Friday, November 2, 2018

Five on Friday #171

EINS - Random Shit

-Wednesday felt like Friday.  Probably because it was double test day and that always feels like a momentous event.  Wednesday (aka Halloween) was pre-Anniversary couples massage day.  Thursday was actual Anniversary day.  Friday was go to Raleigh day.

-I "dressed" up for Halloween.  Villains leggings and my purple dress made me part of the unplanned "maroon/purple" group at work.  If anyone asked what my costume was, I was a Disney fanatic.  Obviously, I'm all about far-fetched costumes.  I sported my Mickey earrings, Disney leggings, and a Disney scarf (since it was in the 40°s when I left the house).  And for real magic: sparkly shoes.

-This magic was obviously in full effect since I was able to get into BOTH of my retirement accounts without yelling, cussing, or any other inconvenience reactions.  #Miracles.  I'm trying to work with a financial planner to make my money work for me, but it means linking ALL (my millionty) accounts to the system they use so he can see what he's working with.  The last time I had to deal with my Thrift Savings Plan (TSP, which is the US military retirement plan), I had to request a new password for my account... through snail mail.  Thankfully, that was not the case this time, and I had a new password in under 5 minutes from a customer service rep.  #SmallVictories

-Also, self-pat-on-the-back for being OCD about where I keep important paperwork and knowing EXACTLY where the account paperwork was and not having to run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to locate it.

-When Willow's gas light turns on now, I have to suppress a panic attack.  I had to send photographic evidence of myself getting gas to Teh Running Bestie and Teh German after showing them the gas light photo.  Teh German also reminded me no less than 3 times before he left the gym that I needed to get gas before I came home, even though I had already told him I was getting gas before I went home. 

-Because I like my hectic weeks as hectic as possible, I tossed a hair appointment into the mix on Tuesday because: roots.  I really wanted a Thursday appointment so I could have fancy hairs for anniversary dinner, but they didn't have any appointments available, so I just sucked it up.  This actually works out better because I'm not going to want to go get my hairs did (near home) and then have to drive all the way back downtown or to Teh German's work.

After telling the stylist about my December hair plans, we agreed on a way forward and made an appointment for all day in December to get my Christmas hairs done.  Merry Christmas, Self.

-We had planned on "getting each other" smartwatches for our anniversary.  That plan fell through because I want to wait on the android smartwatches to start using the new processor that was released this year and Teh German just isn't sure if he actually wants to wear a smartwatch.  So instead, we're getting a salt water tank.

Yep, that just came out of left field for you.  But not for me.  Teh German has been discussing having a fish tank for several months now.  This was pre-honeymoon, but after diving the Great Barrier Reef on our honeymoon, I think his desire for a tank became stronger.  We had a fresh water fish tank when I was a kid and Teh Mom had a salt water tank for a while when I was in high school and I really enjoyed it.  So, when Teh German suggested instead of smartwatches, we get a salt water tank, I agreed.  #YOLO

Teh German did inform me that we wouldn't set up the tank until after our Snowcation since it requires a lot of maintenance in the beginning and he wouldn't want to burden someone with that while we were gone.  I was a little disappointed by that, but it is logical (as if it wouldn't be).  Additionally, the well-known salt water fish store in Charleston is currently shut down for repairs after a drunk lady decided to take a tour of their shop in her automobile.  They are estimating reopening in December, which is perfect for our January timeline.

-Me to Teh Running Bestie:


Don't worry, she didn't get it either.
4 gifs of Four (from Divergent) +  more days!  = 4 more days!

Don't worry, my ingenuity blows my mind too.

-For Halloween, after a fantastic couple's massage, we came home to distribute candy.  Kids that came up to me and just held out bags for me to put something in were quickly corrected, bitches please.  I'm not going to just give you my good candy without you at least saying, "Trick or treat" or "Happy Halloween" or "Hi"..  Put some effort into it.  And the teenager who wasn't even dressed up with a pillow case.. siiigh fine.

-I ensured that our new family member was with us..and it was AWESOME to see kids petting him and then he'd start the growl/barking track and they'd jump.

It wasn't going off as frequently as he wanted, so Teh German had to inspect it to make it work better, since OF COURSE there was more than the on/off switch than I stated existed.
Spoiler alter: There is ONLY the one switch.

-We enjoyed a derichious anniversary dinner at FIG.  Due to my schedule, I left home at 0700 and came home after dinner around 12 hours later.  Teh German had went home to take care of the beasts and change his clothes.  He met me Work and then we headed downtown.  I came home to our new love plant and a card from Teh German and his card had been waiting on the island when he got home the first time.

We split the ribeye and tuna.
For dessert I ordered the apple bread pudding and Teh German had an "Eiskaffee"
(it was a shot of espresso served with ice cream)

Anniversary Selfie!!

Love plant!

-And if that wasn't enough sweetness for you... snuggles with my fuzzy girl and big boy last night while I was waiting on the laundry.  Be.Still.My.Heart.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Dairy Queen Blizzard
-Minimal groceries
-Anniversary (cup)cake(s)
-Massage tip
-Hairs did
-Replacement jeans for Teh German since a pair of his regular rotation jeans have a hole in the crotch that he didn't even know about until I pointed it out.
-Breakfast splurges (Bojangles, Chickfila)
-Sweet tea
-Anniversary card for Teh German

DREI - From My Phone Shit

New family member from Teh Sister.

Reminder: Apples are just a vessel.

Cheetos and cake balls for halloween because orange, duh.

I usually write my cards to Teh German while I'm in the bathroom (you're welcome for that information), but this time, I wrote it at my desk.  #GettinShitDone*

Last selfie being married UNDER 1 year.
This selfie took 3 tries.
You'd think with it being 2018, we'd be better at this.
No.  No we are not.

After my massage, I wanted to keep my relaxation going so I used the heated seats for the first time since Willow became part of the family.  I did test them before I bought her, but this time I USED them.
PS.  I'm still trying to ignore the fact that she drives herself, but doesn't have cooled seats.

Fortunately, I have my original popsocket, which I put on my phone,
but it was a rough 20 minutes of phone usage without it!

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Anniversary week.  1 year of marriage seems like a solid thing to celebrate.
  2. Little more than 1 month remaining of this semester (excluding breaks).  *all the praise hands*
  3. Not giving fucks about my online class anymore.  I'm literally doing the minimum requirements since that seems to be about the level of effort the instructor is putting into it.  I'm to the point now that unless a response is obvious, I don't bother to respond to 2 posts by other students on the discussion board and my minimum requirement for exercises is submitting something, even if it's not the suggested length.  I currently have a 98 in the class.  #DoNotCurr
  4. Leggings with long sleeve dresses that have pockets.  
  5. FIG reservations coming available on Saturday, instead of having to deal with community seating.
  6. Meri snuggles.  It makes up for the wildness of the beasts when I arrive home each day.
  7. Uploading a millionty dog photos to my FB page so other people can revel in how cute my beasts are.
  8. Going to Raleigh.  
  9. Slumber party with Teh Advising Sister!
  10. Slumber party and a half marathon (ugh) with Teh Running Bestie (yay).

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I really want some damn puffy cheetos now! I haven't had them in forever! My friend & her husband have a salt water tank, it's pretty legit.


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