Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Confessions {01/14}

-I may or may not have created a twitter account just so I can enter giveaways since apparently living in 2015 without a twitter account makes you a decrepit asshole.

-I won as runner up for the giveaway I created those accounts for, so it was totally worth it.  I'm still not over the fact that I actually won something.

-I only follow dog sighthound people and real life friends on instagram because I don't like shit clogging up my feeds.

-When I was applying for work, I created and used a different email address than my personal email.  I figured that a smart HR person would be able to use my personal email and find stuff about me, where as if they were searching for stuff on an email that only ever existed to do job applications then I was safe.  I also changed my FB name so I wasn't searchable.  BOOM, all that privacy!

-I still haven't deleted the emails from my new company (that sounds so sweet in my head) from December when they offered me the job and sent me the official offer letter.  They make me smile so hard every time I look at them.

-I start work on the 20th, which is sooo far away!  They sent me an email confirming my start date and asked me to fill out some forms.  I was able to fill out all the forms on my computer without printing any of them out and having to scan them to send them back.  WINNNNN.  Thank you Adobe Reader for your features and VX-1 for my needing to take a photo of my signature to sign forms.

-I started a post for Monday last week, but failed at updating and posting it since we've been so busy on vacation.

-I survived Russian Christmas with Mr. Scrooge's family.  This involved drinking wine and shots of vodka and eating gelatinous pigs feet with Russian spicy mustard and opening presents, a visit to the park, more shots of vodka, sliding down a concrete slide, a swing with a back while star-gazing, walking to the bar, an excursion to get pizza, and a sleepover at Mr. Scrooge's grandmother's house.  Yay for middle of the night cups of water to fight off what would have been a crippling hangover.

-I may or may not have peed in a public park in San Francisco Saturday night.  It was a necessity.

-Mr. Scrooge doubted my ability to ski after I had to be towed down a blue square mountain by ski patrol on a sled.  I spent the rest of the day on the bunny hill and the other "easy" hill enjoying myself much, much more than dealing with a panic attack and a probable concussion at the top of a blue square mountain.

-I was relieved and disappointed we didn't go skiing on the 2nd day in (almost) Tahoe.  Sad I didn't get to go skiing again, glad because holy crap I was sore.

-Mr. Scrooge's Mom spoiled me by doing our laundry.  When we came back from skiing, there was clean laundry on the bed ready for us to pack.  She's the best, really.

-We leave CA tomorrow to head back to SC... I have to admit that I was the grouchy one before we left for the airport to get to SC.  I realized that I was being a bitch and apologized.  There were still some testy times for Mr. Scrooge, but I let it go.

-I miss my puppies every time I go on vacation and they aren't with me.  I'm super happy Teh SC House Finder and her family have been sending me photos of my furbabies on the regular.

-Mr. Scrooge's Mom got me this AWESOME striped sweater for Christmas and I loooooovvveee it.  I'm wearing it today, despite it not being washed, because it's so freakin' adorable.  She also bought a dress for me at Kohl's that I was going to get for myself during my splurge, but it was $40 so I put it back.  I assisted with the purchase by providing $20 in Kohl's cash and we got a 15% discount, otherwise I wouldn't have let her get it for me.  Did I mention how awesome she is?

-I'm ready for vacation to end (so I can start work) and I'm not ready (because Mr. Scrooge's family is great and Mr. Scrooge is more relaxed when he's at home) at the same time.

-I saved the best for last:
I get to see Teh MD Roomies and Teh Afternoon Kid and Teh Afternoon Kid's Mom on the 19th when they are driving back to MD from Disney World!  I'm soooooooo excited!!!  I have a special pile of stuff to be delivered to them..  Did I mention lately how much I miss them?

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  1. I've never been skiing the thought of the cold and snow and a hill...and giant sticks on my feet terrifies me. I still have my offer email from my current job that was 2 1/2 years ago. I am just so happy here it makes me smile inside. Also that's a great idea to get a new email for job applications. I have twitter and never use it so you are not alone.


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