Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Review {8/8}


We slept in on Friday and it was glorious.  Teh German had taken a vacation day so we could head to NC early.  We got up slow and I showered and called in for my 0900 meeting.  After Teh German attached the trailer to Yurtle and loaded Suzi on the trailer, he showered and we were out the door.

While cleaning Suzi the night before, Teh German realized his license plate was 2 months expired.  Oops.  We are very good about staying on top of the bills, so I couldn't figure out what had happened and since it was after business hours, I told him that we could just swing by the tax office on the way to NC and see what was up.  We learned that the DMV had dropped the ball and never sent the stickers.  So we headed to the DMV with a copy of the receipt of the payment that had been made in May.  The DMV explained that the tax office hadn't charged for the license plate that is required every 2 years.  $10 later and enduring a little bit of sass from the lady that helped us, we had a new place and correct stickers for Suzi and Teh German was ready to ride.

By this point it was already past my lunch time and I suggested we go to Which Wich in Summerville before finally hitting the road.  I could feel the hangar overtaking me.  I really wanted to get on the road, but I also didn't want a food headache.  We had planned to stop for amazing crepes in High Point, but I knew I couldn't wait that long.

At lunch, I used the free wifi and did more work and sent my daily email.  After work and lunch was completed, we finally started the journey to NC.  When we hit traffic outside of Charlotte, I told Teh German that we could get crepes on Sunday so we could avoid the traffic.  We took a detour and finally made it to Home, Home around 5.  We dropped off the trailer and headed to Teh Granny's house to pick up ladders that Teh Mom had said we could have.  Turns out, the ladders weren't at Teh Granny's but one of my Uncle's house.  Instead, we socialized with Teh Granny and I picked all the lint off her throw blanket.  We left after I received a text from Teh Dad that "dinner is on the grill."  Passive-aggressive is a skill we definitely flourish in.

Teh German and I headed back to Teh Dad's house for dinner.  Teh Dad had picked up doughnuts from Krispy Kreme for me on his way home from work.  I was having a craving.  Sadly, he didn't understand the photo I sent (with numbers beside the photo of the doughnut) and they didn't have the doughnut I really wanted, but we survived.  After dinner, I introduced everyone to Mexican Train Dominoes.  I won twice and Teh Stepmom won once.  I ending up winning overall and Teh Stepmom lost after having draw almost all the tiles in the boneyard.

After the game, it was bedtime since Saturday was going to be a long day for everyone.


We got up at 7 on Saturday morning so we could be in Boone to have breakfast with Teh WJL at 0830.  We were out the door at 0735 and headed through the fog.  Teh German was on Suzi and I led the way in Yurtle.  I called him so we could chat on our way up the mountain.  We were both very happy when the fog lifted when we got about halfway up the mountain. 

We had breakfast at Sunrise Grill, which was really tasty.  Teh WJL gave me a new StoryPeople print that accurately describes our friendship.  I made a painfully good choice with the Mountain Man breakfast.  I overate, but I wasn't sure when the next meal would be, so it worked out perfectly.  Teh German left Teh WJL and I so he could get on with his ride and we socialized for a bit.  Teh WJL needed a new SD card, so we went hunting for one at Big Lots.  Unintentionally, I found mirrors that I purchased and I also stopped by a coffee shop, as if the 3 cups of sweet tea would not be enough caffeine for me.  We headed to the site where the bride was getting ready after acquiring an SD card.

We arrived around 11:15 and I started shooting flowers and people getting ready.  The bride arrived soon after and started organizing things.  While the bride showered, we headed to the site down the street and got some shots of the site.  We ran into the groom at the site and I grabbed the rings from him to get photos of while we waited.  When we got back, the bride was getting her hairs and makeups did.  There's only so many candid shots one can take, so I grabbed the bouquet and took some ring shots.  Teh WJL and I had some adventures with nature and potential poison oak/ivy, but the shots were worth it.

When we got back inside, the bride was finally getting her dress on.  Sometimes, a camera gives you special access.  For instance, this day, I got to see a stranger in her bra and underwear.  Again, I think the photos were worth it.  With the bride ready, we got some shots of just her.  Then it was time to head down to the site.  Teh WJL and I divided up so she could get the groom/groomsmen and I could get the bride/bridesmaids walking in.  The officiant had chatted with us on the way down to the site to essentially say, "Stay out of the way."  I wasn't planning on being conspicuous, but don't challenge me.

I tried my best to stay out of the way, but because of the way the stage was set up, it was difficult to get photos that weren't from an angle where you could see up everyone's noses.  The pastor did try to nod me off the stage, buttttt I'm Teh Megan and that doesn't really work for me.  Lesson: I need a telephoto lens.  They only cost about $1000+, so if anyone wants to contribute to the lens fund.. it's open for donations.  Apparently, the pastor actually told Teh WJL to get off the stage.  Rude.  Whatevs.

Eventually, the ceremony was over and the bride and groom took off for some private time.  I looked for them to photograph them while they weren't paying attention, but they were deep in hiding.  When they came back, it was time for family and wedding party photos.  I kept threatening the groom with my cheesy jokes if he didn't smile.  I tried to break up the monotony with silly photos, but everyone was so serious, it was difficult.

After the majority of the photos were taken, the bride and groom set off into the crowd.  The original goal was to get photos with grandmother, but it took a while for the bride and groom to make it across the sea of people.  Eventually, we had to pull them away from their guests to get photos.  Bride's sister was incredibly helpful at redirecting the bride and groom and force feeding the bride.  It took a while, but group photos were organized for the bride and groom's school groups.  Finally, we had to pull them away again to get couple shots.  It was difficult, and I was starting to feel like a bitch because I was overly hot and dehydrated (they ran out of water), and I wanted to make sure MY job was done.

Lesson: First look is required.  ALL the photos should be completed BEFORE the ceremony.  I feel like this would have made the reception more enjoyable for the bride and groom because people wouldn't have been pulling them all over the place to take photos.

I think they actually bumped up their kayak departure so we, the photographers, could leave.  The majority of the guests had left already (I'd assume due to lack of shade) so it was a smallish send off.  While they were getting their kayak in the water, I slipped in the mud and almost landed in the river.  My immediate thoughts were: 1- I can't get hurt!  Disney in less than a month!  2- Oh fuck!  My camera!  #priorties  At least I didn't say "OH FUCK!" in front of all those extremely religious people.  #praiseJesus

After the couple was out of sight, I rinsed the mud off my feet, and Teh WJL and I headed out, exhausted.  My toe was absolutely killing me, throbbing painfully with every breath I took.  This weekend gave me an entirely new grateful perspective for air conditioner.  After dropping Teh WJL off at her car, I headed down the mountain.

On Friday night, it had been decided that we'd all go to Antioch Speedway so Teh German could experience dirt track racing.  Teh Dad had rushed through his work so he could come home at a decent time to get to the race track ASAP.  I arrived home about 10 minutes before he did, despite being about 15 minutes behind him going down the mountain.  #speedracer

After a quick dinner, we headed to Antioch.  Sadly, we were there for less than 30 minutes before the rain started.  Within 20 minutes, almost everyone had left and while I stayed in the car (seriously, my toe hurt), everyone else set out to find out if the race was cancelled.  It was.  Everyone, me included, was disappointed.  We wanted to share the "redneck" with Teh German.  I'm planning on calling the owner of the track at some point this week to explain the situation that we're from out of town and we were told we could use our bands to get into the race the next weekend, but we won't be there.  We'll see what he says, but hopefully we can work something out so we can go a different weekend that we will actually be Home, Home.

We headed back home, disappointed and I called early bedtime.  Before I got into bed, I took some pain pills for my toe and had Teh German fetch me an ice pack so I could put it on my toe.  I actually laid in bed and finished the last 30 minutes of my book before finally calling it a night. 


We got up Sunday morning around 930 and started getting ready.  Right as we were about to go upstairs, Teh Dad called to say breakfast was ready.  Yes, yes, he called me from upstairs.  Teh Stepmom had made eggs and bacon and sausage and livermush and toast and it was a good start to the day.  After breakfast, we loaded Yurtle up and headed to my uncle's house to retrieve a ladder.  I hadn't seen my cousin since I left for the navy (Nov 2008-now, you do the math it's too hard for me).  This is the cousin who is my clone.  When we walked in, my uncle said, "Have you seen your 16 year old twin?"  It was seriously like looking at myself.  CLONES.

I was really wanting to get on the road, so I pushed to get the ladder taken care of.  We went outside and Teh German tied a ladder to the roof rack on Yurtle instead of putting it on the trailer with Suzi.  We chatted for a few minutes, but it was hot out and I was ready to accomplish our drive.

I was driving since I knew the way around Home, Home.  I drove all the way to High Point to the crepe place.  In Statesville, I almost reconsidered and just went straight home instead of going to get crepes, but I really have been wanting that crepe, so I just powered through the extra hour of driving.  We switched drivers at the crepe place and Teh German drove the final 4 hours of the journey.  He was irritated at me that the drive was taking so long, I was irritated at him that we hadn't left sooner.  By the time we hit 26, we were fine.  We decided on picking up Mellow Mushroom for dinner on the way in since it was a 5 minute detour.

When we got home, we released the beasts and then everyone had dinner at the same time.  After dinner, I went inside to see what all the packages were on the counter.  I discovered that Teh German's anniversary present had arrived early!  The dog tag silencers had also arrived, so I gave him those and the dog's collars to keep him occupied while I got his gift ready.  I hadn't made the hockey collage because I had to order a shadowbox deep enough to hold the hockey puck, it had also arrived in the packages.  Once the collage was created, the puck put in the frame, and the jersey and frame were wrapped, I brought the bag downstairs.  Teh German was outside, unloading Suzi from the trailer.

When Suzi was unloaded and the boxes of stuff that I need to go through from Teh Dad's house were put on the trailer, we brought the rest of the stuff from the car inside.  When we got inside, I suggested we take a break and said Teh German should check the bag.  He hadn't realized that it was his anniversary gift until I told him.  At first he grabbed for the frame and I told him to open the other package first.  He was SUPER pumped about the jersey and tried it on right away.  Of course, it fit like a tent, as we knew would be the case.  Then I told him to open the other package.  At first he didn't realize whose autograph was on the puck, but when I told him, he was excited all over again.  He did notice the signature was smudged, and I explained it could have been 2 sweaty pockets that caused that.  I also told him exactly when I had gotten the puck was when I sent him away to throw stuff in the trash at the Fan Fest the weekend prior.

After gifts were opened, I cleaned up the counter and we unpacked the rest of the stuff from the trip.  By this point it was 8:30, so we did some social media-ing and I uploaded photos to my computer from the wedding.  I had a minor heart attack when I couldn't find the 865 photos from my camera because my computer had misplaced them.  I had been praising Windows 10 and apparently, that was a life mistake.  As soon as I said good things, the Microsoft demons must have heard me and now my computer is all kinds of acting up.  Le siiiiigh.

At 9, I was frustrated and overly tired and it was bedtime.  It was still 10pm before I actually got in the bed after getting ready for bed and cleaning up and doing a bit of laundry.  Le siiigh.  So much sleepy.


Overall, an excellent weekend.  It didn't rain like everyone had expected, so the outside wedding was unaffected and Teh German got to get his ride on.  I finally got my crepe (it wasn't as delicious as the first time (I think because the lady didn't want to go back and get more sweet cream, boo)).  I got to hang out with Teh WJL, which was extra fabulous.

This week includes trying not to exacerbate my toe soreness, a dentist appointment for my 6 month cleaning, laziness, Disney planning, photo revisions, and generally trying to stay cool.

PS.  My toe still hurts.

1. Dat flip flop tan line
2.  I don't have fungus, that's stain from a green polish.
3.  The 2nd toe on the right is a bruised little sausage.

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  1. Sounds like a super busy weekend! I'm jealous of the crepes I haven't had one in so long!

    I totally need to get some tag silencers I always tell myself I need to pick them up and then I forget.

    So glad that Teh German loved his anniversary present!

  2. Oh man your poor toe! Those crepes definitely look like they were worth the detour!

  3. oh your poor toe :( i can't believe they ran out of water at the wedding! and yes to photos before the ceremony.. i hate when people make guests wait 2-3 hours for photos.. i mean, i want everyone to have their photos of course, but you know. lol.
    i always find things at big lots i don't need haha

  4. Ugh why is dealing with government employees always such a chore? Mmmm Which Which!! We have a few here and I love them for a quick lunch. Well, sometimes not so quick. Why does it take so long to make my sandwich damnit? Haha! I certainly agree that first looks are important so you can knock the pictures out of the way at a wedding!!! And honestly, I think it is more private and special that the two of you get to share that moment together. And it makes for cute pictures.

  5. bahahahahaaaa! "I don't have fungus"
    Those crepes. Damn. They look good.
    I used to play dominoes quite a bit in college, but my brain has completely erased how to do so.


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