Monday, October 29, 2018

Weekend Review {10/29}


Class, work, then gym on Friyay.  I had "burned" my elbow (kinda like a carpet burn, but instead of carpet on a punching bag) on Wednesday and I broke up the wound on Friday.  Teh German had arrived at the gym after me and the lady working out beside him expressed concern when I had my non-cursing (truth, tyvm) outburst.  Teh German kept working out and flatly said, "She's fine."  The lady kept working out.  When Teh German recounted this to me later, he added, "I'm not sure if she knows we're married or not, or if she just thought I was being heartless."  That made it even better to me.

Originally, we had discussed going to the Aquarium for an after-hours Halloween event, but we ended up deciding on just going out to dinner instead.  We have a really hard time with picking at random food for a full dinner.  We don't feel full and we eat shit that we wouldn't since it's all that's there.  Adulting is hard, obviously.

I've been wanting to try a new-ish restaurant called 1Kept.  I knew they offered a schnitzel option, but when I looked at the menu, it was almost exactly what we'd made for dinner earlier in the week.

After showering, we headed downtown.  In a twist of fate, the parking garage we parked at was directly across from the restaurant.   I knew it was close, but I didn't realize it was across the street close.  #Win

We shared some AAHHHHMAZING brussel sprouts as an appetizer and I ordered the Steak Frites and Teh German went for the Wagy Burger.  #NoRegrets

I told Teh German we need to get better about taking photos together.
This is effort towards that.

After dinner, we headed home.  Teh German and I struggled with Charleston drivers as it started to rain on the way home.  We were going 20mph under the speed limit because it was raining.  Then we came upon a lady in the middle lane, driving with her hazard lights on.  This greatly upset Teh German as he advocated for formalized driving school in America, like in Germany. 

I had planned to go by Cookout for a milkshake dessert, but right as I got to the light to turn at Cookout, I remember that Dairy Queen had reopened, so I confused Teh German by driving past Cookout.  I explained about DQ instead and he just went with it.  It was totally a worthy adventure since DQ currently has a strawberry-chocolate concoction.  It was quite confusing for me to pull up to the window and see the drive-thru lady toss (my) blizzard in the trash.  Then she explained that it was melty and she was going to make another one for me.  Well, alright then.  When she came back to the window, it was super full, which caused a disaster when I opened it when we got home, but it was a worthy mess.  So much delicious mess.

With some ice cream in my belly, we opted to be the old couple we are and went to bed.


Saturday was a quiet day.  I worked on homework and dealt with the Fuzziest Bucket harassing me every 30 minutes for reasons unknown.   But for real, she was like this at least every 30 minutes and I have no will power, so I often ended up stopping whatever I was doing to pet her.  I think the cold weather has Meri and Pax energized.

I threatened Meri with a trip to Roux's house to let Roux and Gracie gang up on her if she didn't behave.  She was no thwarted.

I accomplished some homework and made evening plans to go to a school friend's house for a bonfire before picking up Teh PT Husband and Wife from the airport.

After reaching a frustrated stopping point on my assembly language homework, I gave up and went to take a nap on the couch.. Where Meri and Pax poked me incessantly with their subzero degree snouts.

Teh German eventually came home from his bike ride and we watched Shameless until it was time to get ready for the evening's activities. 

It was fun to hang out with a Citadel friend and meet new people.  I was sad we had to leave, but airport commitments are the ultimate priority (what with being stranded at the airport once when I flew into Norfolk from Bahrain because of a shitty not-friend who had said she'd pick me up and then refused to answer her phone the night of, there's never not a residual fuck you to that epic cuntalotamus).  

When we delivered Teh PT Wife and Husband home, we debated on going back to the bonfire hangout, but we were so close to home and Teh German was tired and since he was driving, I let him choose.  We chose the route that put in bed before 1am... aka we went home and went to bed.


Sunday morning, the Batdog signal was going off.

I'm not sure if my Gentle Readers are aware, but I moonlight as a body pillow for Meri in the dawn hours.  I had told myself that I was going to get in some miles, but I was sore AF from whatever torture I put myself through during the week and it just didn't happen. 

Instead, I prepped bacon for Teh German to cook, I made myself an egg and reheated some leftover grits that have been chillin' in the fridge since we had shrimp and grits.  After breakfast, Teh German and I walked the dogs to hopefully deter Meri's incessant need for attention.  Although, Teh German did make a critical error before we left for our walk. 

I was in the closet rolling out my sore bits and he discovered me, then said towards the dog's direction, "Come and get Mom!"  I responded with, "This is why we're not having kids.  You'd tell them where I'm hiding when I'm having a quiet moment.  You know they've been extra harass-y for DAYS and I'm having some me time in here and you out me?!"  I mean, I was kidding, but I wasn't kidding.

Dear Parents of Offspring,
If your significant other is alone, don't tell your offspring to come harass them.  Especially if your significant other is the Primary Object of Offspring Harassment.  If you're not sure which parent is the Primary Object of Harassment, ask yourself, "Who do the offspring sit outside the bathroom and wait on when they go in?"  Whomever you answer with is the Primary Object of Harassment.  In my house, I am the Primary Object of Harassment.  I have learned to completely shut the bathroom door when I go in, otherwise, fuzzy noses come to investigate what is going with me and leave the door open for the world to also experience my business with me.  Asshats.  Really cute Asshats.

Speaking of.

Before leaving for the walk, I started the laundry since Teh German made a comment about how the Laundry Fairy must be on strike.  The Laundry Fairy promptly reminded him that she did the laundry on Mon/Tues, so maybe he should just stop wearing so much clothes?  The real issue is that we're both going to the gym 2-3 times a week, plus my running clothes when that actually happens, plus the daytime clothes we wear.  Before the gym, it was just day-to-day clothes in the laundry.  So we've essentially doubled the Laundry Fairy's responsibilities.  I don't think this happens to the Dishes Fairy.

After the walk, I started working on test studying.  Teh German watched videos for a while, but eventually headed over to Teh PT House for cigars and beers.  After several hours of studying, Teh PT Wife messaged me to ask if I was coming over.  Eventually, I relented.  I needed a break.  Also, Meri hadn't harassed me for over an hour, which I considered a win.

I made a parent fail and didn't bother to muzzle Pax.  Muzzle rules were reaffirmed when we came home later and homework papers from the desk were strewn across the runner and eaten.  So literally, the dog ate my homework.  Upstairs, someDOG had shredded a manila folder.  These shenanigans don't happen when Pax is Hannibal Lector dog.

I had needed to go to the grocery store before I could make dinner, but Teh German talked me into picking up Chinese instead.  Teh German ordered Chinese while I went into Publix to pick up the items from the list that I had forgotten at home (of course).  Spoiler: I remembered everything on the list.

After we got home, we had dinner outside.  Then it was back to the studying grind for me.  I finished up my study guide for my computer science test.  Next up, German study guide, which I saved for Monday night.

When it was bedtime, preparation chores started taking place.  While I was upstairs doing laundry, Teh German asked if there was more ground coffee.  No, no there was not.  So I was trying to instruct him how to do it (I always grind the beans) and even though I told him EXACTLY what to use and what to do, there was a #languagebarrier.

Him: Which container do I use, the round or square one?
Me: Use the cups I use for my peanut butter frozen hot chocolate.  The ones I used to use for smoothies.
Him: The big one or the small one?
(Valid question since there is a big cup and a small cup)
Me: Either one.
Him: Which blade?
Me: There will only be one option that fits.  It's round.  It's the one you see in the dishwasher all the time.
Him: Ok.
I hear progress but it doesn't sound right.
I hear grumbles that nothing is happening.
I, finally, give up and go downstairs and realize he's got the food processor out and the beans are just swirling around in it when he turns on the Ninja.
Me: Yeah, nothing about this situation is what I said.
I get out the correct equipment and transfer the beans and then grind them.
Once Teh German sees how to do it, he says he will finish the task (filling up the coffee container) and I return to my laundry tasks.

Let us celebrate that now he's done it himself so now he can take on this responsibility!!!  Although, shall we take bets on if he can repeat this performance in a few weeks when the coffee needs to be ground again?  Also, yes, I sometimes grind the coffee beans with the Ninja mixer because I'm not buying a special coffee grinder when I have a solution that works just fine... The real solution is to buy the coffee already ground up, butttttttttt the person who fulfilled the Sam's order didn't follow those directions.  Ugh.  #FirstWorldProblems

After coffee was prepped and laundry was folded and put away, it was teefs brushin' and bed time.


Gueeeessssss whhhhaaaatttttt, Gentle Readers!!
Anniversary Week is upon us!

No worries, I cannot really believe that it's been one year either.  Mostly, I can't imagine how Timo tolerated me to legally stay with me for an entire year.  It's one thing when you know you can leave at anytime, but marriage is for permanent, which is way scarier.  I guess it's real love, people. 

This Week's Adventures include:
-studying for my computer science and German tests
-completing a project for my circuits class
-couple's massage
-halloween things
-anniversary dinner at FIG
-drive to Raleigh for a sleep over with Teh Advising Sister (if she doesn't make me sleep in my car since I failed to respond to her last text for 2 weeks, oops)
-City of Oaks half marathon with Teh Running Bestie.
-Spend money at the NCSU bookstore.

Before you're like, wow not really a lot of anniversary celebratin' goin' on there, Megan.. I will remind you that I planned and booked (aka paid) for our Snowcation a few weeks ago.  We're considering that anniversary/Christmas/etc gifts.  Additionally, we're not going anywhere for Thanksgiving (that I'm currently aware of) and I'm off of school for the entire week, so we can consider that a stay-cation.

So really, the anniversary gift I'm giving Teh German is a Megan-free weekend.  The entire bed to himself, not having to coordinate activities with me/my activities, and only having to talk to me before bed.  #BestWifeEver... especially considering, I usually bring back coffee or beer when I go on adventures without Teh German.

September dragged on for fucking ever and it was like October was barely even here (although my electric bill would say otherwise).
I can consistently wear long sleeves during the day and not be sweating from 11-3.
I can wear hoodies when it's dark.

4 more days till my sleepover (and birthday celebration even though she's resistant) with Teh Advising Sister!
5 more days till Teh Running Bestie and I reunite... and possibly Matilda too!
18 days until Tulsa weekend with Teh Running Bestie and, for sure, Matilda!


  1. Give me all the foood! Currently pretty much all I care about is food. I am in full Thanksgiving mode & am counting down the days.

    Holy crap! That year flew by!! Happy anniversary week!

  2. -I am the Primary Object of Offspring Harassment. She loves Hubs, but like...only if I'm not around. She's basically obsessed with me...and it's so hard. I love her, but I literally can't do ANYTHING without her. Supposedly I will one day miss this, and I want to be close, but not necessarily physically close ALL THE TIME.

    -We are kind of the worst at anniversaries. It's too much pressure sometimes. But usually the calmest ones are the ones I remember the best!


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