Friday, October 5, 2018

Five on Friday #167

EINS - Random Shit

-This.fucking.week.  UGH.

-Monday was bearable until I got home and there was an angry German caveman in my house.  He was only able to communicate through gestures and slamming shit around until I lost my shit on him and yelled, "I AM NOT THE REASON YOU ARE ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED SO STOP TAKING IT OUT ON ME... and the microwave.  WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU."  I eventually learned, after Teh German emerged from the caveman who had possessed him, that our ceiling was dripping water and Teh German had already called the HVAC company to take care of it.  So other than that blip where he tried to grunt and gesture at the problem, which led to even more confusion and me eventually yelling at him, Teh German handled the situation well.

He had laid down towels on the stairs to soak up the leaking water and had already called the HVAC company and hadn't even called me to ask what to do!  It was awesome!  It really is too bad that he was possessed though, then my day wouldn't have been ruined.

-Turns out, there was a clog in the drain line and it caused the HVAC pan in the attic to overflow, which caused water to come through the drywall.  Of course, the HVAC company has fixed the clog now and despite the tech saying they would send someone back out to fix all the bent shit in the attic (uhhhh wtf?), HVAC company said the problem was fixed since there was no more water leaking through the ceiling and that we'd have to do the repairs to the paint/ceiling on our own.  Uhhhhhhhhh.... excuse me?

This isn't the first time this company has been shady with me.  One of the initial times that someone came out to fix the HVAC, the tech said one thing while at my house and then when I was on the phone with him and his manager, the story was different and the issues weren't as bad as the tech had said they were when he was at my house.  Again, this is happening.  The tech that came out said something horrible (bent shit that needed to be fixed?) and then management said, "Nah, there's nothing wrong."  Shady shit like this is why I have to be a bitch and I hate having to be a bitch.

-Monday was actually a disaster from the start...  Not only did I drop my breakfast on the way out the door (because I was carrying too much shit), it also took me an hour and a half to get to school.  I texted a classmate to ask him to warn the professor that I'd be late.  On a "good day" it takes me around 30 minutes to get to school.  I was snapping my saga to Teh Neighbor Besties and Teh PT Wife suggested that since I was already going to be late, I should just stop for breakfast.  It was actually a genius idea since I opted to go to Bojangles.  This meant cutting across the mall parking lot to get there quicker which not sitting in at least 15 minutes worth of traffic.  When I was 2-3 miles from the exit for school, I passed the car that I had been behind when I had pulled onto the highway from my house.

Sooo, by getting breakfast, I not only avoided sitting in some traffic, I also didn't lose any time.  #WIN.  PS. Since Willow can drive herself, I put her on auto-pilot (like I do most days) and let her drive while I ate my gravy biscuit.  #NotSorry.

PS This was the last breakfast sammich in the house...

It took me almost 50 minutes to go 5 miles.
I can literally run that fast.

-The last time I bought earplugs, Meri ate 75/100 (it was an unopened pack of 50 sets and I counted the ones she didN'T eat).  I made sure to put these earplugs away in the headboard where this ho can't get them when I brought them home.  With Meri, nothing is safe.  PB cookies, earplugs.  Fucking #GoatDog.

-Teh Running Bestie and I are going through withdraws of each other.  That's the best way I can describe it.  It doesn't help that she switched to T-Mobile and they fucking suck and she doesn't have service anywhere and she misses my calls and my texts and it's almost 2019!  GET IT TOGETHER T-MOBILE AND STOP FUCKING SUCKING!

And before you're all like, "I have T-Mobile and I don't have these issues!" (example: Teh Chief Smartass), you probably also don't live in the sticks.  When Teh German was on T-Mobile when we started dating, I'd get duplicate texts from him all.the.time. and if he sent a text that converted to MMS (like when you're text is longer than 1 "page") it would get all freakin' jumbled up and I'd have to play detective and piece together what he meant.  People with T-Mobile do not get service at Teh Ville.... because T-Mobile sucks.  I barely get service at my house and I have Verizon.

-Anyways, the point of that was this:

I made sure to post on her wall and text her regarding this annoucement.

-Runcation Schedule:
4 Nov - Raleigh, NC - City of Oaks Half Marathon
17 Nov - Tulsa, OK - Route 66 6k
18 Nov - Tulsa, OK - Route 66 Half Marathon

08 Dec - Kiawah Island, SC - Kiawah Island Half Marathon
15 Dec - Summerville, SC - Cocoa Cup 5k (this is a maybe, depending on if a neighbor confirms)
06 Apr - Charleston, SC - Bridge Run

-This post is generally edited during the week rather than me sitting at the computer on Friday and generating the post... this shouldn't be a surprise since I'm all about time-efficiency.

-Wednesday night, I came home and the garage door was open and Teh German and the bobber bike were gone.  He came home before I made it in the door, but stayed outside tinkering with the bike.  I went inside and was setting all my shit down and heard a weird noise.  Initially, I thought it was dog nails on the laminate but when I continued to hear it when the dogs were on the rug, I was alarmed.  So I went to check.. and, of fucking course, the ceiling was pissing again.

Immediately, I called Fogel to have them send someone out.  The tech got it to stop leaking again.  What this really means is that Teh German or I will be finding the time to have a discussion with the manager about repairing the damages.  It doesn't bode well for them that after maintenance and repairs, the HVAC is still overflowing the tray.  They can't blame it on us since we never reconnected the pipes.  Unfortunately, we don't have the video footage of when the maintenance was done (to see if the pipes were ever cleaned out) since it was more than 30 days ago.  This is going to be a battle and I'm not looking forward to it.  When Teh German was like, WE can go and talk to them.. I was like how about YOU go?  I'm busy.

I feel like this is one of those situations where it needs to be a man to man conversation.  I hateeeee that because I'm all lady power! but in certain environments, it's better for the man to handle the business and in general "blue collar" environments are a perfect example.  If I go in, I'm just some irate woman with water damage, but if Teh German were to go in, he'd be the "man of the house" or "taking care of his family" or whatever other bullshit people like to say when a man acts responsible for something that he shares with a female/significant other.  Additionally, if he has time to work on motorcycles and endlessly scroll through social media during the evenings, he has time to take care of the HVAC fight.  But while he's doing all that, I'll be doing homework for the rest of my life....

Mumford & Sons are touring it the US!!!!!!!!  Teh Running Bestie and I agreed that for each other's Christmas presents we'd buy each other M&S concert tickets.  Now we just need to pick our meeting location and actually get tickets.  I probably do something just short of selling my body for tickets.

-Remember Wednesday post when I talked about accepting YOUR struggle? Yeah well, my struggle was fucking real this week and it only enforced the fact that your struggles make you prioritize for sure.  This shouldn't be a mitigation technique though!

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Audible book for $7.
-Groceries/stuff (Bilo, Sams, Walmart)
-breakfast (Bojangles, Chickfila, Panera)
-No-Bark outside birdhouse for the neighbor's dogs.
-Kickboxing gym membership

I decided to up the payment on Willow even more.  I'm all about getting shit paid off early.  For real, I'd dump all my savings on her to bring down the total if that was a reasonable thing to do, but it is NOT because I like being prepared for whatever could happen (like the HVAC pissing all over my stairs) and having the payment is NOT hurting my credit.  I just need to be patient.. But ffaacckk I hate having any sort of debt.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Chicken and gnocchi soup!

Kristen and I are bitmoji twins.
This brings me an overwhelming amount of joy for no real reason.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. A delicious gravy biscuit.
  2. A teacher berating the entire class about how shitty our quiz grades were as a whole and I made a 99/100.  NBD.  He counted off one point for me not doing something that he hadn't told us to do.  Of course.  Asshole.
  3. My ceiling not peeing.
  4. My ceiling not peeing... again.
  5. The end of this day.  I'm over this day and this week.
    Today went something like this:
    0530: Wake up, wake up, wake up.. it's the first of the month...  actually it's not really anymore, but whatever.
    06: Kickboxing, since I'll be getting in some miles this weekend.
    09: CS Quiz and CS Quiz retake and listening to the teacher berate people, aka wasting my life.
    10: German Test 1
    11-3: Work
    3-4: Circuits Test 1
    4:30-5:45: Cyber Security class (which puts even me to sleep)
    6: Meet Teh German somewhere for dinner.
  6. Acceptance of FORMULAAAAA (you know who you are.)
  7. Professors who are awesome, who make jokes and are engaging.
  8. Opening up the document where I work out my class schedule.  So much joy in that document.  So much progress in that document.
  9. Topics in my classes overlapping.  This means reinforcing things learned and not having to worry about having to learn new material.
  10. Sweet tea.  Sweet tea always makes me happy.  Soda is not as happiness inducing because it makes me burp like a dude, sweet tea doesn't treat me this way.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. LOL that grandkids/puppy meme. My life. Last week really was one hell of a week. Let's hope that this one is less of a shit show.


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