Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend Review {01/05}


Since Thursday was technically a holiday, we can start there.  It was New Year's Day and not nursing a hangover meant that I was bored.  Since we weren't feeling overly motivated, we decided to go see the matinee of Hobbit 3 (my official name for it).  I enjoyed it, despite my wanting the first Hobbit movie to be the ENTIRE book.  But thanks for that disappointment Mr. I-Make-Tolkien-Movies-Unbearably-Long-and-Drawn-Out-and-You-Will-Like-It Man.  Also, can I please ride around on a giant moose?  And also, I'd like some of those dwarves with the singing abilities as friends.  Plskthx.

It wasn't raining after the movie, Mr. Scrooge decided to go out on a motorcycle ride.  This provided me with even more bored time and since I had been ignoring the nasty floors for a week, I figured it was finally time to clean.

First, I sorted and started the laundry since Mr. Scrooge indicated that it needed to be done since the hamper was full after my shopping spree.  Then, I started on the guest room, putting Christmas decorations away and going through my wrapping box and purging stuff that I just needed to not keep anymore.  After finally getting the wrapping box in order, I put away all the Christmas containers (not boxes, because I finally replaced those bitches!) in the closet and I was done in the guest room, except for washing the sheets, which I'll do when we know someone is coming since the dogs often decide that bed is theirs and like to put their muddy paws ALL.OVER.THE.EVERYTHINGS.

It's good they are cute.

Then I decided to start on the floors.  I picked everything up and put the dog toys away and beat out the rugs and then I looked outside on the back porch to see that there was dead grass EVERYWHERE.  Sooooo, I "squirrel-ed!" and decided to sweep off the back porch.  Then I realized that it hadn't rained in a few days and I should probably scoop poop while it was still daylight.  At some point during all that, Mr. Scrooge came home.  He decided to take the dogs on a walk while I continued my scoopin'.  After 2 full grocery bags full, I was finally able to come inside and start the floors.

Since I'm an excellent multi-tasker, I had already preheated the oven for pizza dinner.  Mr. Scrooge decorated (as in, added the extra cheese and toppings) the pizza and put it in the oven, while I continued my vacuuming and swiffering frenzy.

I paused for dinner, then picked back up where I left off after I was finished eating.  I also finished up the laundry.  I was in crazy productive mode and it was awesome, but since I had to be at work the next morning, I went to bed at a reasonable time.


I had to be at Target at 0630, but Mr. Scrooge was off, lucky bastard.  After being at work until 11, my head was hurting and my back and feet were hurting and I was generally done with being in the backroom since the lady I was working with was a royal b.  Fortunately, 1030 was the time I could go home, so at 11, I did.  I came home and Mr. Scrooge was definitely having an "I'm not motivated to get off the couch" day, which I have no judgement on, so I was lazy as well.  After doing a bit of puzzle, I decided a nap was in order, since Mr. Scrooge and the dogs had been napping throughout the day.

When I got up from my nap, I made Megan-Nachos, which is the less spicy, homemade version of normal nachos.  I was considerate enough to buy some jalapenos for Mr. Scrooge, which I put on half of the nachos.  See, I can be a nice person!  We watched The Other Guys which I found slightly amusing, but not as hilarious as Mr. Scrooge expected me to think it was.  I don't really think over-the-top movies are all that funny.  Yes, there were some funny parts, but I really like cheesy, punny types of funny.  Additionally, Will Ferrell's bottom front teeth just absolutely slay me.  I have a thing about teeth, I'm aware of it.

Mr. Scrooge decided to go to bed early.. like way early.. like before 8pm early, and I stayed up late writing blogs and perusing pinterest for wayyyyy too long.  I blame nap-fueled insomnia.


I woke up with my alarms on Sat morning, but opted not to go to Target.  I reasoned it out that this was the one of the last opportunities of the week that I was going to have to stay in bed and snuggle with Mr. Scrooge since he has to work Monday and Tuesday and we'll both be getting up early on Wednesday to catch our flight to CA and once we're in CA, who knows our sleeping times.  My efforts for snuggles turned out to be in vein, but the $30ish still wasn't a good enough trade off for getting to go back to sleep for a few more hours, so I still feel like I made the right choice.  What with Monday being my last day, I had ZERO fucks to give about Target, especially knowing that I was supposed to work in the backroom and I didn't want to be stuck with that miserable lady again.  Yes, you are right, it really is good that no one at Target knows about this blog.  Moving on.

Since Mr. Scrooge and I couldn't decided on a joint plan of action, I decided to go to the gym and get my burn on.  These flabby parts are now extra flabby and they need to go.  This isn't even a new year's resolution, this is just a, "wow my pants are tight and I really don't want to buy new ones."  After hitting up the gym, I came home and bullied Mr. Scrooge into going on a dog walk.  He actually got super motivated while we were out and walked Meri an extra 1.5ish miles, which wore her little butt OUT.  Phil was done way before that and so was I, what with not eating up to that point in the day and having very little water during my workout, so we went home when Mr. Scrooge announced that he wanted to do some exploring of the neighborhood across the street from ours.  Phil and I headed back home while Mr. Scrooge and Meri were Lewis and Clarkin' it.

The Gentle Leader changed my life... and saved my shoulder from Meri.

Any house around a sign like this wouldn't be a house I would live in, kthxbye.

Mr. Scrooge and I found the "front door" to be quite amusing.. since it just lead to the porch.

Philbo was pooped after 2.3 miles.

After a shower and some ramen (super healthy choice after 6 miles of movin' it), I couldn't shake my headache, so I laid down and took a nap.  Since it was Saturday, we were having our weekly gathering at Teh Architect and Teh SC House Finder's house.  Teh SC House Finder made carnitas for dinner, which is a meal after my own belly heart.  After some socializing and football watching, Cards Against Humanity was played for a bit.  After the dogs were beyond exhausted, and so were the humans, we headed home.

Teh SC House Finder was extremely disappointed to discover that someTHING had taken a bite out of almost the entire stack of tortillas.  

we couldn't discern if it was mice or a human.. but no one owned up to it, so we decided not to eat those.

Meri loves her ears being rubbed.

Phil has obviously found his SC replacement family for me.  Jerk dog.


I finally got to go to the church I've been trying to attend for over a month and I was... disappointed.  I think the church I went to in Pax River really spoiled me.  Like, really, really.  I kept praying that there wouldn't be more singing..... because it was just... no.  Also, I'm 1/2 yankee, so sometimes I get very uncomfortable in extremely southern situations.  For instance, the 5 minutes of the service after the announcements where everyone walks around greeting each other and shaking hands.  This is fine if you know other people there, but when you came to the service by yourself and you know no one, please don't make me.  It's just uncomfortable for me to walk around saying hello and shaking stranger's hands.  Just leave me alone in my little bubble.

The most important and one part of the service that I did enjoy was the sermon.  The pastor is a (large) woman who talked about how sometimes you pray and pray and pray for something and you have these expectations of what you're praying for and then God's all, "here's what you asked for," and it looks nothing like those expectations you've built up in your head, but it's the answer God gave you, and you will deal with it.  It was a theme that resonated with me what with the new job and some relationship issues that I'm dealing with.

If I could take the music of the first SC church and the pastor of this 2nd SC church, I'd be perfect.  For now, I think I'm going to try the 1st church again and see how they do, then maybe try the 2nd church again and make a decision.  Church is hard.  Additionally, these congregations are really small and OLD.  I'm used to a variety of ages, not just mostly retired people.  It's hard to be a 20-something in a sea of 45+ers.

Right before church started, Teh Monopoly messaged me and strongly hinted that I should meet her and the fam in Columbia for a meal since they were driving through SC.  Happy to oblige, I informed Mr. Scrooge of the afternoon plans and invited him along.  At some point in my life, it became acceptable to drive almost 2 hours to meet friends for a meal.  I don't even mind one bit.

Mr. Scrooge and I had sushi for lunch and met Teh Monoply and Mr. Kilt and baby in Columbia for early dinner.  It was fun catching up and getting to hear a few horror stories that I've gotten to miss out on since I've been gone.  I also got in some quality baby time, which serves to fight that biological clock tick-tocking that I hear very faintly on occasion.

Selfies with a baby!

 After getting back home and dealing with the beasts who were obviously never fed in their entire lives, ever, it was time to get ready for Monday.  Bleh.

Today holds great things though.... MY LAST DAY AT TARGET!!!
And I'll be returning some pocketless pants to Kohl's.
And I'll do some laundry and maybe pull out a suitcase or two.
And I'll snuggle extra with Meri and Phil, both of whom I will miss greatly while we are in CA.


  1. I absolute HATE the socializing and shaking hands part of church. I'm pretty anti social for a blogger :) I found the front door of the house hilarious. I think instead of shrubs they need to make it boxed in like a hallway before the real entrance of the house.

  2. Yay for the last day at Target!!! And I am with you, I dont like the signing or the hand shaking at church....


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