Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Four More Things: Day 1

I've had this prompt in my drafts for a while and I figured now was the perfect time to finally complete some of those blank blog drafts.  HERE VE GOOOOO!!!!!

The happiest iguana in GTMO.
Taken between dives.  This guy was really excited about Cheese-Its.

L: Bahrain Financial Building
C: Al Fateh Grand Mosque
R: Bahrain World Trade Center

After 2 years of being overseas, I couldn't get enough leaves.
Teh Megan + Fall 4eva

Disney World with Teh Sister, Magic (ears) equipped.
There's really nothing quite like telling Snow White you came to DW as a break-up celebration.


  1. That iguana pic is AWESOME! And what did Snow White say? LOL.

  2. I want to go to Disney World and wear fun Mickey ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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