Monday, October 1, 2018

Weekend Review {10/01}


First test of the semester and I got a 78 with a 10 point curve.  Fantastic.  FML.  Also 48 points for matching terms to definitions really seems excessive when you are aware that if you mix up one you usually mix up another and that causes a loss of even more points.  Annnddd picking terms that are commonly confused?  You, sir, are an asshole.

German class, then work for the afternoon.  I left in time to make it to the gym, but fucking Waze rerouted me around traffic and I went right by my house and after sitting at a stop light for over 10 minutes, I ended up turning around and going home.  FUCK IT.

For dinner, we ended up going to Neighborhood Tap House with Teh PT Husband and Wife.  While the old men Husbands played shuffleboard, Teh PT Wife and I judged the shit out of the classy bar patrons.  We could tell when it hit 10pm, then 11pm.  There are just some places I shouldn't be after a certain hour.  That is one of them.  Like when your momma tells you, "Ain't nothing good that happens after (certain time)"?  She's exactly right.

Why would you get this as a tattoo?
Please help me understand.

Whew Nukes.
Killin' it with their sense of fashion.
Nothing screams, "just needed to cross the quarterdeck" like some of the outfits we saw.

After we closed out the tabs, we headed home and it was bedtime.


Saturday was designated homework day.  I got up and released the hounds and had breakfast then sat in the office for 6 hours.  All the while, Teh German worked on the bobber bike.

All this efficiency.

I managed to get all my homework done with only one meltdown.  But, having talked to other students in the class this morning, I was not having an unreasonable meltdown.  The instructions for the project were incomplete and knowledge that was assumed was definitely not knowledge I had.

After homework, I took a nap.  Then I woke up and showered and got "fancy" for Teh PT Wife/Husband's Bourbon and Cigars event they were holding for the neighborhood.  I partook of neither bourbon or cigars and I had suggested we hookah, but we stayed inside and it didn't happen, which was fine.  I ended up leaving Teh German there and heading home by 11.

I wasn't asleep yet when Teh German arrived home, but I know it was after midnight when he arrived home since I was able to get my Duolingo credit for Saturday AND Sunday.. #LikeABoss.


Sunday was miles day.  I refused to get out of the bed until Teh German got up to handle the dogs.  Since his announcement of our schedule that I never agreed to, I've made sure not to go above and beyond too often.  After the dogs has been extracted from the situation, I got up and got ready and headed out to do 9 miles.

10 miles later, I came home and cooled down and rehydrated.  Eventually, I headed upstairs and showered.  We met Teh PT Wife and Teh PT Kid at The Grill at Windmill Station for brunch.

They had scotch eggs.

After brunch.  Teh German and I headed to Sam's and Bilo to pick up grocery things, then back home.  Teh PT Wife and I hit up the last pool day of the season.

This was unenjoyable because:
1- I had a headache that I couldn't shake (which isn't abnormal when I do a lot of miles when it's more than 70°F outside)
2- Screaming children
3- #2 deterred me from taking the nap that I had wanted to take.
5- The scotch eggs decided that they wanted to be re-eaten and I had the worst indigestion.

After being at the pool for a few hours, we headed home.  I had planned on making spaghetti, but due to the indigestion I was already having, I didn't want anything acidic.  I really wanted some Olive Garden bread sticks and suggested we go there for dinner.  Teh German agreed and we put on "people" clothes and headed out.  There was a 45 minute wait because it's the stupid unlimited pasta bowl time right now and I didn't realize.  Instead, we ended up eating dinner at Sushi 101 because I was still going for something that wasn't very acidic and sushi seemed like a logical choice after bread sticks and alfredo sauce.

When we got back home, Meri had commandeered her own birthday treat, a half full gallon ziplock bag of peanut butter cookies from the island that I was supposed to bring to work.  Thankfully, she hadn't gotten into the 2nd bag she's drug down, which was full of chocolate oriented snacks.  This really just means that I didn't make her puke up her treats.  If she'd eaten the chocolate snacks, I'd have had to administer peroxide to make her puke it all up and that's unpleasant for everyone.

Asshole dog.

After 2 episodes of Shameless, which were super depressing, the weekend was over and we headed to bed.


This week includes:
-homework (of course)
-punching shit
-I have a company coming to clean the carpet and rugs on Thurs.  Hopefully this will get rid of the pee spots from PHIL on the runner.  (please, Sweet Baby Jesus, please).
-a group project on Thurs for my circuits class.
-2 tests on Friday
-evening classes on Friday (/rage) as hurricane make up days.
-scheduling a hair cut for shaggy dog.  I cannot take Meri's hair anymore.  Can't do it.  It's getting cut.

Also, for those of you who have enjoyed "fall" already.. I hate you, I want to be you.  I'm over this endless Charleston summer.  I'm sweaty and miserable and I want to wear long sleeves without being judged.  I want to go on a run before the sun comes up and NOT have to deal with elbow/eyelid/calf sweat before completing half a mile.  I'm over this shit, Leute.  (Leute = people)

I still really want some Olive Garden bread sticks dipped in alfredo sauce.  But I refuse to wait 45 minutes for dinner at a chain restaurant.  Charleston has made me a snob.  I've accepted this life.

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  1. Is it a goat?? What in the world is the tattoo??

    Go you on the 10 miles! I need to start getting my workout in again. I had been doing 30-45 min around the lake right behind my apartment in the morning before work & even though it's lit up, & I live in a relatively safe area, I managed to scare myself out of going anymore since it is still dark, I have to walk through some woods, & I'm generally one of the only people there & getting raped/murdered/kidnapped/attacked isn't on my list. People on Facebook posting about things happening near where they live didn't help...

    As I was reading & saw the Scotch Eggs
    Me in an annoying voice to Nash: I bet you gotta go potty let me get my bo...
    *sees eggs*
    Me in a whisper: Oh my God Scotch Eggs...

    I miss real fall. I'm jealous of everyone that gets it. I'm going to Arkansas for my birthday later this month just so I can get a taste of it.


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