Friday, October 12, 2018

Five on Friday #168

EINS - Random Shit

-I have finally realized why it makes me so angry to put so much effort into school.  Because I can put in ALLLL this effort to earn an A.  While someone else can put in a half-assed effort and also get an A, even though they didn't actually do the assignments correctly.  One would think that this would mean that I would just stop putting in as much effort, except that.. I CAN'T DO IT.  I can't not put in all the effort it takes to get an A.  Because,  my luck, the moment I gave a half-assed effort, my grades would fall.  Fuck everything.  Especially fuck higher education.

-WE'RE GOING TO SEE MUMFORD & SONS!!!!!!!!!!  I was accepted to be part of the presale tickets for M&S.  Teh Running Bestie was set up at 0959 refreshing the Ticketmaster site and there were some snafus, but she still managed to get our tickets.  Then later, I asked Teh Sister if she wanted to go with us since I could get up to 4 tickets, I'd buy her ticket as a birthday gift but she'd have to cover her plane ticket.  She finally said yes, and I was able to get her a ticket in our same row 4 seats down.  I figure that the 4 people between us won't mind shoving down one so she can sit with us, so YYYYAAYYYY!!!!!!! It was meant to be!!!  March 14th can't come soon enough!  PS.  We're going to Pittsburgh, PA to see them since it falls during my spring break.

-Hurrication day on Thursday.. ugh.  I don't know when everyone became so scared of rain and wind.  I say that because Charleston is/was under a tropical storm warning and they cancelled school.  This is annoying because it's just wind and rain.  How about IF downtown floods, THEN we cancel shit?  I hate making up missed school because it fucks up my routine and I don't like at all.

-I hate when something that is healing itches.  When you scratch, it hurts but it also feels so good.

-Teh German has said that if making Christmas vacation plans will make the letter from immigration come, I'm allowed to start planning.  WOOOOO!!!!  In general, the way my life works is that if I start planning something (even if it's planning for NOTHING to happen), something will inevitably come up.

-Roux's Humom ALWAYS remembers the dog's events.  She's the best.

-HVAC update.  The HVAC company has agreed to split the cost of the drywall/ceiling repairs 50/50.  We've agreed to this.

The most important thing that came of this is that Teh German, mostly, handled the entire situation himself.  This is a big deal.  We had the conversation about how I am busy and don't have time to deal with all of these things in addition to my regular chaos and the thing about women in the blue collar world and some part of that hit home with Teh German and he admitted that he needed to step up and take care of more things.  I was mentally jumping up and down cheering when I saw that text.

I'm an acknowledged control freak, but I'm slowly learning I need to let someone else handle some shit, especially when they are completely competent to do so.  I had been voicing my concerns and finally admitted that maybe I was part of the problem because I'd told Teh German it was his thing and I didn't want to deal with it, but then I'd throw in my 2 cents, which Teh German would misinterpret as me telling him to do something else.  I told him that I was stepping back and I trusted him to do what he thought was best.

This was ultimately the solution to the problem.  When the HVAC company called me Wednesday morning to discuss the repairs, I told them they needed to contact Husband.

-Because we started working with the HVAC company prior to getting married, they have my maiden name in the system and they've been calling Teh German Mr. (My Maiden Name) and it cracks me up.  He said he's not bothered to correct them because he doesn't want to confuse them while we're in the middle of working through something.  I laughed and explained that I was called Mrs. (His Last Name) waaaayyyy before we were married, so it was "payback", lol.

I'm certain that if he becomes the primary person dealing with the HVAC company he will fix that shit quick, lol.  Obviously, it doesn't bother me.  /shrug

-Listening to the world's longest audiobooks (45-55 hours) has made me less ahead on my Goodreads challenge.  I was 4 books ahead of schedule and now I'm only 2 books ahead of schedule because these books take sooooo long to get through.

-I'm in the market for a Southern themed book that is actually good.  Something along the lines of Burying the Honeysuckle Girls.

-I discovered a FREE audio version of a Kindle Prime book and I'm sooo pumped.  I love free shit!  I also appreciate that Amazon has started doing all these Prime Perks... what with them about to raise the price.  Siiiiiigh.  PS.  The book is called Sisters One, Two, Three.

-My left foot (good hip side) has been giving me some trouble the past few weeks and it really escalated Monday when I was hobbling around campus like a troll because the limp was so bad.  At my massage, Brandy make sure to really dig in my foot and rub all the crappy crap out.  I've been rolling on my lacrosse ball at least 2x per day.  Teh Running Bestie put me on LLD (light limited duty for those non-DoDers) through Thursday.  I didn't even go to the gym.  I took my rest quite seriously.  The massage helped the most.  I still have a slight limp, but my foot no longer needs to be amputated... so ya know.. perspective? lol

-This paperclip game has taken over my life.  The silver lining is that I didn't reactive my World of Warcraft account which has been a huge temptation after watching the movie last week.  DO NOT JUDGE ME.

-SECOND HVAC update.
Thursday night, we were watching Shameless and I heard IT.  IT being, the sound of water dripping from the ceiling and hitting the carpet.  Oh yes, Gentle Readers... the HVAC was leaking through the ceiling.. AGAIN.  That would be THREE times in less than 2 weeks.  Teh German WAS PIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEDDD.  Valid reaction.  We did have to have a chat about his reaction and expectations when talking to receptionists when he called places.  Live and learn.  I also explained that neither of us should actually be surprised that this happened (again).  I sure as shit am not surprised because when the tech left after the 2nd time, he actually said, "I have no idea what is wrong."  EXACTLY what I wanted to hear, thank you! 

Mostly, I'm just glad the repairs haven't been done yet.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Groceries (Publix, Sam's)
-Target (all but 2 items were on my list!  I consider that a win.  1 of the 2 items was a dog toy which will be a Christmas present.)
-New box spring.  Ours is squeaky and I cannot handle it anymore.
-Bath and Body Works yearly order.  Unfortunately, I need another wallflower plug which means a trip to the mall, which is annoying.
-A MUCH NEEDED massage.  Massages scheduled for pre and post City of Oaks Half.  #notsorry
-Sweet tea
-Donation to Teh PT Kid's band trip
-Sweet Frog for dessert

I added up my available credit for my Chase credit cards.. I have $50k available + credit from other companies.  WTF when did I become so financially responsible people want me to spend that much of their money?!?!

DREI - From My Phone Shit

This is what it looks like when you arrive an hour early to school because traffic nightmares and decide to take a nap in the car instead of being productive.  YAY for my gym bag including a "blindfold"....

My dinner smelled extra delicious apparently.


Amazon win.
And yes, those strings have been cut.

We had a back door visitors (heh) this week.

This creeper beggin for attentions, like she didn't just get love 5 minutes prior.

My coworkers laid down on the job during hurrication day...

They were also on patrol...

Friday it was finally cool enough (i.e. lower than 70°F) to open the sunroof and enjoy outside while driving to school

As a means of coping with the disaster that is our HVAC situation,
I picked up a pumpkin spice milkshake from Come Back Shack on my way home on Friday.
Annual pumpkin spice consumption = check.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

This Twitter story about a lady who tried to sell her dryer online is the truth.  Whenever I was selling our washer, dryer, and range, I tried to made sure that Teh German was always home when anyone came to look at it.  I made an exception for the washer/dryer since the man was bringing his female significant other with him to look at them.  This wasn't my favorite thing, but if it had been the man and a male friend, I would have said hell no.

I won't lie.  Any time I encounter a strange male that I have to directly deal with, I put on my "I'm a badass, strong, independent, woman" mask and fake it till I make it.  Sometimes, it's harder than others.  Sometimes, I purposely come off as a bitch to be unappealing to the stranger, so they will make their own choice to make our interaction quick.  I know I'm not the only female that does this.  This is W-A-T-E-R, we've been telling you about it all along.  Just because you do not see it does not mean that it does not exist.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Teh Running Bestie telling me no more running until at least Friday after I told her my foot was hurting.
  2. Sleeping in Thursday morning since hurrication.
  3. Spontaneous Sweet Frog date with Teh PT Wife.
  4. The HVAC being "fixed"... again.
  5. Accomplishing almost all my homework on Hurrication day.
  6. Going to the gym this morning (even though it was extremely difficult)
  7. The ability to telework.
  8. "Low" temps where having the windows open is an option after we were told to turn off the AC.
  9. Using the egg cooker.
  10. Planning for the next travel-cation.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Having someone else take care of shit is THE BEST...once they step up/you let them.
    -For Southern books, I just read The Almost Sisters which was really good. Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil is old, but I just read it this year & liked it. Bound South by Susan Rebecca White or The Beach Trees by Karen White.


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