Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Notes #4

Dear Joey,
You really are a great pup.  You only pooped on my floor a few times, and once you were nice enough to not do it on the carpet.  I really appreciate that.  Apparently, the "cat room" is tempting for all animals to do their business in, so you are forgiven.  I'm also glad I wised up and just closed the door to the "cat room" via Teh Bear's suggestion.  He's smart like that.

On the other hand, running into me while we're jogging and causing me to trip and fall while there was an audience really hurts my pride.  I'd appreciate if we not repeat that episode.. ever.

Additionally, thank you for de-stuffing all of the toys.  I really appreciate being able to clean up all the fuzz over the course of a month instead of here and there over the course of several years from Phil.  That was very nice of you to take care of this for him.

Dear Canon point & shoot from 2003,
You have been good to me. Seriously.  You still take amazing pictures despite your 5 megapixels.  Now if only I could see the photos in the review setting and you wouldn't tell me the battery is dying as soon as a put a freshly charged battery in...  Also, it would be nice if you would take the photo when I press the button, not after I've been holding the button down for 5+ seconds.  I don't really want to replace you because we've had such good times, but I think your end is near.

Dear Sydney photos,
I really want to edit you, but I really don't.  It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that I am.

Dear Central Air,
We used to be friends, now not so much.  This makes me sad.  I'm sure that all the money I saved on my power bill by being out of the country for over a month has been redistributed.  This portable AC unit is an eye sore to my living room and the ghetto set up to redirect air is just.. painful.  I'm sure Teh Dad will be proud.   

What are you looking at?  In the front is the portable AC unit.  It's plugged into the wall and also has a dryer vent looking tube running from the unit to my window..  So that's as far as it will go.  Why is there a Bed, Bath, and Beyond bag taped to my bar??  To redirect the air.  Instead of cooling my kitchen, I was hoping to stop the air from going into the kitchen.  The fan beside the bag is pushing the cooler air into the warm bedroom.  I can't put the AC unit in the bedroom because the headboard of my bed set is just way too big.. Nor do I have any idea where the unit would actually fit in the room.

There has been much grief and stress over the lack of AC.  I've been lucky that its been stormy and rainy the past few days, which has definitely helped keep the temps a bit lower.  On the other hand, my raised blood pressure probably hasn't helped the heat situation.

Dear Kohl's,
Thank you for enabling my retail therapy session yesterday.  It was a hit.  I got new running shoes (since the tread is coming off the 2 pairs of shoes I usually run in (that I've had for 4 years)) and I bought my first set of Converse (I told Teh Bear now he has to really love me, since we have almost matching shoes).  I also picked up a shrug sweater, which I've wanted for a while but hadn't been able to find one/remember to look, several camisoles, and a pair of grey gauchos.  All that for only $140, can we get a YAY for Kohl's super discounts AND 20% off?  YYYYAAAYYY!!!!!!!

Dear Target, 
Despite my buying a dress in a small just so it wouldn't be yards too long, it was still a fail.  Actually, it's not your fault, its Mossimo's fault.  Despite having the "same" dress in a different color, buying the same size didn't actually get me the same length.. or even the same dress actually.  The back's are different.  Strange.  Nonetheless, I fixed this problem by getting it hemmed and I was able to wear the dress this weekend.  I still love you, but sometimes you need to tell your people to get their shit straight.

Dear blogging,
You have made it acceptable for me to post this:

my outfit of the day
I got several compliments!
My earrings.. LUB them.  I rarely wear them cause they are so big, but they went perfect with all the color I had going on.  If you're going bright, do it right!  I've been waiting to wear this dress for 2 weeks since I had to get it hemmed.  I was able to pair it up with the new Chucks (despite them having no yellow).  Sadly, I splashed soy sauce all over myself getting my lunch out of the microwave so there were no full body shots.  Additionally, I do not have a full length mirror in my apartment to get a body shot.  Maybe one day.  Well, wait.  Since I have this dress but in purple, here's what it looks like:

Worldwide Jesus Lover got married!  I feel like this is more "Jazz Hands" than "Time of Your Life"...
She wanted us to be able to re-wear our dresses, and I definitely have!

Dear Weekend,
It was great to have you, in entirety.  I know I gipped you of Teh Megan time for those last few weeks, it was accidental the 2nd weekend, but I signed up for watch so we could spend a weekend with Teh Bear with no headaches..  So it was totally worth it for Future Weekend + Future Teh Megan ++++ Future Teh Bear!!!!  WEEE!

Dear Florida,
I'm gracing you with my presence soon.  Could you please act more like a good state and keep the humidity low and the temps not blazing?  I hear that college will be starting back as well, so please keep all shenanigans to a minimum.  My Teh Bear time is severely limited these days, so I'ma need everything to just be smooth sailing.

Dear Kitchen,
I know I've been neglecting you, but its been really hot in the apartment due to Mr. Central Air being on "vacation."  I figured that you'd like a vacation as well.  Maybe we should get together this week and save some money before going to FL?  Yeah, sounds good to me too.

Dear Phil,
Thank you for being the calm dog.  Despite your terrorism week before last, you have regained your senses and your gentleman-ly-ness and I heart you.  You have proper manners and don't pull on the leash (unless you get tangled up, then you freak the f out, which only makes it worse by the way) and you don't think my keyboard is your head rest.  Sadly, it would be way too much work to take you to FL with me, although that place would probably set your PTSD off.  

Dear Teh Bear,
Bear hugs in just under a week and a half!!!!!!  I can't wait!  I have wanted to be packed and ready since we finally hit August.  I'm trying to control my excitement so I don't overwhelm you though.  I know I can be overwhelming sometimes.  But seriously, SINGLE DIGITS!!!

A little late...  nbd.


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