Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Confessions {8/17}

-I'm sad that I don't have kids that watch Sesame Street right now.  When I watched, I had no idea that those were even famous people on the show.  Now I actually know and LIKE the famous people (aka actors) that are on Sesame Street... I discovered this while I was looking for Count Von Count gifs for my Show Us Your Books post.  If you're a Sherlock fan, the Benedict Cumberbach appearance is pretty excellent, but there is also Tom Hiddleston, Henry Cavil, Adam Sandler.. to name a few off of just looking at gifs.  The videos on YouTube are definitely worth checking out if you were ever a Sesame Street fan.

-Why do we call Donald Trump, "Trump", and Hillary Clinton, "Hillary"?  Just because she's a woman we call her by her first name?  Is it too confusing for people to call her "Clinton" because her husband?  #equality

-Who approved this album design?  Really?  #subtle

-I may or may not have set up a 2nd Audible account so I could get some free credits to listen to the Red Queen sequel.  I have minimal guilt about it.  Thanks Groupon for that code for TWO free months.  It sucks that my books are going to be spread over different accounts.. butttt this could also work out if I ever decided to actually bite the bullet and have more than one audiobook account.  #cantstopwontstop #audiobooklife

-We've been watching the Olympics at work, per my suggestion.  The 4x split screen is definitely my fave.

-Hell yeah for Michael Phelps and his cupping session.  Cupping isn't weird!  Watch the video here.  Makes me want to schedule another appointment.  #cupping #itsabouttobepopular

-This new thing that Mumford & Sons is doing with the African musics.. not my jam.  It makes me sad because I love some M&S.  #Imtoowhite

-Sported some black underwear with my yellow dress on Tuesday.  #likeaboss

-After my Chiro session yesterday, I stopped by McDonald's for a sweet tea and suckered myself into a small fry.  I miss with both of these items were only $1.  #elcheapo

-YAY for books!  I got one of Alyssa's cast offs in the mail yesterday!  After my 2 challenge books are complete, I'm starting on the 2 hard copy books I have on my night stand, My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler (thanks Alyssa!) and an Intelligence during WW2 book from a previous challenge.

-Due to photo editing necessity, I'm already halfway through the Glass Sword (sequel to Red Queen).  That wasn't on purpose, but Kristen may have been peer-pressuring me.  She's been kind enough to listen to my rants each morning about the 2nd book.  #booknerdsunite

-Thanks for sharing your vet wrap Philalicious.  Per the Chiro's direction (since he knew that not walking/running on my toe was a silly request), I'll be taping these bad boys together for the imminent future.  Hopefully this will help bum toe heal faster?

-I cleaned the bathrooms Monday night.  I was cleaning a FEW hairs off the top of the drain a hair monster pulled out.  WTF.  At least this time I didn't gag/puke in my mouth.  I did tell Teh German that he should be glad this isn't 5 years ago when I would have asked him to take care of it because it would have made me sick.  Mostly, I was just horrified this has been hanging out with us every morning and we were unaware.  Apparently, our monsters don't hide behind shower curtains, but down the drain.  #hairisgross #hairclog

3ish months of hair clog.

-I've almost accomplished everything on my to-do list with the exception of Disney ears.  I still don't have a glue gun but I'm hoping that today is the day.  If not today, definitely this weekend.  I can't procrastinate forever.  #DumboDareChallenge

-Teh German spent $450 on Hue light strips for the kitchen cabinets/living room.  The next day, Hue sent an email asking me to confirm my email to continue to recieve special discounts.  I clicked and discovered a coupon code for $20 off light strips.  We will definitely be reordering and returning the originals to Amazon.  #notsorry #savindollas #kinda


  1. The hair in the drain is forever a problem at our house. I shed like crazy! And yay for a Hues discount! Last night a bulb went out in our living room and Chris was like...I will just order a Hues light for that one. I was like mm hmmm I think we still have some regular bulbs, thanks. Haha. One day he will win his battle. Annnnnnd now I am counting everything like count because of you.

  2. I picked up Red Queen but didn't get it I need to! Wait a minute, you mean that small fries and sweet tea are not a dollar everywhere? it's still a dollar here! Are they changing some sort of policy because I cannot handle that.

    Sesame Street is our jam around here. I would invite you over for watch parties if you lived closer!

  3. Hair will forever gross me out. I feel like your McDonald's must just hate their customers because those are both definitely still $1 here too.

  4. The Clinton thing doesn't bother me because I do think it's mostly due to the fact that there has already been a George W is often George W instead of just Bush. Also, technically she's Rodham-Clinton right? And if we know anything about Americans, it's that we're lazy.

    Yay books! I can't lie, the idea of another Audible account is really appealing to me (especially since they have several titles my library doesn't...)


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