Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Review {1/19}

Sooo, I had intended on doing a vacation recap, but we got so busy it just didn't end up happening.  As you will see, it was also a busy weekend, so I haven't had a chance to catch my breath.  Soo we'll see about (eventually) doing a CA review (probably about the same time as that Magnolia Gardens photo review).  I'll will tell you it was a blast though.


As the first day back from vacation, it was ok.  Mr. Scrooge went to work, much to his dismay, and I got to sleep in for a little bit before getting up and starting the unpacking process.  After everything was removed from the suitcases, I had a change of heart and instead started being motivated in a different way: SC car insurance.  Ugh.

After almost 30 minutes of doing online quotes for every insurance company I know of, Esurance called me within 5 minutes of completing my online quote.  I was so tired of dealing with insurance in general, and they had the lowest online quote rate that I just told the guy we could do it.  So I finally have SC insurance which means that I can now get an SC tag... and THEN I will be completely official SC resident.

After finishing up my insurance stuff, it was time for the gym.  I had to go early since Mr. Scrooge and I were meeting for lunch and I had to go period because when I got home and stepped on the scale, I almost shed tears.  Vacation was extremely generous to my waistline... /sads.  So now that I'm going to have a schedule, I'm super pumped about getting back to the gym on the regular.

I was able to get home and shower before Mr. Scrooge was ready for lunch.  We went to Zaxby's for lunch for possibly the last time.  Ugh.  It was super greasy and the girl who took our order was an idiot.  Our prior experience wasn't much better.  After lunch, I went back home to start the laundry and finish putting away all the stuff I had unpacked and generally be ADD.

When Mr. Mystery got home, we chilled for a little bit before heading out to have dinner with Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect.  It's restaurant week in Charleston and Friday was my only opportunity to partake of this greatness.  Teh SC House Finder suggested we go to Basil since they had a 3 for $20 option.  It was a Thai place, but I was able to find some delicious non-spicy options.  I had the coconut chicken soup and the pad thai and the coconut custard for dessert.  It was completely worth waiting to eat at dinner until 8:30.

After dinner, we went back to pick up the dogs and all their stuff since Teh SC House Finder and Teh Architect kept the puppies while we were in CA and we headed home.  After a late night, we finally crashed with everyone under one roof again.  Woot.

(For the interesting part of my day (the evening), my phone was left at home, thus, no pictures for this section. /sads)


Despite wanting to stay in bed and not be productive for a while, Teh Sister informed me that she was scheduling an appointment to go wedding dress shopping since Teh Mom and I were both coming into town at the same time, which meant that I had to get motivated quickly.  Mr. Scrooge helped me pack up the car, which was mostly already packed since I didn't unpack the dog stuff from the night before.  Phil and Meri took the opportunity to wait in the car since the back hatch was open.  Silly puppies.

Phil really loves french fries.

We headed to Fayettenam and might have done some minor speeding in order to make it in time for the appointment.  We were still late, but it wasn't my fault.  WIN.

Teh Sister tried on 5 or 6 dresses and apparently you know you have the one when there are tears?  IDK, there were no tears and she didn't decide on a dress.  She really liked one that she tried on, but not enough to deem that one, THE one.  Teh Mom and I kept trying to do silly things, but the attendant that was helping Teh Sister wasn't really in the mood for our shenanigans.  Additionally, she got double booked and ended up being much more helpful with the other girl than with us.  Whatevs.

I assisted her with a headpiece.

Bird cage veil was a no go... it didn't help that we didn't know how to work the stupid thing.

JUST LIKE her First Communion photos.......
...yep, I'm still bitter I didn't get to have First Communion photos.


When we got home, Teh Mom and Teh Sister went back out to Walmart for some items and I stayed home.  I tried to do my training that I needed to complete by the end of business hours on Friday, but my eyelids were just too heavy.  I just closed the computer and went and laid down for a while.

Teh Sister scared the crap out of me when she came home and shortly after Mr. Scrooge called so it was definitely wake up time.  Mr. Scrooge chatted with me while he made dinner and I woke up.  At the same time, our dinners were ready.

After dinner, we played some Cards Against Humanity while Teh Mom wrapped Christmas presents.  This is the first year I've ever had "late Christmas" and I think I like it.  Not only does it mean you get to shop after Christmas sales, you get to tell people what you didn't get for Christmas and maybe they'll get it for you!

Phil was interested in the food we didn't have on the table... or he wanted us to deal him in, I'm not sure which.

Eventually, it was late and bedtime.  YAY


I was super ready to sleep in on Sunday morning, but Meri had other plans.  After feeding them, Phil settled back down for after-breakfast-naps, but Meri was way too enchanted by the leaves moving outside because the rain and the possibility of squirrels and birds to chase kept her staring out the patio door for 2 hours after she had breakfast.  She came and snuggled with me for a few minutes, but she quickly decided peering behind the blanket covering the patio doors was way more interesting.

I finally fell back asleep and Teh Sister woke me up with spam text messages.  13 spam messages to be exact.  I finally yelled at her to stop wasting my data and she pointed out that text messages don't count towards data.  Le sigh.  Eventually, we got up and it was time to open presents!

I got some pretty sweet loot, to include a humidifier, a handmade blanket, another scarf, another handmade blanket, a Charlie Brown pancake/waffle maker, and some flower bulbs to plant (hahaha).  After 3 different Christmas sessions, it was an amazing Christmas.

For breakfast, Teh Sister and I tested out our waffle makers, at the same time, so we could eat quicker.  After breakfast, Teh Utah Specialist played video games while Teh Mom, Teh Sister, and I chatted.  Eventually, Teh Mom left and Teh Sister and I headed out to do some returns of some Christmas items.

After stops at Macy's, Kohl's, and Target, it was well after Teh Puppies dinner time and we were getting hangry and we headed home.  We made frozen pizza for dinner since Teh Utah Specialist had friends over.

Then I started the process of trying to lift the blue from my hair with a vitamin C scrub thingy.  Le siiiigh.  After 1 hour of sitting it with vitamin C and clarifying shampoo on my head, I rinsed it off watched a little bit of blue tint go down the drain and repeated the process.  Another hour later, I rinsed off a bit more blue and conditioned it.  After sitting with the conditioner for about 20 minutes, I rinsed again and semi-dried it to devastating results.  My hair still looks like it has a green tint.... Hopefully in the daylight it won't be as bright green as it was before, buttttt we'll see.  It was pretty rough today under the florescent lights because it kinda looked like my hair was growing green mold it was glowing green.

Round 1.

My ghetto shower cap since Target didn't have ANY shower caps.

Round 2.

Teh Sister was putting on my "shower cap" and she was also using it as a blindfold.

What no one told me about dying my hair blue: It will stick.  ESPECIALLY if you go bleached blonde then apply the blue.  So much so, that it's almost impossible to cover and you might ruin your hair trying to lift it out...  But whatever, I loved that blue.  It was awesome and pretty and I'd almost do it again if it wasn't such a pain in the ass to cover up when I need to be "professional."  /tear.

At way too late, it was finally bedtime.  The hair situation didn't really improve much, despite the attempts to lift out the color.  I'm going to see what it looks like in the daylight when we go out today to see what our next step will be.  Probably to bleach all the color out and redye it, which seems to really be the only choice I can see, despite how much it might damage my hair.  I feel like trying to lift it out with different hair dyes or cover it with other crap isn't going to be much better than bleaching it, redying it, and being done with the entire process.  But moving on to more important things...

Today holds GETTING TO SEE TEH MD ROOMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YYYYYYAAAYYYY!!!!!!! and more hair experimentation and picking up my ID from Macy's because the cashier didn't return it to me, le siiiiiigh, and driving back home, and getting to snuggle with Mr. Scrooge (which I missed and not just because he's soooo warm when we get in bed (I'm never as warm, despite how much clothes I wear to bed)).

PS.  I missed you.

PPS.  This is Meri and Phil accurately portraying how much I care about football/sports in general.  It's so accurate I couldn't have done it better myself.

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  1. I bought the first wedding dress I tried on. No tears. I was really terrible at the whole bride thing. The first communion picture is great though :)

    Could you possibly get your hair stripped? I had an awful dye job where this woman made my hair jet black, and I ended up stripping it. Thankfully I went to a salon school and it was only $60 to strip and re-dye it a more natural color.

  2. We put blue streaks in my daughter's hair a couple years ago and when she needed it removed (not kosher to have odd colored streaks during a dance comp!) I got some stuff that was color remover from WalMart & it all came right out. Maybe salon color is tougher than the stuff from a beauty supply place, I don't know! Good luck!

    Love the puppy pjs!


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