Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Review {8/22}


Friday at work, I found out I'm getting put on another project.  I'm so pumped about it!  Being bored is seriously one of my least favorite things, so even if I have no idea how to accomplish my new responsibilities, I'll be happy to at least be frustrated trying.  I mean, if I can deal with my techs saving over my final drafts of documents over and over and blatantly making edits in incorrect documents then not even apologizing when I point out THEIR error to them.  Learning something entirely different can't be that bad, right?  Right.

My quad mate brought in his chew toy dog since we're about to move offices and we aren't sure what the pet policy will be at our interim office. 

We're obviously besties now.

I can't remember her name, but she didn't whine or bark and that made us friends officially.

After getting my hours in, I headed home around 2.  I stopped at Big Lots to return the mirror I had gotten while we were in the mountains since it was scratched up.  I went home and snuggled with the pups and finished listening to Glass Sword and did puzzles.  So much rage.  Soooo angry about that book.  Also, review preview: I fucking hate Mare Barrow.  HHHHaaaaattttteeee. 

Finally, Teh German came home and we went out to dinner at a Mexican place nearby.  It was disappointing.  When we got back, we sat around entertaining ourselves with social media until Teh Sister and Teh BIL arrived.  After the weiner brigade attacked the house and everyone had been let out and had settled, it was finally bedtime.

PS.  Hue lights:


Saturday morning I woke up and saw this super adorable bowl that I really wanted on Instagram.  I called every TJ Maxx/Marshall's/Home Goods in Charleston and could only fine ONE.  I wanted 4.  Nonetheless, Teh Sister and I set out on the hunt for it. 

Hooyah for Chief's initiation every August.
It's the one guaranteed time of the year my car will get a bath.

Because I'm an idiot, I didn't realize that where I wanted to go wasn't actually the store I wanted to go to.  The Marshall's of West Ashley had the one bowl.  After a trip to Target to pick up a few things I didn't need/needed, we stopped at Michael's for a hot glue gun, and then Groucho's for lunch because the hangar was real, then I realized that what I thought was Marshall's was actually a TJ Maxx.  Ugggh.  We walked around since we were there, ended up almost buying some things and putting them back instead.

If you can find these bowls for me, I'd love you forever!
Dogs, WITH handle, with lid.

After Not Marshall's, we ended up going to Metto to get coffee and going home, completely not going by the Marshall's that spawned the entire outing.  When we got home, Teh German and Teh BIL weren't home.  They had went to pick up Teh German's life vest and then went to Carolina Ale House for lunch.  Teh Sister and I started on our projects and they arrived home soon after.

I needed to make our ears for Disneyland and Teh Sister brought all the materials to make an Up wreath that I had found on Pinterest.  She brought her sewing machine to help with my ears project.

There was a bit of a debacle about getting the TV to work with my computer so the men could watch the Brazil vs Germany soccer game.  It involved some yelling between Teh German and I, which is a rarity.  When do it though, we often have an audience.  #awkward  Teh German ended up getting the game on the tv after I went back to my projects. 

After the game was over, with much disappointment at Teh Ville, it was dinner time.  We'd decided on Sesame since they have a black bean burger for Teh Sister.  The food was good, but the side effects were not.  3/4 of us had upset bellies almost immediately after we ate.  Teh German and Teh BIL went to Palmetto Moon to pick up a sticker for a project while Teh Sister and I headed to Target to pick up the items that I had forgotten.  First, we stopped by the bathroom at Target, because belly issues were a pressing matter.  No details, but I will share the funniest part was when a lady walked in the bathroom and announced, "SHOO!  This bathroom STINKS!"  We stayed quiet while she muttered the entire time she peed about how stinky the bathroom was.  She made the announcement again as she left the bathroom... at which point we finally started giggling and I said, "Imagine that!"  Teh Sister said that there was also another lady in the bathroom who was giggling. 

After completing my business trip and washing my hands, I headed to pick up the items I forgot and met Teh Sister at the exit, then we met the guys at the car.  We couldn't stop giggling about the lady.  We made it home and Teh German started a fire.  Eventually, it started to drizzle, so we had to go inside, at which point, we called it a night.

Phil was confused about not being able to go into his crate for a PB kong, so he fit himself in Meri's crate. 
This always amuses me.
We left him out so we could put a Nephdawg into Meri's crate.


We got a slow start Sunday morning and opted to go out for brunch instead of making something at home. 

Meri obviously didn't mind.

We hit up Iron Dog Diner and it was scrumptious.  I definitely updated my Yelp review this morning to reflect my new opinion.  Also, the wait wasn't as long this time, so I wasn't unbearably hangry.  After brunch we headed back home to finish up projects and dremel dog nails before Teh Sister and Teh BIL left to go home. 

Up themed!

Why Up?
Because that's the first dinner and a movie date Teh German and I went out on.  It also happened to be playing the first time we held hands.  Sappiness level = off the charts.

After company left, Teh German and I discussed the screened in patio situation.  We're still at a standstill with that project.  I know we'd like to do something to screen in the patio, but we aren't sure what yet since it can't be a "permanent structure."  It's the worst.  We had sandwiches for dinner because laziness and unprepared Megan. 

After dinner, I went out to water the flowers and ended up planting some of the flowers Teh Sister had delivered, which wasn't my intention.  Glad it got accomplished, nonetheless.  Teh German got motivated by my productivity and decided to test out the new tiller head on the weed eater and plant some grass in the back yard.  He originally thought of doing the front yard, but I am still afraid the heat is going to scorch the seeds, so I suggested he do the back instead, so it will have shade.

This was all pine needles.  I'm not sure why the entire house was lined with pine needles, but what a waste.

Moarrr flowarrrsss

Overall, a good weekend.  Despite some drama with Teh German, we got things accomplished and we had company.  We survived with 5 dogs in the house and the wieners didn't sing as much as they could have.  Biggest feats were getting the ears done for Disneyland and the Up wreath.  Without Teh Sister, neither of those projects would have been accomplished.

A week and a half left till DISNEYLANNNDDD!!!!  Woooooot!


  1. The house is looking good!!! You cracked me up with your Not Marshall's. And I have seen those bowls in TJ Maxx before!!!! Its been awhile though, so I am not sure if mine still has them. I will look next time I go. I have one just like it with owls on it.

  2. Oh my goodness that is the cutest wreath ever! I love UP! I will be on the hunt for the bowls for you I'm sure I have seen them at my Marshalls!


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