Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little Notes #5

Dear random survey I participated in,
I NEVER participate in those crazy surveys.  Seriously.  EVER.  But this time I did because you offered me a $50 Amazon gift card.  I don't recall when I did this survey, but I do remember at the end, nothing happened, and I suspected that I had wasted my time.  On Thursday, I received an email notification from Amazon saying that I had a $50 gift certificate waiting for me to activate.  I was actually very skeptical of this email at first, thinking it was spam (but I didn't delete it, because I wanted to check it on my computer since I was looking at it on my phone and couldn't see all the details).  Well, by George, that survey did come through!  SWEEEETTT!!  I lub $50 at a place that I spend from regularly.

Dear Amazon,
Thank YOU for being so awesome.  You have everything I could possibly imagine buying.  I've been looking to spend $7 for 2 weeks so I could buy some multivitamins and get free shipping, but I couldn't find anything that had the free super saver shipping.  I was disappointed.  Then, I received that $50 gift certificate.  This enabled to finally purchase something I've really been wanting (and semi-needing, in a first world problems type way)..... a new point and shoot.  It was like having a $50 coupon, and with the very rapid decline of my point and shoot from 2003 (camera, y u no clicky when I press ze button?), much needed.  After I figured out which camera I was going to get, I was concerned that it wouldn't arrive before I left for FL with just standard free super saving shipping.  So, what better time to activate my Amazon Prime free trial month???  NEVER!  So, not only did you have what I wanted, you also gave me the option to get it with free shipping, it will arrive before I leave for my trip, and I had a $50 credit!  SCOOOOORE!

Dear Canon,
Thank you for making me feel like a traitor on my Nikon DSLR.  The fact that my PowerShot SD400 lasted almost 10 years after the beating that I gave it is amazing.  (You really shouldn't carry a camera in your purse without it being in a case.. Seriously.  Not sure how this thing lasted 10 years.  Thanks Ex-Fiance for your solid investment.)  It's actually more than amazing, but I don't really have the accurate words to describe my devotion to this product.  Hopefully, my newly purchased point and shoot (Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS) will be just as impeccable as my SD400.  Congrats Canon on winning my brand-loyalty.
Want photos of my new baby?  No worries, got ya covered:
I went with NC State red.
It cost a little more than the black one, but if it lasts me as long as my SD400 did,
it will be well worth the extra $20.

Dear Pioneer Day,
I'm really glad that you happened.  This week wasn't really that bad (looking back), but despite the "short" days, there was really too much going on during that "short" duration of time for me to feel like it was anything but "long," or maybe "painfully long."  I know that I took care of some big issues, mostly on my own, which is pretty impressive, considering how far I've come in learning my new not-my-Navy-trained-job job since December (we won't count November since it was mostly spent on leave/holiday).  We're still working on some big issues, so next week might be just as "short" despite starting leave on Thurs.

Dear inspector lady,
I won't name you, but I know that particular people (if they read this) will know who you are.  You have made my life hell since the day you met me.  Can we unmeet please?  You're also kinda a bitch.  Nothing personal, I'm sure you're doing your job, but when you tell me overwhelming things that are pretty much impossible, then you follow that up with annoyingly high pitched positivity of things that are easier and more immediate to fix, I want to punch you in the face.  Respectfully,  Actually, I'd rather kick you down the stairs, because that means you'd no longer be in my space.  I mean, if we're talking preferences, that is.

Dear door inspector dude,
"What's that English saying about shoes and feet?" (image)
Thank you for finding stupid expensive problems for me to fix, BUT THEN FIXING THEM FOR ME (after I acquired the funding).  I really wanted to hug you.  I'm not really a hugger, unless you're part of my immediate family, Teh Bear, Teh Phil Boy, or you catch me by surprise, but I wanted to hug you.  Also, you kinda looked like Christoph Waltz (aka Col. Hans Landa from Inglorious Basterds), which was slightly creepy, but I didn't want to mention it to you and be that person.  Nonetheless, thank you for not shooting up my floorboards and fixing my door.  You're my hero for this month.  Furthermore, your existance means no lock pickin' school for me in October, which I am slightly disappointed about (because I was going to use it as an excuse to see Teh Ginger), but kinda relieved about (because I really didn't want to have to find a sitter for Phil....... again).

Dear airlines,
I've seen lots of people lately having some travel issues.  Mostly vehicles, but I've seen some issues with delayed flights, etc.  I'ma need that not to happen next week, plskthx.  More than you know, I need some serious snuggles and Teh Bear hugs.

Dear people who were made sad by Tuesday's blog,
Maybe I was being melodramatic, maybe not.  Still, everything I said was from the heart, so I'm sorry if I made you sad, sometimes the truth sucks like that.  To cheer you up, go to Phil's blog and watch videos of the dogs playing.  Joey's ears make me smile all the time.  ORRRR you can always watch the Call Me Maybe Chatroulette video.

Dear Youtube,
I'm not sure how I went from Call Me Maybe Chatroulette video to natural home births, but seriously...  I'm scared for life.  I need to watch the first video again just to erase the images in my brain.  There is a reason I don't "explore" on youtube.  Miss Difficult Last Name and Teh Mexican can attest, this really doesn't go anywhere but south.  The worlds biggest cyst video is still prob my fave even though it makes me squeal every time I watch it.  For once, I actually wished that I was under 18 so I couldn't have seen the birth videos.  Birth is disgusting.  I don't care what kind of miracle it is, IT.IS.DISGUSTING.  The world's biggest cyst is LESS disgusting than birth.  Just sayin.

Dear Pumpkin Cake,
I'm making you soon.  No jk.  It's been almost a year since I last enjoyed your tasty delightfulness and it's time to start celebrating fall.  I don't care that it's still summer.  I talked to the Fall Groundhog (a direct cousin of the Spring/Feb 2nd Groundhog) and he said that summer wasn't going to last an extra 6 weeks.  I paid him some acorns or whatever groundhogs eat and we called it even.  So, you+me, Pumpkin Cake.  I've got your number.

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