Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekend Review {10/08}


Friday was a loooooooooong day.  Gym, then school, then teleworking from school, then evening make up classes because Hurricane Florence.  Since Teh Sister had been talking about them, I couldn't get them off my mind, so I went to Panera and picked up a pink ribbon bagel.  It was not as delicious as I remember them being when I was in college.  Oh well.

We had to take 2 quizzes in my 0900 computer science class, then a test in my German class.  I haven't been to the Vet Center on campus much this semester since I go straight to work after class ends, so it was nice to go sit and hang out and chat with some Citadel vet friends.  My 3:00 class consisted of another test, and my 4:30 class was really just a torture session where I worked on a project that I couldn't get to work properly, but the instructor had strongly suggested we work in teams on it, so I used someone else's results and answered the questions.  The class felt like it was lasting all my life and I was relieved when I drove off campus.

Teh German and I had agreed to meet for dinner at Lewis Barbecue since I was already so close to downtown.  I arrived before Teh German, so I stood outside my car and read my ebook until he arrived.

Saw this #DateNight happening on my way to Lewis.
Couples that moped together, aren't cool together.


We were enjoying dinner until a group of people sat at "their" table nearby and requested the fans be turned on.  There was no need for the fans to be turned on, the bugs weren't bad and the flies went away after a while.  Nonetheless, their request was acquiesced and then all my hair wispies were all in my face while I was trying to finish my sandwich and I was so fucking angry I wanted to stab the douchey bro who seemed to be the leader of the group in the leg.  We didn't sit around after we finished our food because my hair was still blowing in my face and I was so fucking angry.  It was unfortunate since we'd been having such a good time until that point.

We went straight home after dinner.  We agreed on watching Shameless to pass the evening. 

Pax gave me a finger dent while I was trying to get the toy from his mouth.


Saturday I got up with the beasts so I could get a start on accomplishing my weekend homework.  When my mouse started acting funky, I decided to change out the batteries.  That was a disaster that pissed me off so badly that I ended up organizing the battery cabinet and another drawer where I was hoarding some battery things.  Teh German eventually ended up getting the AAA batteries open and even he struggled.

I was done with ALL my homework by 12:30 and I had NO idea what to do with myself after that.  We had lunch and Teh German was trying to troubleshoot the security camera wifi dongle thing and then I tried (not having any idea what I was doing) and neither of us were successful and I, again, suggested he call the camera help people and his stubborn ass still insists that "I've fixed it before!" so fine, his problem.  Fucking security cameras.

Instead of dealing with crabby ass, I laid on the couch and read some for a bit and then decided on a nap.  When I woke up, Teh German was here:

There was a video playing, but he was definitely falling asleep.

I took the opportunity to peruse Groupon to find something to do.  When I rolled over to ask Teh German if he wanted to do a ghost tour, he said that his Biker Gang Friends had asked if we wanted to meet them at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC fight.  I was not interested in watching the UFC fight, nor am I ever interested, but I was interested in dinner.  So we agreed to meet them at BWW at 7:30.

Since I had some time before hand and Teh Sister had notified me that Cartwheel had 40% off our favorite chapstick, I took the opportunity to go to Target.

Nothing screams "I hate good gas mileage" and "fuck you" to the people behind you on the road quite like this.
I almost had a heart attack when I saw that mattress fly up.

Now if only they would combine these products.  My life would be complete.

Christmas toys for the beasts!

I made it to BWW right at 7:30 and not a single person that was supposed to be there was.  Immediately, I was annoyed.  Add to that, BWW was doing a thing where if you were there to watch the fight it was $100 for a table for 6, which included 50 wings and 2 appetizers.  I managed to get a table outside on the patio and slowly, everyone else showed up.  I don't know why I bothered to be on time, it's very rare that anyone in the group is actually on time (besides Teh German and I). 

Eventually, it was decided that we'd all go to our house and pick up frozen pizzas and beer on the way.  This was a good idea in theory.  Except instead of following ME, they followed Teh German.  There was some drama and after a failed attempted, we all ended up at Publix.  Once beer and pizza were acquired, and cupcakes for me, we headed home.  Teh German had went straight home to get the UFC ticket set up and turned on.

When I got home around 9, I was hangry and I'd be frustrated since 7:30 and I was over it.  Even after saying I wasn't doing it, I still ended up cooking everyone's pizzas, which only served to piss me off more, even after I'd eaten a cupcake and 2 pieces of pizza, yes, in that order. 

I finally went and sat down on the couch with the other lady that was with the group... at which point all the dudes went outside..  So we were the least interested in watching the fight and we were the only ones inside semi-watching the TV while chatting to keep ourselves awake.  The guys were outside for over an hour before they finally came in around midnight to watch the actual main event fight.

It was after 0130 when we finally crawled in the bed.


I had planned to get some miles in on Sunday, but I woke up at 0930 and misread my watch and thought it said 1030 and almost had a heart attack since that's when we were supposed to leave for brunch.  I knew I didn't have time to get in significant mileage like I wanted and I was (and still am) dealing with the BJB monster from last week, so it just wasn't in the books.  Instead, I snuggled with Meri and Teh German and then we finally got up and got ready and met Teh Dental Hygienist, Teh AF Maintainer, and his family at Rutledge Cab Company for brunch.  I was torn between the poutine and the huevos rancheros, and, expectedly, I went with the huevos rancheros.  The option of extra cilantro sold me.  I lurve me some cilantro.  No pics because I was fucking starving, and it looked exactly the same as it did almost a year ago for my bachelorette weekend brunch.

After brunch, we stopped at Sam's, then we went home.  It was quite people-y in public, so it was for the best.  When we got home, we were bored and ended up watching Warcraft.  I was so disappointed in that movie.  So much could have been done with that and it was so limited and lacking.  And I also couldn't restrain myself sometimes to tell Teh German about how things weren't accurate or were accurate. 

We ate leftovers for dinner because there was so much pizza left over from the night before (oops) and there was still chicken and gnocchi soup.  After dinner, we watched Shameless until it was bedtime.  I know, we were killing it.


My BJB and I are not fighting as much, but it's still giving me some problems.  Nonetheless, I got out this morning and got in 5 miles (4.5 on my own and .5 jogging with OMG YAY (Meri) and UGH PLS NO (Pax)).  I, unfortunately, think I have done something to mess up my left foot and I'm not sure what it is.  The foot hurts really bad when I walk and do certain movements, but doesn't hurt as much when I'm running.  It also cramps randomly.  Of course, less than 1 month before the first of four half marathons my body starts to act a fool.  I'm wondering if it may have been caused by the BJB since when the BJB is angry, it affects my stride/gait, thus causing me to injure myself.  Teh Running Bestie has put me on no-running rest until Thurs.  She didn't say I couldn't go to 9 Rounds though... >:D (do people still make the devil emoji like that? lol)

Teh German called the HVAC company this morning and on the first talk they offered to pay 50% of the repairs since it's not 100% who is a fault for the mess up (us for installing drain pipe extensions (the extensions are completely clean of debris, so I strongly doubt we're at fault) or them for their last completed work).  That's not ideal for us, but it IS better than nothing. 

I earned an 98 on my German test, even with stupid errors, and I have a 104 average in the class.  100's on both CS quizzes from Friday (although prob a 70 on today's quiz...) and I'll find out tomorrow how I did on my circuits test.

I'm finally in my school routine/groove and that makes life way easier.  Since it is around midterms time, last week was pretty hellish since there were multiple tests/projects within a week of each other.  My online class continues to be stupid, but it's easy, so I'm not going to look that gift horse in the mouth.  We do not get a fall break at the Citadel, but we do get a week off for Thanksgiving, so, also not complaining about that.  The downside to getting into my routine is that Leadership Day will disrupt that, then we're off for election day (GO FUCKING VOTE, GENTLE READERS), then thanksgiving break for a week, then 2 weeks of school and the semester is over (praise be to Allah).  I will have officially made it HALFWAY at the end of this semester.

I'm starting to consider our Thanksgiving plans.  I'll be in Tulsa the weekend before with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda and I considered a pit stop in El Paso to visit Teh Sister, but I can't change my plane ticket, which is a real bummer, so I'm not really sure what I'll do. 

We're still waiting on Teh German green card stuff, so most of our travel plans are on hold.  This isn't just irritating Papa G anymore, but also me.  I'm ready to get on with my life.  Make plans.  I NEEDS some travel to look forward to.  We were discussing diving in Mexico at brunch on Sunday and I'm all, YASS PLEASE!  Siiiiigh, fucking government with the hurry up and wait for always.

In case anyone was wondering, it's still hot AF in Charleston and fall is no where to be found.  We're still in Charleston Summer.  There is a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico that is probably going to slam into FL and while I hope the destruction is minimal, I hope for 1- RAIN, that sweet sweet sky water, 2- post-hurricane hoodie weather (this is usually what happens).  I'm seriously tired of elbow sweat and literal dripping sweat from my face when I run in the mornings.

PS.  I moved my massage from Friday to Tuesday and this is probably the best life choice I've made all month. 

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  1. I love love love me some Sour Patch but I hate Swedish Fish. I don't know what it is. Yay for BBQ, boo for Bro Dude. I get annoyed when people aren't on time either & I think it's because even though I know they rarely if ever will be, I always am & I hate having to wait.


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