Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday #40


Being in CA in relaxing in a way that always surprises me.  It's just like being here is more laid back than anywhere else we travel to.  It's strange.  Additionally, Mr. Scrooge's Mom gets me.  We went shopping yesterday and since we both have shopping ADD, there were no problems.  She even gave me some coupons when we got home from our shopping adventure yesterday.  Woman after my own heart.


Mr. Scrooge fell out of a tree (from the almost very top) yesterday while trimming the tree and after I helped patch him up, he went back outside and got right back up in that tree.  When I saw him do a little shimmy dance move to switch feet on a branch, my heart dropped.  It kinda surprised me how (over)protective I felt.  I didn't mention that to him.


There is an orange tree in the yard.  How California is that?  I've not had one yet, but I will.


The allergy king and queen are in a house where 1 dog and 3 cats live inside (there are 3 more cats that live in the garage/outside).  Let's just say we can't OD on allergy meds this week, but this definitely made me feel bad and giggle at the same time:

The flash is really bright on my phone, so the glare was permitted.


When we landed in Sacramento, I had a voicemail from the company that I interviewed with in October.  They have a position open now and the manager of the position was wondering if I was still interested.  Honestly, not really, but kinda?  I was definitely interested in October and November and December.. and then the company I signed with (gave me the best Christmas present of the year.  My interviewers described the office as having a good work/life balance and as a fun environment.  I'm not sure that even with more money, it would be worth switching companies.  I left a message with the guy and he hasn't called me back yet.  We'll see what happens, but I think I'll be staying with the company I signed with just because I feel like I made the best decision already, despite them being the first company that offered me a position.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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