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Weekend Review {10/15}


After class on Friday, I had to come directly home to wait on the HVAC tech.  I didn't really have any tasking other than a meeting, so it was me and paperclips, which I finally won.

The technician discovered a hole in one of the drain pans and a saggy pipe, thus causing the problem.  Of course, a replacement has to be ordered and it will take 2 people to do the install.  Fantastic. 

At 4, Meri had an appointment at the vet to get a bordatella shot so she can go to the groomer's this Friday.  I'm very crunchy mom when it comes to vaccinating my dogs and not because I don't believe that vaccines work, I believe in NOT OVER-VACCINATING.  The reality is, my dogs are on a limited socializing schedule and I know which dogs we are likely to come in contact with and what their owners allow/where they let their dogs go.  In general, my dogs only get the rabies vaccine.  But, since I've shelved my clippers, Meri now gets to go to a groomer for getting her hairs did and they require/prefer the bordatella vaccine, so I got it.  Pax didn't get one. 

This decision happened after I'd vaccinated Phil for years against Lyme Disease, only to discover that the variety of Lyme Disease in SoMD wasn't even covered by the vaccination.  I was wasting money and pumping chemicals into him that were pointless.

New vet rule:
If they take your dog back for anything, take THAT opportunity to pay.  This way you're not standing at the desk with a dog tugging on your arm while you're trying to pay.  Real life though, why didn't the receptionist offer to do that as soon as they took Meri back?  Ugh.

After the vet, we headed home.  I finished up my paperclips game while waiting on Teh German to come home.  Teh German has been overly stressed about the HVAC situation and the green card stuff, so I made a point to have some us time where he didn't have to make decisions.  I told him that we were riding out to dinner before he left work, but that was it.

When he came home, he asked where we were going and I suggested Locals Sushi in Mount Pleasant and he was down with that.  After his shower and feeding the beasts, we headed out.

Spring rolls = veggies!

hibachi taco.
it's as weird and delightful as it sounds.

After dinner, I wanted something sweet, so I told Teh German we were going to Krispy Kreme.  The hot n fresh sign was on and I actually ate my straight from the line original doughnut standing in line while waiting to pay.  It was sooooooo delicious and melty in my mouth.  Worth every single calorie that I'd burned at the gym that morning.

After KK, we headed home.  We watched an episode of Shameless, then it was bedtime.


Saturday morning brought delightful temps of 65°F.  It's only temporary since it's supposed to be in the high 80s this week, but fuck if I was going to pass up an opportunity to wear long sleeves (which I later regretted because it was 80° outside).

Teh German and I skyped with his mom after breakfast, then I downloaded paperclips on my phone and sat outside to finish my coffee and played the game.  Spoiler alert: the game is not as good on a mobile device.  Sitting outside meant snuggles with my Monkey and lovins from my Moose.

Teh PT Wife and I had agreed to stalk the Holy City Waffles food truck, but we were unable to find them.  We ended up grabbing pizza at Park Pizza then day drinking at DIG in the Park, then continuing the party at Sesame so I could have a brownie for lunch dessert.

A mexi-breakfast type of pizza.

day drannnkkiiinnn

it was a delicious brownie.

I tried this hibiscus tea beer thing that was actually delicious although it didn't really go well with my brownie so I didn't order one.

Teh PT Wife and I also discovered a new cigar shop for the Husbands AND we had growlers filled for them before we came home.  #BestWivesEver

Teh German had spent his day on an "island hopping" motorcycle ride.  When he came home, he chilled for a bit then showered, then we headed over to Teh PT house for hangouts.

Could we be more awkward?

Despite the fact that it was only 9pm, we were all super tired, and we called it a night.


Sunday, I realized I only needed to go the regular grocery store, so Teh German and I headed to Walmart after skyping with Papa G.  I was hoping to get there early enough to avoid the crowds, but 11am on a Sunday is not early enough.  #LessonLearned

When we got home, I worked on prepping for dinner (making homemade red sauce for lasagna) and Teh German set about the task of building our new box spring.  I did take a break to do some laundry.  Then spent several hours doing homework.

Me: Do NOT jump on my clean laundry.
Pax and Meri: ..................?

After Teh German got the box spring assembled, he required assistance to pull off the mattress and take out the old box spring and put the new one in.  We have a Tempurpedic mattress, so this is an acceptable helping situation.  That fucking mattress is a beast.  After having moved it on my own multiple times, I can attest to such.

And like normal, things escalated quickly and we ended up rearranging the bedroom.  We'd been talking about it for a while, but hadn't ever done anything but talk about it.  We finally did it.  Not sure if I really like it or not, there's a lot of dead space on Teh German's side of the room, but maybe it will grow on me.  There are limited options of places to put our huge ass bed, and Teh German says he likes our bedroom set (even though it's beat to shit from being moved no less than 4 times and life), which means no excuse for me to buy a new bedroom set.  Womp, womp.

These bitches have enjoyed having the guest room open for their shenanigans and as an escape lair when Teh German and I are creating chaos in the bedroom (that is not an innuendo).

New setup.
The photos on the wall will need to be relocated.

After rearranging, it was time for me to do more homework.  After finishing up a batch of German homework, I started on the lasagna.

It is the first time I've used ricotta cheese and it came out perfectly.  There was no slidey mess all over the pan when a piece was removed and it held it's form so well!  Good job, self!

After dinner, we watched Talladega Nights since Teh German had never seen it, and he'd watched the Talladega (the suggested spelling correction for Talladega is Gallbladder, thanks Google) race while we were rearranging the bedroom.  While we were watching the movie, I chatted with Sprink about our impending visit to CO.  We'll be spending our holiday at the Needle Nose Nirvana with some awesome 2-leggers and 13!!!! 4-leggers.  I CANNOT WAIT.  Also there will be snow and snowboarding and fuzzy socks and books and distilleries and breweries and SNOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! 

After the movie, I realized I had forgotten some homework, I did it quick like, then it was bedtime.
I didn't even stub my toes once on the newly arranged furniture. 


This week seems like it's supposed to be more busy than the calendar indicates, which makes me nervous.  I have a foot doc appointment this afternoon for my gimp foot since it was hurting again after I ran this morning, after giving it a week of rest and TLC and rolling.  Ugh.

I scheduled a couples massage for our anniversary like the #BestWifeEver than I am.  I also will be putting pressure on Teh German to make a decision on if he wants a smart watch or not since that is what we agreed to get each other as an anniversary present this year.

I'll also be:
-working with the HVAC company to deal with the impending repairs.
-planning our CO trip
-counting down the days till I get to see Teh Running Bestie (18!)
-hoping that someone cancels their FIG reservation so Teh German and I can have our own table for our anniversary dinner.
-doing homework
-setting up some financial planning stuff for the new financial advisor I have acquired (yyyyaaassss)
-praying for weather than is consistently cooler than 70°F

It might be "fall" but it still feels like Charleston outside to me.  This makes me stabby and extra disgruntled.

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  1. What did you use instead of ricotta before? And way to nail it with the cigars & growlers! #WifeGoals


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