Monday, October 22, 2018

Weekend Review {10/22}


Friday was Meri's haircut day.  I opted to rest instead of stressing myself about time and going to the gym.  I wasn't sure how long it was going to take me to get to the groomer or how long it would take for drop off, but I wanted to be there close to first so I could get her in and head to class, and hopefully make it on time.

Not only did I make it to the groomer 25 minutes before they opened, I made it to class with a few minutes to spare.  Miracles people.

School was school, then it was to work.  I ended up leaving the office to go pick Meri up.  Rather than going straight home, I made a pit stop by Teh German's work to show off not-homeless-Meri and then we headed back to the office for a few more hours.  I made it worth her while and ensured she got to go to the pet store across the street from my office.  I even bought her and Pax over-priced gourmet smores dog treats.  That's true love.

After work, we headed home.  Meri just wanted Pax to fawn over her, which I should have taken video of.  She just kept standing in front of Pax with her tail up so he could smell her butt.  Weirdo.  Obviously, she feels pretty again.

I wasn't in the mood to eat leftovers and Teh German and I both agreed we could go for some wings.  Since FALL finally arrived to Charleston, we decided to ride to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  Teh German also wanted me to test out my new headlights and exhaust.

The exhaust is embarrassingly loud, but that means that it's SAFE loud.  Meaning, other drivers can hear me near them.  That said, I feel super guilty driving through my neighborhood since e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. can hear me.  As someone who hates when assholes drive through the neighborhood with their loud ass exhausts, I have the worst guilt about this, but safety > minor noise annoyances.

After dinner, we came home and I missed texts from Teh PT Wife and we watched Shameless then went to bed.


Saturday morning, I talked Teh German into a family date at a new coffee place that opened up.  Family dates are always a good idea in theory and then we get there and we are trying to eat/drink and the dogs are either pulling us (since the leashes are tethered to us) or up in our business.  It's a stressful time for everyone.  Additionally, I chose poorly and wore long sleeves and we were sitting in the sun and I started to get hot and extra cranky.  It was 60°F on Friday and 80°F on Saturday.  I'm over the roller coaster.  For real.

I really wanted to like this new place (Ra Coffee, for you locals), but I wans't impressed.  Teh German had oatmeal (prepackaged, they just added the hot water) and an iced mocha, which he said was good.  I had a cinnamon bun (from Donut Connection) that was cold and a hot peppermint mocha that was 1/3 foam.  I ended up spooning it out and even Teh German was like, wow that's a lot of foam.  Yeah.  I wanted coffee, not foam.  Then, I couldn't even taste any peppermint and I was hot and tired of trying to eat a cold cinnamon bun with a plastic spoon and hold dogs and keep them from getting ran over by the drive through cars and I was over all of it, so we left. 

The customer service was great, but it seemed like the drive through was taking forever and inside was CHAOS and not in a good way.  There was no clear signage to state where you should order or pay.  The employees did say that it was super busy, but still, it's Saturday morning.. How are you not prepared for this?

After we got home, Teh German set about garage tasks and I changed into summer clothes and went to scoop a millionty piles of poop.  Ugh.  After poop was scooped, I headed to the office for homework time while Teh German moved on to yard work.

A few hours later, all my homework was complete.  I headed to the couch for chillin' time.  I was listening to my millionty hour audiobook when Teh German came in and announced he was finished with the yard work.  He headed outside for a beer and a cigar and within 10 minutes a crazy storm was upon us.  At the same time, we texted each other, "Perfect timing!"  Said storm ripped our flag from the pole it was mounted on.  Like, the entire flag AND mounting came off.  Teh German did find it, so we just need new mounting hardware and we'll be patriotic again.

I was 2 hours away from finishing my audiobook (of 55 hours), so I opted to put together a small puzzle to keep myself entertained since my solitaire app was getting boring.  300 pieces takes me less than 2 hours, FYI.

I still had 45 minutes left of the book when I finished the puzzle... /facepalm

Teh German and I had agreed to go to a neighbor's bday celebration, so I finally finished the book while getting ready.  It was a costume birthday party and I had suggested we go as an engaged couple (my level of effort is obvious) but Teh German wanted to wear his wedding band (like always, since we ordered it Aug 2017) so he suggested we dress like we were going to an ugly Christmas sweater party.  Also simple, so I agreed.  I even wrote, "Merry Christmas!" instead of happy birthday on the bottle of alcohol we delivered as a gift.  Go big or go home.

It was around midnight:30 when we got home and promptly went the fuck to bed.


I was pretty hungover on Sunday.  No one to blame but myself, I didn't whine about it, I just took my advil and we agreed on brunch at the Famous Toastary since we were in the market for some fresh OJ.  While we were there, the mayor of N.Charleston showed up for brunch as well.  #NBD.

After brunch, we ran more errands than either of us wanted to actually do.  A quick stop at Target, a grocery stop at Sam's then Bilo, then a dash through the car wash, and we headed back home.  After groceries were put away, I went upstairs for a nap.

Pax and Meri joined me.  This is more the family time that I should stick to.  Lawd, next time I think that a family outing is a good idea, someone slap me... Slap me gently, lest you endanger yourself of being punched.

When I woke up a few hours later, I could have stayed in the bed for the rest of the evening.  This was Pax's choice, as he had me trapped in the bed.

Eventually, I sat up to dispense belly rubbins, which I was not allowed to stop doing, per Pax's incessant pawing at me when I would stop.  Meri then stole my warm spot after I sat up to pet Pax and it was easier to leave the bed after I couldn't lay back down.  Thanks, Monkey.

I went downstairs and Teh German and I agreed to watch more Shameless.  Eventually, we cooked dinner (kielbasa, mac and cheese, and red cabbage), ate, then watched 2 more episodes of Shameless before calling the weekend a wrap.


These are the kinds of weekends I want to always have.  I got in some Husband time and accomplished all my school stuff and some house things and gave/got puppy attentions.

This week includes:
-a bit more homework that wasn't assigned over the weekend
-my pew pew lazors hair appt
-podiatrist follow-up
-FaceTime with Auntie P! YAY!
-Do everything I can to get ahead of next week.

Next week is anniversary week, so we have a couple's massage scheduled on the 30th, I have 2 tests on the 31st (poor scheduling on my part, but I figured that Teh German wanted to do Halloween things, thus not scheduling the massage on the 31st, but I may just override that now that I'm getting anxiety over it), then anniversary dinner on the 1st.  The 2nd, I head to Raleigh for a sleep over with Teh Advising Sister, then the weekend is City of Oaks half marathon things with Teh Running Bestie.

I'm entering into my busy season of life and it's exciting and petrifying at the same time.

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  1. Meri is looking runway ready with her new do. That brunch looks bomb... sorry the family breakfast was not. LOL I love your level of dressing up because same. I had a flash of brilliance on the way to work yesterday & decided I'm going to be Karen from Mean Girls for a Halloween party I'm going to Saturday. AKA I already have a little black dress & I bought some mouse ears... well technically small cat ears because $3. Last year I was a "Basic Bitch" which I then realized upon outfit completion is just me...


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