Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Confessions {1/21}

-Overheard on our flight from Houston to Charleston while the (male) steward (with the strong foreign accent) was serving beverages:
Steward: Would you like ice?
Lady behind us: Sure.
Steward: Ok.
Lady behind us: Do they have ice where you are from?
EVERYONE around us turned and looked at the lady and then we all looked at each other like we weren't sure we actually heard what we heard.
Steward: Excuse me?
Lady behind us (louder AND slower): Do they have ice where you are from?
Steward: Where do you think I am from?
Everyone in the vicinity gives each other quizzical looks and tries to let it go.

Turns out, the guy was from Spain, but I had figured by the rainbow pin on his apron that he was definitely from a VERY civilized place... that definitely used ice.  /facepalm

-Unpacking to turn around and repack is challenging and fun at the same time.  Partly because I didn't fully unpack, so I had to remember what I had already packed.

-This was by far the best trip to CA (of the 3) that Mr. Scrooge and I have taken.

-I started a recap post.  I was planning to update it daily.  I got through the first 2 days then we got busy.  I also think that my being all the computer "all the time" (rather than just sitting in front of the tv) was weird for Mr. Scrooge's family.  A few mornings when I would get up before his mom, I'd be on my laptop when she came into the living room and she'd laugh and say, "Of course you are on your computer!"  I finally explained to her that I don't need a tv in my life and it seemed to make a little more sense.

-When I did my security training that my FSO (facility security officer) emailed to me last week, I completed it on Chrome.. which apparently was the wrong browser.  Queue all.the.rage.  I had to do the entire thing over again on a different browser to be able to print out the certificate.

-The original company finally called me back and I told them if they could beat my pay with MY company then I'd consider it.  The manager said that wouldn't be case (it would have actually been lower than what I'm getting paid) and actually seemed disappointed.  I told him that if anything changed I'd keep him in mind.  What I really meant was, "If in 2 years I move from Charleston and need a job, I'm calling you so you can tell people in your company at other locations about me."  Climbing that networking ladder, one rung at a time.

-I wanted the Today is Going To Be A Great Day! 2015 Page-A-Day Calendar but it's sold out everywhere except Amazon where it's $40 and I refuse to pay $40 for a calendar.  There was another one posted for $2346.73... for a page-a-day calendar.  WTF?  I messaged both sellers (since they are 3rd party) and said if they were willing to drop the price to $20 including shipping, I'd be willing to purchase it immediately.  That's still steep for a calendar since it's already 2015, but whatevs.  None of the other page-a-day calendar compare to this one.

-Getting to see Teh MD Roomies was everything I wanted it to be.. except for the time limit.  I didn't want that part.  Need more time!!!

-My first day of work was yesterday and it was AMAAAAAAZZZZZIIINNNGGGGG.

-When I got to work this morning there was a MacBook Pro sitting on the table and when my manager told me he was going to get his computer to show me some stuff since the one on the desk wasn't properly configured, I asked, "Who's is this one?"  When he said, "Yours.  Unless you want a Windows OS."  My mouth almost hit the floor.  My own DESK AND my own laptop.  A girl could get spoiled quickly with this type of treatment.

-My first day dress kinda make me look like I belonged on the Enterprise.

Oh yes, that's me with my new mug that Teh MD Roomies got me from DW.

-Choosing a health care plan was easier after my HR manager said, "I don't go to the doctor much and I don't get sick often, so I got this insurance plan and I don't do a healthcare savings since Company puts in money for you."  Thank you for reaffirming my decisions.

-It's strange to me to be in an environment where everyone isn't/wasn't military.  One of the HR ladies I had a conference call with today had no concept of Tricare Prime and actually commented on how awesome it was when I told her that health care options were told to you and the insurance was free.  No, wrong.  Military doctors almost kill you then they give you Vitamin M (motrin) and tell you to go home and drink some water.  Not cool.

-I got all kinds of cool stuff.  A backpack, layanard, a cup, a coaster, stickers, glasses clothes, reusable bag, pens, a notebook, 3 shirts (that I have to order).. Sweet loot if you ask me.  Additionally, the company has amazing benefits.  I hit the jackpot.

-The local HR lady explained that they didn't mind if dogs came to work since the carpet was cheap squares that are easily replaceable.  WINNNNN for Phil coming to work with me.

-Despite how much I've always wanted to have a MacBook Pro, I might have to sacrifice the one I have for something with less of a learning curve.  Now on my home computer, I keep trying to scroll like I'm on the Mac and I forget that I have right click.  When I'm at work I keep trying to right click and I have to go through all the function/alt/control buttons every time to figure out which one pops up the "right click" menu.

-For all the writing/typing I'm going to be doing, I'm going to have to find a good keyboard that is similar to my personal laptop since I'm a pro at typing on this sucker... and it has to be a quiet keyboard because I know how my clackin' can get annoying quickly.

-I took a desk on the far side of the room that was turned so everyone who walked in the space wouldn't see my workstation/crap.  It's not that I have secrets, it's just that I like everyone not seeing what I'm doing.  Each "cell" is actually 4 desks that make a + in the middle.  I'm in the 4th quadrant (that means bottom right).  When my manager told me his picked his desk since he got a view of outside, I just looked at him, looked at his desk, realized you COULD actually see outside and said, "I'm not used to having windows period."

-I brought in all my personal crap for my desk this morning.  It was hard to resist yesterday, but I didn't want to walk in all loaded down with stuff like I owned the place/was moving in.  I had the decency to wait until day 2.  Although I did stake a claim in the fridge with some peppermint mocha..

-For all my coffee lovers, there is free coffee in my building.  My HR manager says that she teleworks any day the coffee place isn't open.  All these civilian options are overwhelming me.. Like TELEWORKING!  WHATTTTTTTT??!??!?!  WIN.  Hopefully the majority of my projects won't be classified so I can take advantage of these things.

-This same HR manager said that she tried to put a charter bus into the budget for 2015 so the entire office could ride down to New Orleans (where Company is headquartered) for their Christmas party, which is apparently pretty epic.  It didn't get approved, but I commend her for trying.

-I love Company, even if I haven't started my actual job yet.

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  1. Your job sounds awesome. I'm a little jealous. My doctor left his practice to work at the VA. I am extremely sad. He had been my doctor for 12 years and he was awesome....and HOTT.

  2. Umm can I come work for your company??

  3. Oh god. Serious facepalm with the flight attendant situation.

  4. OMG that conversation on your flight…WHAT.
    Congrats on a great first day!

  5. OK... I want to work where you are at. Computers AND free coffee? This place sounds like paradise!!!

  6. Yay!! I am so glad your first day of work was amazing!!! That is awesome!!!

    And that convo on the flight? Like how are some people allowed to leave their houses? Yikes.

  7. That first story is awful! It's crazy that people can be so rude and uneducated! Good luck at your new job!!


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