Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Book Challenge #3 Upate

Erin's Book Challenge is in full swing and I'm making steady progress.  Now Goodreads can't judge me as much for being any books behind on my challenge.


In progress
To read

5 points: Freebie – Read a book that is at least 200 pages.

10 points: Read a book that starts with the letter “R”.

10 points: Read a book with five words in the title.

15 points: Read a book that has a (mostly) blue cover.

20 points: Read a book with twins as characters.

20 points: Read a book from this list of books made into movies:

25 points: Read a book set in a country you have always wanted to visit. (Italy)

30 points: Read a historical fiction book.

30 points: Read a music related book.

35 points: Read a book originally published over 100 years ago.

Are you reading with us?  Tell me about your progress!  Is your favorite book on this list?


  1. Remember how you were just happy that A Walk in the Woods was finished? That's how I felt about Wild.
    Go ahead and mark straight through that R category!

  2. I totally agree with Erin about Wild. I honestly like the movie better because the pacing was set faster!

  3. You're way ahead of me... I've read 2 books for Erin's challenge! That's what I get for doing two challenges at once, I guess...


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