Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Confessions {8/24}

-I learned, after watching 4 hours of Lightroom tutorials on YouTube, that "good" photographers aren't necessarily good photographers.  Instead, they are good photo editors.  Annoying.  That said, I'm proud of my photography, because I barely edit compared to most of the "good" photographers.  #boombitches

-I understand that people want/need to make money, but WTF is with the Lulularoe explosion on my Facebook feed?  It's absolutely maddening.  The worst part is that it's parties for people that people I'm friends with know, so I don't even know the people who are showing up on my FB feed.  It's the worst actually.  Well, 2nd to all the ads that have decided to torture me.  Not sure why but there has been a VERY strong resurgence in ads on my feed and despite hiding the ads, it won't load the "Why am I seeing these" link so I can tell it to stop, they are still appearing.  #ichmagesnicht

-I discovered that there is a massage school about 15 minutes from our house.  $35 for a 90 minute massage and no tipping since they are students.  Game on.  #betterthanGroupon #appointmentsmade

-I discovered recently that an ex uses my nickname for him as his instagram name.  To include the "teh" part.  I don't mind the name part, but the "teh" part is MINE.  I am Teh Megan, I was "teh" first.  This person became Teh (Nickname I called him) when I called him that.  Truthfully though, I wonder if his girlfriend realizes that I gave him that nickname.  Or maybe she calls him he same name?  Except.. again.. the "teh".  That's just awkward I think.  This is why people get copyrights.  #Icameupwiththat #stealinmygenius

-In SC bug bites are weird.  They don't itch right away, oh no no.. they wait.  Until 24-36 hours after the bite to start itching.  This essentially makes the bites last for a week.  #itstheworst

-I have this awkward thing I do where I make sex-ish noises when I scratch my itches.  Combine this "attribute" with a smattering of bug bites from being in the backyard last Weds evening.  Sounds pretty orgasmic over here.  #itsonlyawkwardinpublic #butitfeelssogood

-I tried on a Lululemon shirt when Teh Sister was here since she owns a few and I actually liked them.  #FML

-My double chin has become very prominent recently and it depresses me.  It could also be the way I hold my head, but it's gross.  Why isn't there a work out specifically to target the double chin?  Also, why does eating have have to make so much of a difference in my body.  Ughhh.. #Ijustwanttoeatallthethings #andnotgetfat #fatter #Ilovemybody

-Earlier this week I deleted over 2000 emails from my work email.  Please don't be impressed.  I hadn't deleted any emails I had sent since my first day.  So Jan 20, 2015.  #cleaninghouse

-I teleworked on Tuesday because I almost passed out, twice, in the shower after our 5 mile run.  Not because my toe or the distance or me not stopping, but probably due to dehydration.  I didn't drink a lot the day before, and based on the scale, I lost almost 1 lb of water weight while running, and then after I was horizontal for a while, I had a killer headache for most of the day.  All signs point to dehydration.  That said, I'm usually tomato faced after a run, but this time I was a ghostly green/white color and it freaked me out quite a bit.  Also, I think I scared Teh German.  #greenisnotagoodcoloronme

-With the construction vehicles parked on the sides of the streets in the development and with resident cars on the streets, it's like playing chicken when you go through the neighborhood.  It's my least favorite thing.  The best part?  The cop that lives 3 doors down parks his squad car in the street.  I've yet to see the neighbors bitch about that on the FB page.  #butwhoamItonotice

-I've noticed more and more recently that my typed words are often riddled with typos and grammar mistakes.  This isn't because I don't know the proper way to speak English, but often because my fingers move too fast on the keyboard.  For instance, almost every time I type because, I type it becuase due to finger speed.  Also, sometimes it takes me several times to type a word correctly because of muscle memory.  I will mean to type one word, but it's very similar to another and my fingers take over and type the other similar word instead of the word I intended.  #itscomplicated #toomanywordsperminute #timetoslowdown

-After Teh German said something about how he thought our schedule would slow down the 2nd half of the year, I had to stifle a cackle.  I know we have activities planned, so I went to my handy dandy calendar to see exactly what we had planned.  Holy mother, what have I done?

~move to new office: Aug 25/26/29
~Disneyland runs: Sept 1-5
~Isle of Palms 10k: Oct 1
~Teh Sister/Phil's Birthday: Oct 10/11
~Band of Horses concert: Oct 19 (not that tickets have been purchased)
~Teh MD-AR in Charleston: Oct 20-25
~James Island Connector Run (10k): Oct 22
~Hockey season starts for Stingrays: Oct 25
~Teh Ville in MD for Blue Angels: Oct 29/30
~Halloween: Oct 31
~Election Day: Nov 8
~Thanksgiving: Nov 24
~Teh German's Aunt in Charleston: Dec 14-28
~Teh Sister's graduation: Dec 17
~Possible Disney World trip: Dec 18-20
~Panthers vs Falcons: Dec 24
~Christmas: Dec 25
~New Years Eve: Dec 31

-Guaranteed way to piss me/Teh German off: Try to contact us between 11pm-6am for a non-emergency.  If you're responding to a group text because you know you're awake and no one else in the group is, you're a douche.  #dontbeanasshole #itsnotfunny #beautysleep


  1. Good Lord you have a lot coming up! I had to mute a group text this summer because TWO people in the group were talking late hours in the night. JUST TEXT EACH OTHER DAMNIT!! I do the same thing when I scratch my bug bites.

  2. That is so much going on that I am actually getting anxiety. Super happy for you but that would be entirely too much for me!

    I implemented a whole if you text me late and wake my child I will murder you response stance early with Kyra and people figured out I was dead serious real quick.

  3. How much fun that The German's aunt is coming to visit! (I'm assuming she lives in Germany?)
    My schedule used to always look that packed. I used to thrive on it. I've put a halt to that in recent years. #gettingold

  4. oh i always make mistakes when typing because i'm so fast. most of the time i fix them but sometimes i hit submit too soon (especially when commenting on blogs lol) and wooosh it's gone.
    so weird that your ex stole the teh part. so weird!!
    and yes to double chins. i gained a lot of weight in the past 2 years maybe? and my chin was like gross, there was like 5 of them. haha. they went away/got better when i started eating better/working out more, but it's still there when i hold my head a certain way. oh and i totally googled things to do to get rid of it hahahaa but i don't think any of them worked, i think the only thing that worked for me was stop shoving all the food in your face. well, partly worked lol.

  5. OH MY GOD, LulaRoe. WHYYYYY?? Every single chick I know is now running some Ponzi scheme and selling some kind of product- Jamberry nails, Rodan + Fields, and now this. Everyone’s whole thing is “but the leggings are SO comfortable!” Um, aren’t all leggings comfortable? I don’t get it. Not to sound like a total dick but you will never catch me going to one of those “parties” they throw. Ick.

    Re: your ex using your nickname as his Insta name – A) that’s so obnoxious. B) I was seeing a guy this summer and took a pic of him at a cool outdoor restaurant with palm trees behind him & sent it to him cause it came out good. When I ended things with him cause he was a total Douche Canoe, I saw he updated his FB profile pic days later. TO THAT PIC. No no no nono no no no no non.

    PS I am currently COVERED in mosquito bites and they are the literal WORST.

  6. I don't do group texts for the same reason. Except I work at night and sleep during the day. I have never tried Lularoe clothing so I can't say how great (or not great) it is but I, too, have seen a huge influx of it being promoted.


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