Sunday, August 5, 2012

Australia Adventures #8

After touring the prison and returning to the car to find out we didn't get a ticket (yay!) I kinda got distracted by the really awesome light..  The sun was setting.  Teh Bear might have mentioned at some point that the afternoon was "the golden hour."  My travel companion was a really great sport.  We walked around Fremantle, literally.

Lesson: crossing the train tracks isn't a good thing...  Especially if you notice the fence when you start walking along the other side...  then realize that the fence just. keeps. going.  Definitely worked off the mexican that was for lunch.

Someone has good CAR taste, but not so much on the color.
So many..

different types of trees!!

City hall

Fremantle founded 1839

Stain glass windows.  Lub.

All the birdies.

Fremantle Post Office

Fremantle Railway Station.  All the evening commuters were headed here so we thought we were going in the right direction... nope.

There were fun shapes in the sidewalk.

I can't even make a sky like this up.  

My travel companion told me there was a rainbow behind me.  I'm really gullible so at first I didn't believe him.
He was right.  Dammit.

Wanna travel?

Dear Australia Customs,
You guys are kinda psychotic about what you let into your country.  That's probably for the best.
This is not me stalking you.  -US Visitor

I'm a rebel and I stopped.

Travel companion: "It was like a game to see how many letters they could stick on top of each other."
I'm pretty sure this is the University of Notre Dame campus.

So many old buidlings!! :)

Look at that sky.  It's just.. breathtaking.

I didn't use one of these, but I did go into the post office in the shopping center near our hotel so I could mail off Teh Dad's father's day present.  WAY easier than I anticipated and no silly customs form to fill out!

The point of no return.

I really struggled to NOT fill my camera with cloud photos.

More rainbow.

3910s, what type of crane is this????  ;)

those clouds and more cranes..

Pretty sure the top floors were for backpackers.

Another cathedral

And in color.

As we were walking along the pier, we saw places that were open for dinner (it was rare for anything to be open past 6 so we had to make sure that we were able to find something for dinner with that in mind).  We discussed how we weren't really that hungry yet since lunch had been at 2.  By the time we finally made it back to the car, we decided that we should find somewhere to eat, but first we were going to find this ferris wheel we kept seeing.

Teh Bear will tell you I'm not great with direction.  I'm good with directionS.. I'm not good with just inherently knowing with direction I'm going.  Luckily, despite my protests that we were going the wrong way, my travel companion got us there with a, "See, told ya."  Touche.

Not only did we find the ferris wheel, we also found Little Creatures Brewery!!  My neighbor/friend/coworker had told me about this place so I was excited to have just stumbled upon it.

Look what we found!!
Creating the ambiance.

Evidence the whole beer was consumed. 
My very first "I drank the whole thing" beer.

The menu was a little strange, but we figured it out. I ordered pizza and the travel companion ordered Kangaroo. One of the best pizzas I've ever had. Then I ordered my sticky toffee pudding (STP) (which I almost forgot to take pictures of and somehow managed to wait the extra moments it took to take the photo before jumping into my food-gasm mouth first). YUUUUMMMMMMM.

tM + STP 4ever. (please add your own hearts around that statement)
PS this photo is extra large because of how awesome STP is. WHYYYY America, WHYYY do we not have more STP?

PPS.  I really love seeing that the Australian Adventures preview list is getting shorter and shorter!!! :)

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