Friday, August 10, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday #12


1.  My favorite daily responsibility is   taking Phil on his morning and afternoon stroll.  

2.  My least favorite daily responsibility is   doing the dishes..  

3.  My favorite cuisine to eat when going out is   either italian (Carrabbas) or 'Merican (Texas Roadhouse)  

4.  My favorite cuisine to prepare at home is   whatever doesn't take too long.  

5.  Andy Warhol said that everyone is famous for 15 minutes. My claim to fame is   I'm awesome?  

6.  If I could have 3 wishes I would wish for   1.  More wishes, duh.  2.  $100k.  I'd use it to pay off all my debt, move Teh Bear to MD with me, take a trip to Europe with Teh Bear, and prob donate the rest.  3. An all expenses paid trip for 2 to Europe.  

7.  My biggest pet peeve is   stupid people.  Stupid people driving, stupid people at work, stupid people in public..  STUPID PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!!!!  


  1. You didn't like today's prompt of birthdays??

    Also, I literally lol'd when I saw you would do all of that with 100k. Not because you can't but because I most certainly couldn't. My school debt (and throw my car in there, too) would almost total 100k. Or maybe not quite anymore, but it used to when I first graduated! Wow... I just realized it's not 100k anymore. That's what it used to be but I've paid a bunch off already. Hm... nevermind. But it still wouldn't get me all of that!

    1. I'm insanely lucky not to have any school debt. Teh BFF has told me her totals before (she also got her Master's) and my chin hit the floor. I know that if I had school debt, I definitely would be able to do most of the stuff that I do, so I'm extremely grateful!

      And I kinda liked the prompt, but this was actually written for last week, and I liked her new ones better last week, so I saved this one for a later date, which just happened to be today.. :)

    2. Ahh gotcha. Well, that's cool. This was a cool prompt. I don't think I had started doing it when this one was new. And my advice to anyone is to not go so in to debt for school that you can't live. It's annoying.

  2. I agree, dishes are awful. Surprisingly, I hate laundry more. I will procrastinate for days! It's sad! haha!

    Stopping by from the link-up! Happy Friday!


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