Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Confessions {1/28}

-I've been having trouble sleeping on nights before I have to go to work because I'm using a Mac and I'm not 100% on all it's functions and in my dream (usually the same one) I can't figure out how to minimize everything at once, which is the final test on how to use the Mac.  I mean if Windows can minimize everything at once, a Mac can definitely do that.  I just don't know how.

-Mr. Scrooge and I washed the cars on Sunday.  I learned made the final decision that we don't make a good team.  This assessment was made after I'd been trying to do my thing and I got "LT-ed" for every move I made.  After 3 times of his micromanagement, I finally slammed the car door, where I had been trying to clean the window of the window, so hard I was afraid I might actually break the window, and screamed at him (while we're standing outside with the neighborhood kids riding/walking by and for all the other neighbors to hear), "FUCK YOU!  Do it your damn self since I can't do it right.  Let me know when you want me to move Yurtle," and stomped inside.  I slammed the garage door for good measure.  No.  I will not be micromanaged when I'm washing MY car.

-The situation above directly correlates to something that a cashier observed as we were checking out at the store last week.  I was wearing my Thing 2 hoodie and he was wearing a Bullwinkle shirt and she observed that we were both missing our cohorts.  Yeah, we're not a good team.  Probably should work on that if we plan to keep this relationship going.......

-I was completely dressed and almost out the door on Monday morning when I realized that I was wearing a knee length dress and had prickly legs.  Teh MD Adult Roomie said that it was ok if I was wearing stockings.  I wasn't.  I went to work anyways.  I sit at a desk all day and I wasn't even worried that the guys I work with were going to notice at our conference calls.  #hairydontcare

-I've claimed the stall furthest from the door as "my" stall when I go to the restroom.  Apparently, it is also someone else's stall and I'm pretty sure I heard her huff when the door was locked and she couldn't get in her stall to do her business.  #newgirldontcare

-I wish gym results were immediate.  Then again, I consider the scale not going up progress at this point.

-1 week till my birfday!!!! Woooo!!!

-I have a friend, Jqubed, who restarted his blog.  One of his topics recently was typography, which is highly interesting to me.  Not just because my job is to be a tech writer, but because I write a lot in general and the science of fonts and formatting, etc is right up my alley.  Anyways, if I could get past the muscle memory of 2 spaces, I'd probably start using 1 space only between periods.  But really, 2 spaces is muscle memory for me and one space indicates the next word, where 2 spaces indicates a period and the start of a new sentence.  I'm obnoxiously set in my ways.

-Mr. Scrooge ordered a new "ready thingy" for my birthday.  He didn't really ask me for specifications, which means that while I only wanted a backlit Kindle (reader only), he ordered the biggest and best Kindle available on the market which means that I have a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 with all the bells and whistles arriving today.  Despite the fact that it was WAAYYYY too much, I'm afraid I'm going to love it.  I've considered buying a tablet for years, but with my blogging, I prefer a full keyboard.  I'll still have my laptop though.  I'll let you know how (awesome) it is when it arrives in a few days.

-Since I ended up finding out what my bday present was before it showed up (due to an extra email that I didn't anticipate since he bought the protection plan, which said Protection Plan for Your New Kindle), Mr. Scrooge ended up telling me EXACTLY what he had purchased which means that I went case shopping.  Yay shiny toys!

-I finally got to start doing some documentation work on Tuesday and despite some technology difficulties, it's still amazing.

-I might just bring my personal computer into work to do my documentation stuff on since I have no idea when my (Windows OS) work computer is arriving.

-Since my NC insurance company could write policies for SC I had to switch insurance.  I went with Esurance because they called me first after I did an online quote.  Because I wanted the cheapest possible rate, I agreed to put one of those tracker things in my car.  It arrived on Monday but I still haven't put it in yet.  Partially because I have no idea where the port is to put it in, but also because Big Brother much?  I've considered calling and asking how much my premium would go up if I decided against it, but that's really more work than just finding the port and seeing how good someone else says I drive.

-Yesterday, Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover told me some Mac shortcuts and now I know that F11 shows my desktop and that 3 finger swipes up makes all my windows appear.  Now it's just too bad that this keyboard doesn't have "End" and "Home" buttons or the ability to differentiate between delete and backspace (one deletes to the left, one deletes to the right).

-Despite all the vitamin C washes and trying to shampoo my hair as minimally as possible (which is generally once a day if I go to the gym), the green is coming back.  But now, I have the job and I can look like a martian and I don't care anymore.  I'm just going to accept algae tinted hair.  I'm also going to make an appointment with the lady that fixed it the day before my Company interview and have her cut it.  Not that taking off the length will take the top green out, which is where it is most noticeable, but it might take off some of the dead/split stuffs.

Work selfies to show off my new accessories (and my green hair).

-I really like the YoCrunch yogurts with Oreo in them, so when I saw they offered Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops versions I figured I'd give it a try.  NO.  DO NOT DO IT GENTLE READERS.  Cereal should only be consumed dry or with MILK, NOT yogurt.  It's just.. an abomination to cereal.

-It's 30°F in Charleston right now and since it's not snowing (or even pretending it might), it's too cold for these kinds of weather shenanigans.

-I bought a space heater from Target Monday morning because having cold legs was unbearable.  I understand that wearing dresses means making sacrafices, but when my boss said that he regularaly has cold legs and feet, I knew I wasn't going to make it.  When I went to Target, I knew that my old team was there and I could have stopped by to say hey, but I didn't want them to feel like I was rubbing my new job in their face (what with me being at Target during the middle of the work day) and I really wanted to get back to work so I could leave at a decent hour.  Additionally, because the space heater was on clearance from $29.99 to $20.98, since it was over $20, I got to use the $5 off Target coupon making it half off of the original price.  WIN.

-I bought a rainbow umbrella.  I've been dreaming about this umbrella since I learned that when in uniform you can only carry a black umbrella and I refused to buy a black umbrella so I always just got rained on.  Now my clothes have the potential to be see-through so that is no longer an option.  Umbrella = acquired.

-I got my free birfday drinks from Starbucks, plural because I have 2 rewards cards. #likeaboss  I just can't figure out when to use them.  #firstworldproblems.

-Receving a super huge task with minimal direction and minimal understand (from both myself and the tasker) doesn't make for a good rest of the week.

-I get sad when the linkup isn't already posted by the time I publish my blog (late) on Wednesday morning.  I'm an early bird.  I'm going to be obnoxious when I'm old, I can already tell.

Making Melissa


  1. You guys sound like me and my ex husband. He use to say "we don't do it like that" I finally yelled "We don't? Because I just did!!!"

  2. Kev and I have a great compromise. He doesn't wash his car. Ever few months he lets takes it to AutoBell and that's about it.

    I totally have "my stall" too and I HATE it when someone else is in there.

  3. My husband and I have been married for almost 11 years, together more than 18. We still fight about stuff like that. We're still a good team.

    Gym results need to be immediate. I'm tired of being sore and having to wait to see changes. Sore should equal results. No waiting necessary.

  4. The micromanagement thing is really tough to deal with! My husband is notorious for this but we still managed to make it work. Still irritates crap out of me and I find myself doing the exact same thing slamming it and telling him to just finish it himself or I just do it while he's not around so that I can do it he is! Example rearranging my entire bedroom over the week! He came home it was already done nothing to complain about!

  5. i have absolutely gone to work with prickly legs and a knee length skirt before.... the way i see it is if anyone notices then they are too close to my legs, lol.
    that doesnt mean you aren't a good team ;) my husband is a lot smarter than me, and obviously there are a lot of things i don't know because i didn't grow up in the country we are living in, and sometimes i feel like he is micromanaging when he is just trying to be helpful. either way it annoys the crap out of me, so now i just calmly stop what i'm doing and let him do it. ha! tricked him into doing something for me.


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