Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Australia Adventures #9

For our last real outing, we headed to Perth again and then back to Fremantle later.  I really wanted to get some panoramic shots, as they are my newest, favoritest thing (with .gifs).  I had been told that Kings Park was the best place to get views of the city line.  We set out that morning and, luckily, beat the rain.  It started to drizzle on us by the time we were done at the park.  We considered walking around a few more trails, but I was getting hungry hangry.  We had lunch at the park cafe, which was actually pretty good.. but I learned a valuable lesson.  Milkshakes in Australia are NOT the same as an American milkshake.  mmk, thanx.

The park had a few war memorials (always cool for 2 people in the military), the city view, and (despite it being winter season) enough cool plants for me to be pleased at the photos I was able to get.  Overall, I'd call it a satisfactory trip.. sans the milkshake incident.  /shiver.

I wished the family that was here before I took the photo had read the sign about the SILENCE.
Because quiet, they were not.

My travel companion and I couldn't get over how cool the flame was.

With some of Perth in the background.

The other side of the flame fountain (I'm not really sure what to call this)

Hooyah, NAVY!

WWI women's memorial (I think).


I'm not really sure what most of these following flowers actually are.  There were some signs, but I couldn't really tell what was what.  Nonetheless, we don't have most of these plants in America (that I've ever seen), so I was THRILLED.  YAY tourist!

A cool tree.

We were warned well in advance not to try to out drink the Aussies.  Yes, no worries on that.
When you're one of the most isolated cities in the world, you have to fend for yourself...
which means, brewing your own goods.

An explanation of the seasons, which I found VERY helpful.

We waited on this fountain for several minutes because it shot up like Old Faithful if you waited long enough..

Old Faithful-esque... Thank you grounds man for ruining my photo...
All of them of the fountain shooting up.  Jerk.

I'm not going to lie, winter is definitely my favorite season.  I LUUUURRRRRVVVEEEEEEEEEEEE snow (in case you didn't already know).  My allergies are under control, the cold weather is great for snuggling, I hate sweating, you can have beautiful days in the winter without all the suffocating heat, the potential for snow days (come on, you love this too, unless you work for a psycho company who forces you to put yourself in danger to get to work, or else you're fired... you know who you are), I can run Phil on the street shoulder again (since the pavement won't be too hot for his feet)...  Winter is just the bestest.  Since I'm reading the Game of Thrones series (which is actually called A Song of Ice and Fire, but no know actually knows that, thank you HBO), I have taken to saying, "Winter is coming."  Luckily, I get to say it every year!  Win.

What does this have to do with Australia?  It was winter while we were in Australia.  It wasn't snowing of course, but it was a great break from the US heat.  I was able to break my wear flip-flops only streak!  I'm extremely glad that we didn't go to Australia during their summer, I heard its absolutely miserable.  Good timing, Navy, good timing.

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