Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Review {8/15}


I got a new ID on Friday and then finished up the rest of my hours from home since I schedule my ID appointment at the location close to home instead of close to work.  Mainly because the lady who works at the ID place close to work is an old biddy.  I did return my old ID(s), which baffled the guy who was doing the new ID.

After my ID appointment, I went home and fixed lunch and ate while chatting with my coworkers.  Eventually, I decided to accomplish tasks.  I headed to Walmart for dog food, then stopped at the library and picked up my new library card (since I'd printed out the form on Monday, but just hadn't stopped by the library to complete the process since then).  After the library, I headed to the piercing place and had one of my piercings changed.  On the way home, I decided to stop by the carpet place to see how much it would cost to get a piece of carpet bound as a runner, instead of having to buy rugs.  About $600.  Ouch.  My goal was to go back with Teh German so he could look at the remnants and see if any of the colors were good for him, but they closed at 5:30 and aren't open on the weekend.  I texted him to see if he could come home early, but that didn't really happen and when he got home around 5, I had already researched another carpet place that we could check out on Saturday, and the lady had been kind of a bitch, so I wasn't heartbroken about not going back.

When Teh German got home, I asked what he wanted to do for dinner and he suggested Willie Jewell's because he knows I'm a sucker.  We weren't really in a go out/people-y mood, so I called it in and we picked it up and brought it home.  Lesson: It wasn't as good and my fries were cold and, as always, they fucked up my sauce request.  Also, we had a reason to "celebrate" since Teh German had successfully negotiated his contract with his company earlier in the day, which included a raise!  Yay for Teh German officially staying in the US!

We watched Matrix 2 while we ate dinner.  We had originally planned to go to Mount Pleasant and watch Space Jam in the park, but Teh SC Teacher and Teh SC German invited us to meet them at Red's.  We were meeting at 8:30, so we ate dinner and watched Matrix until 8 and then headed to meet them.  After a few hours of hanging out and enough drinks, we called it a night and headed home.

I had Phil's undivided attention with an open food container on my lap.

Selfie to start the weekend!

Phil snuggles!

Trinity: Teenage Megan's hero/role model.

My favorite bridge.


Originally, we had planned to get up on Saturday and be responsible adults and do house things.  Mow the grass, clean the bathrooms, etc..  Instead, we went out on the boat with Teh SC Teacher and Teh SC German since they got a new boat recently and we hadn't been out with them.  We met around 1130, we stopped at the store where we bought a loaf of $1 bread for $3.20, a Yoohoo! for me, and someone else bought a $5 bag of ice, then we headed to the boat landing.

Fortunately, there were scattered clouds throughout most of the day.  It made the heat bearable.  We did some wake boarding and tubing and spent some time lounging in the water making jokes about the E. Coli content in the water (parts of the lake were closed a few weeks ago due to E. Coli numbers being too high in the water).  Teh German and I were smart about it this time and we brought plenty of sandwich stuffs and snacks so we wouldn't starve.  We also brought plenty of water and adult beverages and I was not shy about asking for the canopy to go up so we could have some shade.  Despite reapplying cancer cream several times, we both still got a little sunburnt.  Me on the areas that didn't get toasted on July 4th, and Teh German on has back.  Nonetheless, we had a blast.

Teh German wake boarding

I almost delete this picture because: belly rolls.
Ya know what.  Here's my tubby belly. 
I was having a blast and the only person that cared about my chub was me.
I'm working on not caring, this is how.

When we finally decided to head back to land, it was around 6.  As we were speeding across the lake, we noticed a couple on a paddle board... with no paddle.  The dude was using his arms as paddles.  At first we cheered for them, then we decided to turn around and ask if they were ok.  They were NOT ok.  They were miles from the shore and the current was going against them and they didn't have a paddle.  At first the guy suggested we could tow them behind us (harrr harrrr) but I suggested instead they get in the boat and we'd just put the paddle board in the middle.  The story of how they were stranded in the middle of the lake was very confusing and I still don't understand, but we all did our good deed of the day.  The girl was obviously shaken up and hugged everyone on the boat to say thank you and even gave us a "God bless ya'll for stoppin'" when they got back on their board to get to shore.  We did see their friends pull up on a jet ski right as we started pulling away, so at least they finally came to look for them!

Once the boat was back on the trailer, we headed to drop off our extra passenger, then went home.  It was Ladies Night in the neighborhood and it had started at 7.  It was almost 8:30 when we finally made it home.  After a quick shower, Teh German and I walked down the street to our respective houses for neighborly activity.  One of the men in the neighborhood suggested Dude's Night since the Ladies were gathering.  Several pointed out that Ladies night meant that it was also Dad night and someone had to take care of the children.  So really Dude's night kinda fizzled out, but at least Teh German wasn't sitting at home alone.  Unfortunately, the poor dogs were crated for a majority of the day, which I was feeling moderately guilty about.  But not overly, since Meri had chewed up some stuff when we went to pick up dinner on Friday night.

A few of us left the Ladies gathering and headed to the Dude's gathering to see Roux (Rue) the dog.  After a bit at their house, Teh German and I were exhausted (too much day drinking and then night drinking will do that to ya) and it was time to go home.  At 0100, we finally collapsed into bed.


We slept until my phone went off at 0950.  Teh German actually likes the notifications that he puts on calendar events, while I absolutely loathe them.  But this time, it was a good thing.  We had a 1000 Skype date with Teh German's aunt.  I got up and fed the dogs and had my Willie Jewel's leftovers for breakfast.  Finally, Teh German came down stairs and shortly after, his aunt called.  We chatted for a bit and she will be coming to visit in late December for Christmas!  It's super exciting.  When I mentioned that we were going to Disney in Sept, she lit up, so I'm hoping to plan at least a day at Disney World while she is here.  I'm thinking New Years Eve, because I seriously cannot imagine better fireworks for New Year's than at Disney World.

Aunt had told us that Teh German's Opa would be arriving soon for dinner and after they got settled, she'd call back so Teh German could talk to Opa.  We had pushed our housework/adulting to Sunday and it was getting hotter and hotter outside.  We waited what seemed like forever, but she finally called back.  Opa was very excited to hear Teh German's good news about work.  Teh German also told Opa that he should come and visit the US since his Aunt (Opa's daughter) is coming in December.  He said he'd love to, but his partner doesn't like long flights and they'd have to see about taking a ship across the Atlantic (they love cruises).  He did also inquire if we were getting married so that way he'd have a valid reason to get her across the ocean.  Aunt and I cackled and Teh German kinda sputtered through a, "No, we've talked about it, but nothing definitive."  Soon after, Opa ended the call.

At this point, Teh German decided that it was too hot outside to mow the grass and maybe he'd wait until later.  I was productive and took the fairy hats outside to put another layer of paint on them.  I chatted with the neighbor for a few minutes until my shirt was sufficiently drenched in sweat.  Once done, I put the hats on the front porch to dry and went inside to dry myself.  Despite the long to-do list, most of it didn't get accomplished.  Coworker delivered our couch table, which is awesome.  Seriously, if you're local and want furniture, let me know so I can direct you her way.  Her work is awesome.  She did tell us that the table was much easier than the bench.

After they left, I told Teh German that I could go to the store during the week so we didn't have to leave the house.  I wasn't feeling it.  Motivation, people, anything.  Teh German and I did put Hue light strips on the back of the table.  I sat at the computer and wanted to photo edit, but just couldn't.  I checked social media and called Teh MD-AR to talk through some Disney meal planning.

We arrive on Thusrday and we'll head straight to the expo when we land.  After we check into our hotel (depending on the time), we'll go straight to Disney.  We'll spend the rest of the day/evening in the park and we're planning on getting good seats for the parade and the fireworks (if they happen).  We have   reservations for a character breakfast on Friday morning and a fancy dinner on Friday night.  We'll be at the park all day, so this will also be Dole Whip day, if we don't get one on Thursday.  There's never too many Dole Whip floats when at Disney.  We'll spend all day at Disney on Friday and then head back to the hotel for some sleeps.  Our 10k is on Saturday morning.  After the run, we'll head out to Hollywood for sign selfies (#noshame) and then on to Venice Beach to people watch.  We'll grab dinner at VB and eventually head back to the hotel for a nap.  Sunday morning is our 1/2 marathon.  After our run, we're going to clean up, check out, and store our luggage in the car while we're inside Disney, then we'll head to the airport when it's time. We'll be arriving home on Monday morning (yay red-eye flights and holidays).

That is a huge relief to have the Disney plans taken care of.  I knew that if we didn't get reservations in soon, we'd end up at counter-service all weekend and while that isn't THAT bad, I'd rather have plans for the good places.  Despite the self-nagging that the bathrooms needed to be cleaned and the floors vacuumed, I didn't do it.  Instead, I got up and made dinner.  I made hamburger sliders for dinner and also tried to make homemade ranch.  It tasted too mayo-y, so I added too much milk.  Le sigh.  Fortunately, I have more of the powder mix, so after I get more mayo, I'll try again, this time actually following the recipe.  Or I'll find a recipe without mayo, which may be the best option.  The seasoning I used on the hamburlgers was on point though.  The accidental abundance of poultry seasoning also helped (which Teh German commented, "Maybe that's what everything tastes like chicken?" I lol-ed for way longer than necessary).

After dinner was cleaned up, I finished up some stuff on the computer and headed upstairs for some reading time.  It helped that Teh German was being a grouch for no discernible reason.  I was happy to get in some reading time since I'm still holding my audiobook hostage from myself until I get through these other books on my list.  Also, I'm enjoying Fangirl, so that's a plus.  I got ready for bed before settling into my book so I wouldn't have to get back up.  Eventually, Teh German came up and got ready for bed.  Soon after, it was lights out.

Overall, a good weekend, despite getting not very much accomplished.  Well, that's kind of a lie.  I got things accomplished, but they weren't huge visible things.

  • Measure downstairs hallway to see how long of a piece of carpet we need for a runner so we can replace the 3 different rugs we have laid out now.  30x2.5 is what we need.  Ugh.
  • Order more Hue lights for the couch table that should be finished within the next weekend.  Teh German looked at Hue lights, but realized it was going to cost over $300 for all the light strips he wanted for the kitchen (since he used the kitchen strips on the table) and he got cold feet.  He doesn't like spending money, but I've already told him since I paid for the furniture (not from House account), he can pay for the Hue lights. 
  • Repaint fairy hats for our DL costumes
  • Make ears for our DL costumes.  There was a situation where I don't own a glue gun and I wasn't leaving the house.  I'll acquire a glue gun this week to get this project rolling.
  • Create new logo for watermark on photos.  Coworker was super happy to design a new logo for me and I worked on cleaning it up to use it as a watermark.  Meaning, I spent 45 minutes deleting splash on the logo, pixel by pixel at certain points.  No, not kidding.  #OCDskillz
  • Finish editing wedding photos from last weekend
  • Mail off SD card with all wedding photos on it
  • Plan September meal schedule.  With Teh MD-AR listening to me ramble, I was able to accomplish this.  It also helped to work backwards.
  • Figure out if I'm going to do any Disney Bounding on the days we go to the parks
  • Potentially map out our Venice Beach/Hollywood road trip
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Vacuum
  • Laundry
  • Scoop poop
  • Go through the boxes from Teh Dad's house (too hot in the garage)
  • Run (with the gimp toe)  (har har)

I'm not feeling run ready for Disney, but most of that is due to toe gimpness.  Said toe got seriously abused when we were on the boat, but it was toe or phone.. so toe took the brunt of the pain.  A HUGE wave splashed up and the S6 isn't waterproof like the S5 and S7.  Thanks for that, Samsung..... -__-

I did have some epic tube time that someone recorded, but I haven't seen the video.  All I know was that my body was bouncing on the tube like I was on a trampoline.  I heard everyone cheer when I stayed on when they thought I'd fall off.  It was awesome.

I did start laundry this morning, so maybe I'll have it all finished before next weekend?  LOOLLL.  And we'll see to cleaning those bathrooms.  I have a feeling I'll definitely be scooping poop because I'm not sure how much longer Teh German can put off mowing the grass.

Happy middle of August (yes already), Gentle Readers!


  1. Hell yeah for boating & tubing!!

  2. yay for negotiating his contract and getting a raise! i hate when i get takeout from a place i love and it tastes crap when i get home. so annoying.
    saturday sounds like a fun day, except for getting burnt of course. and go you for posting that picture, you look fabulous and like you said, we're the only ones who care about those things when it comes to ourselves.
    that is crazy about those people without a paddle. wtf?! good for you for being good people though!

  3. You seemed to get quite a bit accomplished.
    Yay for all your Disney plans!
    Double Yay for a raise and a contract and staying in the ol' USofA!

  4. Super exciting about Teh German's news! Yay for a raise! Also you look super adorable in your pink swimsuit. It sounds like it was a really nice weekend even if you didn't get as many things crossed off your to do list you still did a lot!


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