Thursday, August 9, 2012

Recent Realizations

-Dresses that I used to be able to see my belly in....  don't show my belly anymore.  Sometimes the evidence of my working out catches me by surprise.  Sometimes, its really nice to see the evidence.

-I haven't worn pants (excluding pj pants) since I came back from Australia.  Only dresses and skirts, with the exception of pj pants going home from my surgery and lounging around my house.

-points 1 and 2 could mean pants shopping for me whenever I start wearing pants again.... :(

-Today I was selected for urinalysis (pee/drug testing... since I work in a job where I'm required to be drug free to pay my taxes).  For the first time, maybe ever, I was able to say, no I'm not on ANY meds.  OMG!?!?!? YYAYYYY!!!

-I generally dislike wordpress blogs because I can't usually subscribe to them via google reader.  Often I can subscribe by email, but I don't want that.  I want blogs on my Reader Feed... that's what its for.  :(

-Recently, I've had this problem where I think of something that needs to be done or asked someone and immediately forget.  As, pick up the phone and call someone to ask a question and forget what I'm going to ask them from the moment I picked up the phone (probably after saying, "I need to ask so-and-so this exact question.").  It's seriously annoying.

-I have ELEVEN mosquito bites on my left ankle from going to the dog park to let the dogs go business after it rained earlier this week.  ELEVEN.  I can't even just put 11 because that isn't significant enough.  There are 5 on my right ankle.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?

-If we're FB friends, you have probably recently experienced a spike in my FB posts.  Blame Teh Bear's work.  They no longer allow electronics while the operators are on shift, meaning that our chat time has been significantly cut and he's no longer available to intercept the comments that I feel like I NEED to tell someone.

-When it comes to parking at my apartment, I get movie-theater-seating syndrome.  What is movie-theater-seating syndrome?  It's what Pirate Gone Marine and Teh Bear have.  They absolutely can't stand it when you're in a empty-ish theater and someone decides to sit right next to/in front of/behind you.  I don't really care so much in relation to going to the movie theater... but at my apartment, its different.  The road into my apartment is curvy, I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea, but it's not.  It makes all the parking spots weirdly sized.  Recently, we've had several people move out of my building (Yay to the kids being gone from below me!).  This has created more open parking spots.  I have a spot that I've claimed since I moved in.  I always try to park there if its open, when it's not open, I say dirty things in my mind to the person that parked in "my spot".  It's on the very end beside the dumpster, which means that only one side of my car will get door dings if its hit.  I even try to park as close to the curb as possible, tire touching close.  A few nights ago, I parked in "my spot" and apparently, everyone thought it was snuggle Yurtle night.  There was 3 open spots at the other end of the row and no one parked in them, but there were 3 cars right beside me....  Now, I'm not a parking lot stalker, I just currently have 2 dogs.  They go out before I go to bed (usually after everyone is home) and when I wake up in the morning (usually before everyone leaves).  I know this is a stupid thing.... but.  Yurtle is still new, I must protect her.  PS.  This argument is invalid in large parking lots like at Target/Walmart/etc.  In those situations, the far ends of the parking lot are the only safe spots, usually.  PS, I'm 98% certain I obtained my 2 perma-dents on Yurtle's sides from the vehicles the kids downstairs were transported in.  The burgundy and aqua paint matched their parent's vehicles too well for me not to be suspicious.

-Not having AC makes me swangry.  That's a term I just made up.  It's like hangry, but instead of hungry, its sweaty.  Because when I sweat, I get angry.  It was 81°F and rising in my apartment..  my rage was growing with the same upward trend.  It's was 82°F outside, probably with a breeze.  NOT OK.  It's was cooler in Florida than in MD.  Seriously?  Teh Bear suggested I open the windows when I chatted with him on his break (the only opportunities we now have to chat in the evenings)..  I did that.  I was still sweating.  I then went with Teh Rucrazie's suggestion of "moar neked."

-I've seen dead/fallen leaves on my running trails!!!  What does this mean?  Either we seriously need some rain or WINTER IS COMING!!!  Maybe both?  Preferably the latter?  Let's just go ahead and put on some excited faces for an upcoming season change x2.  Fall and Winter are definitely my faves.  Winter being my #1.  AHHHH!!!!  Fall AND winter in America?!?!?!?!?  I'm not sure I'm going to be able to contain myself. For those of you who take all your seasons for granted, try a year in GTMO or a year in Bahrain.  When it's pretty much perma-summer let me know how excited you'd be for the seasons you love the most not getting coverage.

-I frequently refer to The Song of Fire and Ice series as the Game of Thrones series, which isn't what it's actually called.  Pretty sure if I called it The Song of Fire and Ice series very few people would comprehend what I am talking about.  This makes me sad.  The first book of the series was called Game of Thrones.. the rest of the series isn't.  Thank you television for making people less intelligent.

-I'm almost done editing Australia photos.  I'm not really sure what I'm going to blog about once those are done......  that's a lie.

I'm going to visit Teh Bear at the end of the month in 2 weeks in 13 days!!!!!  YAY!  I'm sure that means more Adventures with Teh Bear!  Maybe.  I know we've got some family activities planned since his brother will be in town.  I also found a groupon for massages.  There is also a Kilwin's that requires my presence.

Then, there is The Color Run on Sept 9th!!!  YAY!  Soooo excited to run it with Miss Reflective and another friend from GTMO.  Also, Teh Dad and Teh Step-Mom will potentially be making a visit to S. MD that same weekend, so they will get to see me all colored up!

Then, October potentially holds training so I can be a lock picker.  Ok, just kidding, but it is lock related, I'll be trained in inspecting doors to see if they meet requirements for classified storage rooms.  That will be in almost Louisville, KY, so Teh Ginger may need to keep his schedule open for a Teh Megan visit.  Especially if I'm that close (2.5 hours if you're reading this).

November starts holidays!!!

Ahhh so much excitement to be had!  Ok, you are now released from your excited face.

We'll let Kristen Stewart take it from here.. she's always sooo excited.  Some of the memes of her not smiling really make me laugh.


  1. So you totally can add Wordpress blogs to your Blogger reader thing. Just go to the blogs home page and copy it's web address. Go to and click "Add" and then paste the address in. It works out real well. I do that for a lot of blogs. A good bit of mine aren't via Blogger.

  2. I'm not even a runner and I want to do the color run. It just looks so fun.

    Re: the glossybox..maybe $15 is the price for Canadians and it changes depending on the county?? I'm not really sure about that.
    As for the points, once you get 1000 points, you can redeem them for a free box. If you review the products, you get 20 points per product, and when you refer someone and they sign up, you get 100 points I think. :)

    1. They opened up a color run in Richmond, which would be the 2nd closest location after DC. I considered doing it as well, but the registration was $50 so I said no thanks! If I knew what my schedule was going to be in November, I'd consider doing the run in Charlotte, NC... but to plan ahead.. hahahahah.


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