Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Confessions {01/07}

I'm not really sure if I can top my last confession session, but it's the first official week that confessions are game on, so how 'bout we get this confessions session on like a Catholic before their First Communion... PS, It's been 2 weeks since my last confessions, so get comfortable.

Making Melissa


-Today is the first day of our CA vacation and Mr. Scrooge is an extremely shitty traveler and I'm hoping that we get to CA smoothly and with no screaming kids on our flights and no delays and significantly less grouchiness than Mr. Scrooge has exhibited during our previous travels.  Wish me luck.

-I do not let people pick their nickname for Teh Blog.  Teh Nicknames are usually based on first impressions, specific memories, or specific traits about that person.

-I've been quiet on the blog lately because I have some personal issues going on that don't need to be aired in public.  I want so badly to write, but I know that when I do it will all be on the wrong venue and to the wrong persons.

-We got stood up for our NYE's gathering.  While I was super disappointed, I was extremely pleased that I didn't have to clean the house for company to come over.  So instead of drinking and playing Cards Against Humanity, Mr. Scrooge drank and watched TV while I puzzled.

-I was disappointed about the fact that I was the only one in the house awake at midnight and Mr. Scrooge was going to sleep on the couch (since I'm assuming he was quite comfortable with Meri sprawled out across him) until I said, "Happy New Year," the most disappointed voice ever.  It even surprised me how sad I sounded.

-I'm still not used to using Mr. Scrooge instead of Mr. Mystery.  I think Mr. Mystery might be muscle ingrained, so be prreeeepppaaarrreeee (you're welcome) for some Mr. Scrooge/Mystery mix-ups.

-I'm pretty sure one of the guys at Target was trying to give me a sincere goodbye, to include a hug, because he was sad that he'd never see me again.  Before you get concerned, he's gay.  I blame the Navy, but I'm a pro at goodbyes and I just kept doing what I was doing and said I might see him again in the future since I'll probably (hahah) still shop there and walked away since I was in the middle of working.

-If you read Phil and Meri's New Year's Goals you will understand this.  I found the furminator.  It had fallen behind the wrapping paper container and when I was going through the container and purging stuff that I'm not going to use (yay for friends who will adopt my unnecessary Christmas stuffs!) I happened to find it.  Sorry Philbo, you lose this year.  Sorry, Mr. Scrooge, for your efforts of getting me the replacement one that was on my Amazon Wishlist being wasted.

The get rid of donate pile.
The furminator was found in that back corner of the closet, where it had been cunningly hiding since October.

-I got Mr. Scrooge an iPod Touch for Christmas and he hasn't even opened it.  I'm unbearably disappointed about this, but I'm trying hard not to be since he's not a techie really.. But still.  He unwrapped it and didn't even open the container.  I told him that I could just return it and give him $200 if he'd prefer that.

-Mr. Scrooge's iPod Touch would be the 4th iPod I've purchased.

-I found SEVEN earplugs in various piles of Meri poop in the yard when I scooped last week.  That would account for the 6 that went missing from the headboard that I use at night (because I'm an overly-light sleeper and it's obnoxious) and 1 of Mr. Scrooge's foamies (what the Navy/aviation community calls the orange/green earplugs they use) that he'd acquired from work.  This is amusing to me because I had assumed that Meri had eaten them, but I didn't want to immediately incriminate her, so I asked Mr. Scrooge if he'd been stealing my earplugs (to go ride the motorcycle).  He admitted to stealing one pair.  I had pulled out a new pair several nights in a row during one week!  Apparently, Meri has a taste for inner ear.

-I told myself I was going to only buy ONE new outfit for work.  Bahahhahaha.  Yeah, I lied to myself and everyone else.  I ended up with a few new outfits, but I shouldn't have to buy anything except for a few pairs of slacks and a few pairs of shoes for a bit.

-I sent a photo of every outfit I tried on to Teh MD Roomies for their assessment while I was trying on all the clothes I had picked out at Kohl's.

I'm not really sure why they couldn't have put some hooks on the freakin' wall.  Even in the handicapped stall.
Grrr.  Whatevs.  This was all I tried on.  Less than half of it came home with me!

-I was sad to put back some of the clothes I had found.  But, I was trying to be reasonable and I knew that one day I'd have more dollas and the budget wouldn't be so tight.  I tried to keep the dresses in the $20-30 range.  I did splurge on one Chaps dress that is amazing and I have deemed it my first day dress.

-My interview outfit wasn't the traditional navy or black suit like the asshats at TAP class suggested.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and I discussed how red must be my power color because the portfolio I bought was also red.  My first day of work dress is red and black.  Boom, full circle.

-I'd really also like to buy desk stuffs since I know I'll have a desk of my own, but I'm not really sure what they are going to supply/what I will need, so I've been holding off on that... or trying to.  I did by myself ONE desk related thing though... mustache tacks.  SO.MUCH.WIN.

-Mr. Scrooge asked me last week who was keeping the dogs while we were in CA and I was all:

Fortunately, Teh Sister and Teh SC House Finder were both willing when I asked them later.  Woo!

-I've been trying to get back on the workin' out wagon and I'm just shitty at it.  Seriously though, these 10 lbs need to go.  They aren't attractive and I miss the way my pants were fitting.  Additionally, if I could stop being such a shitty eater, that'd help a lot too.  Lookin' at you overflowing snack basket with delicious noms.

-Finding women's pants with pockets (that aren't jeans) is an incredible feat.  Fortunately, I've got some pretty awesome women I'm friends with on FB who came to my rescue when I was lamenting this fact after my shopping spree.  They gave me several suggestions of name brands that I could try to find something that I would like that had pockets.  NO POCKETS IN WOMEN'S PANS IS SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION ASSHOLES!!!!  Just because some women carry a purse doesn't mean we all want to!!!  I don't always need that kind of baggage.... unless I'm sneakin' food into the movie theater.

-One day, I'd like to make the commitment to watch all 3 Hobbit movies followed by all 3 Lord of the Rings movies.  I bet so many things would be so much clearer.. Or I could read the books.. hahahaha. #dontjudgeme

-I hate when people hashtag fail and put in punctuation.  I judge them harshly.

-Finding the Disney playlist on Spotify opened up A Whole New World for me.. bahahah, get it?

-I've started using grocery shopping apps that give you money back when you buy certain products.  Ibotta (if you sign up using that link I get dollas) has been awesome since we drink so much milk.  Yes, it's only $0.25 per gallon back, but that's better than NOT getting 25¢ back.  If we drink 4 gallons of milk a month, that $12 a year... which means I can buy one more thing of PB for the dogs.
I'm also using:
Shopmium (where you can get a free Lindt bar if you sign up!  Use my referral code and I get dollas: KKHHGCGZ)
Snap by Groupon (if you sign up using that link I get dollas)
(PS.  I didn't get paid to tell you that.. I just really like to share the word about saving dollas.)

-I loathe the fact that the TV has to be on when Mr. Scrooge is awake and at home.  I get ZERO things done when the TV is on.  This post alone was made possible by the fact that Mr. Scrooge went to bed SUPER early, meaning the TV has been off for several hours.

-When Emmy emailed me to tell me I was the runner-up winner of the 2014 Review Extravaganza, I was roasting marshmallows over a burner on the stove while my new menstrual cup was boiling away on the next eye.  I'm not even making any of that up.  If this is any indication at how 2015 is going to go, I'm PUMPED.

-Apparently, I had a lot to confess.  YYYYYAAAYYYY Melissa!!!!!!!


  1. Your interview outfit is perfect!!!! Rock it out lady!!!

    Bummer about feeling sad at NYE, that's no fun at all. I hope 2015 gets better for ya!

  2. I LOVE red. Such a power color. Also holy moly you sure confessed a lot. I like your style ;)

  3. You got this, sweetie! Red is my fave and you are totally rocking it!! Have safe travels!

  4. I hope you have safe travels and Mr. Scrooge is un-scrooge like :) Love the outfit you wore to the interview!

  5. Loved the outfit! Bummer about the iPod though....I think I've bought about that many could you not open it though? I dunno I rip right into presents because I am a crazy person!

  6. Kev is the same way when it comes to electronics I've bought him 100s of dollars of things he never used. He still has the Sirius radio I got him last year sitting in the box on his dresser. This year I went with things I actually think he'll use, like a coat and shoes. Boring, but at least he'll actually use them.

    Congrats again on the new job! Can't wait to hear how the first day goes!

  7. Way to rock the red!

    I'm with you on being quiet because of personal situations. Just do you and hopefully everything will work out!

  8. Love the interview outfit. When I started my job and got a desk I bought several desk things. I didn't really need any of it, so wait until you have been there a few days. I have an iphone solely because I bought an itouch and loved it. Now i feel tech stupid because I can't work my samsung tablet. I need it to be apple.

  9. The movie theater pic made me laugh because I used to work at a movie theater for about 10 years. I always appreciated it when people would hide their food in bags. Otherwise, I was required to say something and make them throw it out before entering. Then I usually got cussed at, glared at, or both. One time someone snuck in several Little Caesar's pizzas, but they must have held the emergency door open and had a friend come in with the grub.

  10. Sorry NYE didn't pan out...I like to just be lazy and stay in with no expectations on NYE. P usually falls asleep :) This year I felt like the once it was over on the East coast, we could go to bed :)

  11. LOTR - support. i love that trilogy. the book was amazing too! get on it, sister!!

  12. I got my husband a GoPro camera for Christmas and he hasn't opened that either. I'm a tad insulted. It wasn't cheap, he said he wanted why is it STILL in the package?! Gah!


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