Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Confessions {8/31}

-Coupons make me buy things.  I hate that it works on me.  Butttt it does.  Thank you McDonalds for that B1G1 breakfast sammich.  #notsorry #hadtouseitbeforeitexpired

-Sometimes I remember random things and it makes me laugh.  Like when I worked at Texas Roadhouse and had to hide the weed in another server's purse because it was just laying out in the open for everyone to see.  #goodteamplayer

-Young Adult Megan was full of sketchy life choices.  It's impressive I made it through my early 20s.  #poorlifechoices #safetyschmafety

-I've been contacted no less than 3 times by someone from Z5media wanting to present me with an offer for  Has anyone ever actually responded to those people?  If so, what do they want?  Am I about to make it big?  LOOOOLLLL

-Our power bill for the month of August was $179.  That's almost $100 less than what I paid last August for Shitty House.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love our Haus?  Because seriously.  It's the best.

-Our Hue set up is almost complete.  Teh German suggested (weather depending), we put the Hue bulbs outside for Halloween.  We'd totally be the party house.  #Huelightaddiction #planners

-Despite helping Shitty House Owner by forwarding the emails from the property management company, I still got ZERO reply from him.  I fucking hate everything about him and hope he suffers from some serious karma.  Let me just remind you that his email is (name)  Same guy.  Same, upstanding citizen..  #DIAF

-I've already checked us into our flights for Thursday morning.  #notsorry #Disneybound

-I'm actively stalking my new Kindle.  As in, if it had GPS, I'd be watching that bitch ride around CHS.  #stalkermode

-Last night, I threw all of my/our running gear in the suitcase.  If we had to pull up chocks and quickly depart, at least we'd have our running stuff.. and a sweatshirt each.  #priorities

-I know I don't need another Disney mug, but I'm seriously already thinking of items I'm going to buy while we're there.  This list includes: Heel/shoe ornament, possible shirt/wearable item (although I'm getting the race shirts, but they aren't really my faves based on the ones we got from the Princess run), separate ornament to celebrate our first Disney trip together (this can't be the same as my running ornament), PINS.  Truthfully, there aren't a lot of items I'm really wanting.. but I know that changes when I get to the parks and I get in the "OMG I'M AT DISNEY must buy all the things" mode.  #Disneylife

-I have purchased 5 books in the last week, which means that I consider these "must read" books, otherwise money = wasted.  I'm not overly enjoying A Man Named Ove and I really am considering returning it to Audible, but I kind of want to know what happens, but mostly I don't.  The writing style is bothering me, and I know that is a Megan problem.  I saw so many good reviews for the book, but people said the same thing about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and that was equally painful.  I think I just talked myself into returning it.  Lesson: Swedish authors are NOT my jam.  #lessonslearned

-August 2015:

The excuse I used to get my first photo of Teh German on the sly.
He knew.
I'm not slick.
At all.

A date with Teh German

Running besties!

How many fucks do I give?
ZERO fucks.

Beach walk with Teh German.

Silly selfies within the first month?
I probably could have guessed he was a keeper then.


  1. I'm definitely the type of person that laughs at things that happened in the past at random times.

  2. Coupons and sales totally work on me too. Damn them! Its brainwash! And umm I dont know what Z5media is but is sounds like you are making it big. DISNEY!!!!!!!!! TAKE ME!!

  3. i read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo MANY years ago and liked it well enough, though i don't know if i would now? but at the time there wasn't much else like it for me... and it was before goodreads and the like. i haven't read a man called ove, but i did read the 100 year old man who jumped out the window (or whatever the hell its called) and it's a swedish author i think and i wasn't a huge fan of it. i listened to it as well.

  4. I am an enabler so I agree all of the Disney things! I can never be restrained went on vacation I must have everything. I love that you're already planning your lights for Halloween! I've already started decorating for Halloween because I'm a crazy person but if I had the ability to have awesome Hue lights I would!


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