waited until we got all the way to the hotel before I even took ONE bite.
That's self-control, ya'll.

The first bite foodgasm photo.
After I had devoured all but 5 bites of the cake (including the piece I made Teh Bear try), there was snuggling and photos!  I'll save you the lovey photos and just give you one.

The next morning we headed to a place (that I can't remember the name of even though I asked Teh Bear at least 5 times while I was in FL what the name was, but I'm a failure and can't remember) where we got pancakes the size of our plates.  Yum.

After breakfast, we did some shopping for new work shoes and flippy floppies for Teh Bear.  Yay clearance!  I also got a new pair of flippy-floppies and Teh Bear finally replaced his GTMO flip flops which have had holes in them since before he left the island.  We hit up Hobby Lobby for my & symbol I've been looking for, BJ's (where we learned you can buy a handle of Sailor Jerry for under $20!), and Old Navy.  By then I needed a nap so we went back to the hotel for a little bit before dinner with Teh Bear's family.

Teh Bear/Moose.

We had pizza (finally) and I ate one of the most delicious cannolis I've ever eaten in my life.. times 2... it was that delicious.  There is no photographic evidence of this cannoli because there was no time for a photo considering how quickly I devoured the dessert.  After some socializing at Teh Bear's parents house, we went back to the hotel for swimmin' and I got to play with the new camera some more!

Teh Bear says that any photos of him shirtless burns people's retinas   

So I will burn your retinas with my own scary photo.
I don't even have words for the look on my face.

Saturday, we headed out for breakfast and then went to downtown Winter Park.  We were looking for a doggie shop, but I started getting hangry, which was a pretty nasty combination for already hot and sweaty (due to wearing long sleeves because of how cold it was everywhere we ate breakfast and I wasn't anticipating being outside when I picked my clothes), so we found food instead.  After I was fed and my meters (a Sims reference for some of you) were all green again, we had to leave to go to our massage appointment.  We got there pretty early, but they were actually waiting on us, so we were able to start early.

I'd found a LivingSocial steal deal for a 70 minute massage for $38.  I ordered 2.  YAY for planned Orlando activities well before the trip!  The massages were pretty good.  Mine was amazing.  We were both sore for 2 days afterwards.

Since we were still on the same side of town, we went back to Winter Park to find the doggy store again.  We found it this time.  I was only mildly annoyed that we'd actually been right across the street from the store before my hangry episode.  Nonetheless, Phil ended up with a new hedgehog that he's not yet seen because I don't really want Joey tearing it up.  He's got plenty of other toys to destroy in the meantime.  I bought the new hedgehog because the squeaker is really funky and awesome.  If I keep buying big toys, I'm going to have to get another bin for all the dog toys!

We stopped at Kilwin's before heading back to the hotel for a shower (since I was super greasy from the massage) before Teh Bear's Brother's birthday dinner.  I relearned that I should just order a kid size cone... for the 6th-ma-billionith time.  Oops.

Chocolate shoes.  When I asked why we didn't go into this chocolate store, Teh Bear told me, "Because you like Lindt chocolate."  Touche.

Teh Bear threw away our Kilwin's trash.
I was being stalker-like takin' his picture.

He noticed.

He said he was leaving me at the park because I was taking pics of him.

We had to wait on the train to get to the shopping area, but it was a coal train.

Being a rebel standing in the middle of the street!
On Sunday, we ate at First Watch again, since it was muy deliciouso!  Then we got to rush to the airport, because I get ready too slow.  I think Teh Bear made it to work on time, but he did call and make sure that he was covered in case he arrived late.

While I was chillin' at the airport, I uploaded the last of the Sydney photos, which only took 1.5 hours.  After the uploads were finished, I looked at the flight board to find out that my flight was delayed.  I looked online (because I'm that lazy) to see that my flight that was supposed to take off at 5pm was now set to depart at almost 9pm.  RAGE.

I stomped stormed up to the gate counter and tried to inquire about getting on a different flight when I was informed that BWI had suspended ALL air traffic due to the storm that were taking place in the area.  SERIOUSLY!?!  Florida had their panties in a knot over a hurricane that probably wasn't even going to hit most of the state and no one had mentioned these crazy storms over Baltimore the entire time that the TV had been on the weather channel?  Florida gets like 10 mazillion hurricanes a year, no one cares.  Storms that shut down air traffic?  I CARE!

RAGE.  I could feel part of that rage becoming hangry-ness, so I headed to McDonalds, because the thought of Sbarro pizza wasn't very appealing after the delightful pizza we'd had Friday night.  I ordered a cheeseburger kids meal because I wasn't that hungry and took it to my gate to find an electrical outlet.  When I opened up the box, the smallest thing of fries ever greeted me.


100 Cal packs of fries?  NOT ALLOWED!

I was super crushed.  The best thing about McDonald's is the fries and I had gotten gipped.  Fail.  Additionally, this was a $6 happy meal.  The only thing that made me more angry than the $6 happy meal with a less than meager amount of fries was the screaming child.

Thankfully, my flight was only actually delayed for about 1.5-2ish hours.  I ended up getting into Baltimore a little after 9 and made it home by 11.  When we arrived to the airport, there were people everywhere.  Probably people that were way more angry than me... Probably.  Some of them were on cell phones saying words like "cancelled flight" which would have been punctuated by me with some nasty words and exclamation marks if I had been them.

I was glad to be home once I finally got home, but not glad that I was no longer able to be snuggled.  Seriously, waking up next to Teh Bear is one of my favoritest things.  Even if he farts on me in his sleep and has morning breath (which wasn't any worse than my own). 

Monday afternoon held going to pick up the dogs from Monica in Annapolis, which was awesome because I missed the puppy-luppies terribly.

Yay for having an almost normal household again!!!  (for a week!)

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