Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Review {8/1}


Working 9 hours during the week and having 1/2ish days on Friday is really the best thing I've come up with on my own.  I was feeling adventurous, so I decided on a whim to bring the beasts with me to work.  It was a good life choice.  Especially with only working a half day, by the time the dogs started getting restless, we were out the door and headed home.

Since I had the dogs, I was unable to run the errands that I've been putting off, but whatevs.  We went home and Meri did laps around the yard and Phil sunbathed and after they were too hot, I let them back in and we went upstairs for reading time.  Reading eventually turned into potentially nap time, but Teh German ended up coming home right as I had rolled over to rest my eyes.

We decided on a wild and crazy night.  Full of yard work!  I scooped poop and we pulled weeds in the yard.  We had sandwiches for dinner since it was almost 9 when we finally came inside.  Despite it being stupid hot, there was a bit of a breeze.  Between the breeze and the shade, it was bearable.  I did learn that grass doesn't burn.  Nonetheless, Teh German started a fire to burn what we'd already thrown in the fire pit.

Eventually, the weeds did actually burn.
So HA!

Yet again, super glad that Teh German is willing to accept sandwiches for dinner.  The idea of cooking has been very uninteresting to me in the last week or so, unfortunately.  I think I need to go recipe hunting again to find something that looks good.

We had planned to go on a run on Friday night, but since we were tired and sweaty from doing yard work, it got pushed to Saturday night.  After dinner, we cleaned up, showered, and headed to bed for social media time.  I finished another book, take that Goodreads!  My July book review is going to be like BOOM.


Saturday morning, we got to sleep in and it was delightful.  Eventually, we got up since our new entryway bench was being delivered at 9.  We planned to be ready by 9 so that way after Coworker delivered the bench, we'd leave and head out to tackle the day.  That didn't really work as planned.

Coworker ended up staying for an hour, and while it was fun to chat, it seriously put a dent into my planned productivity.  Coworker found an old dresser and made it into my Pinterest inspired bench.  We lurve it.  The drawers are even lined with skeleton key paper to match the drawer pulls.  So much thought was put into everything she did with it, the paint, the extra support for the bench, keeping as much of the original piece as possible.  We are super happy with her work.  Teh German was talking about some other projects he wants to do around the house and Coworker started brainstorming while we were still standing around chatting.  #theregoesmydollas

After Coworker left, Teh German got ready and we headed to the Coliseum for the Stingrays Fan Fest.  We had seen that all the merchandise would be on sale and Teh German wanted to check it out, so I was down.  We stopped and were able to rack up some awesome Stingrays shirts and hats for $50.  Teh German's hat was full price since it was new, but everything else was 75% off.  We saved over $85.  Since I know he doesn't read this, I can tell you that I also bought him a signed puck from the goalie who was his favorite player.  It was $50, so a bit pricey, but I think it will go well with the Stingrays jersey I got him as an anniversary gift.  Sadly, the jersey isn't arriving until mid-August since it's coming from Canada, so I'm going to try to frame the puck in front of a photo of us at one of the games, then give him both items at the same time.  This was still cheaper than diving lessons.

Sticker for Teh German's future new truck, 4 shirts, 2 hats.
PS. That pink shirt sparkles.  Also, it looks red when it isn't beside something red.

After shopping, we headed to Metto for some coffee and then to the farmers market in our town.  We weren't over impressed.  Since we had been so close to downtown, we probably should have just went to Marion Square, but #liveandlearn.  I did pick up a few items, so we'll have some veggies for the week.  There was also a bbq place called 3 Pigs BBQ at the farmers market and Teh German suggested we try it for lunch and I said ok, because I ain't no dummy.  We weren't in love with it, as it was no Willie Jewell's, but it wasn't bad bbq.  They also offer a buffet, so your standard buffet goers were there.  It's not stereotyping if it's true.

After the farmers market, we headed to Lowe's.  #yayforfreewifi  Teh German wanted to get something to kill the weeds and stop them from coming back and grass seed.  $235 later, as seem to be our standard Lowe's bill, we headed home.  It was later than I had planned on getting home and since it was hot out, neither of us wanted to do any of the yard word we'd just dropped the dollas to do.  I ended up starting laundry and taking a nap while Teh German messed around on social media.

Less than a dryer cycle later (60 minutes, tyvm), Teh German came to wake me up and ask me if I wanted to go to a movie with Twin Mom so he wouldn't feel bad for going over to watch the UFC fight with Twin Dad.  I told him he didn't have to worry about my entertainment and that if he wanted to go he could.  He explained how he didn't want to be the people that always said next time or no thanks to hanging out (as if we've ever said no before, hah) and I also knew that it wouldn't hurt me to get out of the house and socialize and I hadn't gotten to hang out with Twin Mom since before we'd left for Germany.  My only plan for the evening was to eat a light dinner and then wait for the sun to set and go on an 8-10 mile run, so really, anything seemed preferable.

I texted her I was on my way and tried to leave the house, which took more time than expected because laundry and putting on pants.  Then it took longer than expected to get there because shopping center parking lots are difficult.  We had dinner at a place called Newk's, which was kinda like Panera Bread.  It was good until about 4 hours later.  We watched Bad Moms which was good, but there were parts that were too mom-y for me, ya know, not being a mom.  Nonetheless, I lol-ed a good deal and I was glad to have went and hung out.  Also, when you do have Mom-friends, you hang out with them when they get the chance since their schedule isn't as open as yours, duh, Megan.

Twin Mom invited me to her house to see the kids, but I took a pass since I was determined to get my run in.  I knew I didn't want to run on Sunday morning and I wouldn't run late on Sunday night because Old People Bedtime is real.  When I got home, I told myself 8 miles.  When I got started and there was 15 seconds of slight breeze, I talked myself up to 9 miles.  Right before I hit the 4 mile mark, I talked myself into 10 miles.

I started my run at 11pm and made it home shortly before 0100.  I saw 3-5 fawns (it was dark and mostly I was trying to avoid critters), at least 1 house party where people were leaving as I was running by and one guy was friendly and commented about "getting my sweat on" and he agreed that midnight was better than in the morning or anytime when the sun was up, and I passed 1 other runner when I was about 85% done with my run and we greeted each other and I commented, "Most people would think we're the crazy ones, ya know?"  He laughed and agreed and we ran on.

When I made it home, I checked and Teh German was home.  I stretched some and cooled down slowly.  I made my achy way upstairs and Teh German had put away the laundry that was waiting for me.  #bestboyfriendever  I helped him fold the blankets and started the last load of laundry after stripping off my completely sweat soaked clothes in front of the washer, then I headed to the shower.  After my shower, I rolled out my crazy sore pieces, 10 miles really hurts, fyi, then it was sleepytime.


We got another slow start on Sunday morning, but I finally roused Teh German from his sleeps around 9 since I knew he had wanted to mow and edge the yard.  I had checked the weather and it was supposed to storm around 2, so I didn't want him to have to rush through it.  I had an email to create some blogs for GEGR, so I wanted to take care of that ASAP.  Teh German asked me to do another sweep of the yard for poop and to pick up the dog toy.  I made a tomato sammich for breakfast, then went on poop patrol, then got started on the dog blogs.

My George Frideric Handel hairs.

We tried out a new way of creating dog blogs this time and it saved SOOOO much time.  It used to take at least 10 minutes to create each new blog, plus time to create a post, plus time to link the blogs to twitterfeed.  This new way, we just create the blog, use the dynamic template, and create a post for the dog.  Then I linked them all into Twitterfeed in one batch.  There isn't any logo on the blog pages anymore, but the amount of work put into it probably wasn't paying off in the end.  Especially when this last haul brought in 16 dogs, which all needed blogs.  That's a lot of time.

Once blogs were complete, I considered reading, but instead go motivated.  Since Teh German was working, I would work.  I did the dishes for him and continued working on the laundry so he wouldn't have to help me at bedtime.  After he completed the yard, he moved inside to the garage to work on going through boxes that hadn't been touched since he moved in with me last November.  I had consolidated many of his boxes and added some of my stuff to them to save space when our guest room was also the storage room.

He discovered items he'd been saying he had, but couldn't find: his adult shower curtain (compared to my not-adult monster shower curtain which gets so many compliments), some towels, curtains, paperwork he knew he had, etc.  He said something about how it felt like he was just moving stuff around and I told him that's what it takes to find new homes for things.  I totally understood because that's what it felt like to me when we moved in.  I would move piles of shit from room to room and eventually, those piles would vanish because I'd find homes for things.

The most exciting discovery for him was the Game Cube.  He came inside from the garage dramatically heavy breathing and said, "What is this?  Does it have games?"  When I told him it was a Game Cube that had Mario Kart and Mario Party, he got super excited and placed the Game Cube gingerly on the stairs and said, "That is definitely going upstairs."

Between bouts of laundry, I worked on this post and contemplated going to the grocery store.. for more sandwich meat.  Ya know, for our sandwich diet that I've put us on because I'm lazy AF.  Then it started raining and I got even less motivated that I had been.  Why go out, when it meant putting on real clothes instead of pajamas?  Also, I knew that if I went out, I'd totally grab something for dinner for us in addition to sandwich meat.

After Teh German finished cleaning up the garage, I suggested maybe Chinese for dinner and within "Chin.." leaving my lips, Teh German was already at "General Tso's Chicken", of course it was a go.  While Teh German showered, I called and placed our order at a place I hadn't been to before.  They gave me an eta of an hour.  While we waited, I started making nut balls.  I didn't make them last week, which was a poor life choice as we really liked them.  While I was rolling, the delivery person arrived.

They might look gross, but I assure you they are tasty-goody.

We ate dinner, then watched Armageddon, then it was early bedtime.

Overall, a very relaxing weekend.  I definitely call it a success since I spent all of Sunday in my pajamas #likeaboss.  I was glad to get some downtime since I know that next weekend will be go-go-go since we were will be in NC and I'll be shooting a wedding with Teh WJL.  

Tuesday is our 1 year date-aversary and we were going to celebrate by reliving our first date, but with Suzi broken, that won't happen.  As long as Suzi is fixed by Friday, I'm willing to sacrifice our Tuesday plans.  Even if we decide to do it at a later date, I can almost guarantee this time I won't show up with a minor case of food poisoning.

I'm almost done with my audiobook and I have no idea what to do with my life after I'm done listening since I will have already used my audible credit for the month..  Maybe restart my membership so I can have TWO credits per month?  I assume that this would be cheaper than actually buying an audiobook.  I wish there was a way to transfer books to people after you're done reading them.  

Happy Monday, Gentle Readers!

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  1. I think Audible now has a way to "share" books...currently hubs & I switch off months, I really wanted to bump up so we each get 1 book a month but he doesn't listen to them enough to

  2. Aww yayfro your almost 1 year date-aversery! I really love the entry way bench. It turned out great!

  3. oh wow the bench looks so good!!
    can you cancel your audible membership? they always give me good deals when i try and cancel haha.
    mm sandwiches for dinner. sometimes we do that, sometimes we do cereal, no shame.


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