Friday, November 23, 2018

Five on Friday #174

EINS - Random Shit

-So I'm sick.  I want to die.  It's totally a thing.  Went to the doc on Wednesday and she has no idea what is wrong with me.  I have a slight fever, the strep test came back negative, and there might be some infection in my sinuses.  🤷  The doc prescribed me an antibiotic that is a distant penicillin relative (which I'm definitely allergic to), and we were worried it might kill me for the first 24-48 hours of me taking it.  I'm still alive, and no allergic reaction yet.  For real though, I carried around 2 benedryl in my pocket for the first 24 hours after taking it.

-I'm not ready for school to start back.  I don't really feel like I got anything accomplished over break since I was sick.  Granted, I'd rather be sick over a break than be sick and have to miss class.  So it's a trade off. 

-Today was my first day back at the gym in over a week (since I don't go to the gym within 3/4 days of a run-race) and I wanted to die.  Sickness + not having gone in over a week + being a fat ass yesterday?

-There is homework I need to accomplish.  I'm not interested.  In fact, I'm feeling pretty checked out of the remainder of this semester.  This is no bueno.

-I learned a cool Cricut trick yesterday to "write" on the stickers to make them all stay in place.  I'm excited to try this on a large scale.  My Cricut likes to pretend it knows what to do better than me, BUT IT IS WRONG.

-The 99% off sale by Cards Against Humanity is awesome, but too time consuming for me to really care. 

-Soooo soooo soooo badly I want to do a Ragnar race.  This is where you and 11 other people run 200 miles in 2 days on almost no sleep while living in a 15 passenger van. 

-Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday, we had some sort of pasta.  This is an impressive record for me, Gentle Readers, as I tend to stay away from pasta.  Lasagna from the freezer on Monday since it was minimal effort, chicken and bok choy ramen on Tuesday, then beef stroganoff on Wednesday.  I'm not sure Teh German appreciated this as much as he should have.

-My favorite part of any Thanksgiving/Christmas (which is kinda like Thanksgiving 2) meal is the stuffing and the sweet potatoes and either chocolate or lemon pie.  The rest of it is optional.  I know.  I'm weird.

-We went to Teh PT House for Thanksgiving dinner and it was awesome.  I made homemade mac and cheese with velveeta (like Teh Mom used to/does) and every person who is super picky about food they like said it was the best mac and cheese they'd ever eaten.

-Also, Teh Sister said that she was kinda jealous of my chocolate pie because it was completely set and she's been having issues with her pies setting.  #WIN.  PS. I'm not the cooking sibling.  That's Teh Sister.  I'm the one everyone thought would need to hire a cook to live past the age of 30.  #HereWeAre

-Good thing Thanksgiving Break isn't over yet.  I still need to watch Catch & Release, which is already loaded in the DVD player.

-I've been wearing Teh Running Bestie's Garmin.  Gentle Readers, step tracking IS STUPID.  This stupid thing doesn't properly track my going up and down stairs and it sometimes gives me steps before I'm even out of the bed because I've pet Meri or rolled over and grabbed my phone.  And also, unless I run, I won't make my step "goal".  I just won't.  I don't even care.  Who the fuck actually NEEDS that many steps (at least 5000 per day is what the Garmin sets my "goal" at, stupid, stupid, stupid)?

-I got so many awesome shirts last weekend at the expo.  Mostly workout shirts because I needed some race and gym shirts since my race outfits are.. lacking.  #FirstWorldProblems, I know.

-I have 5 credits I need to use on Audible before I cancel my account (since I reactivated the other account), this is one of the most difficult problems I have to deal with, I'm certain.  I have to make good choices and still meet certain standards (purchased audiobooks may not be shorter than 10 hours).

ZWEI - Money Shit

Fuck me I went Black Friday shopping after being out of town the weekend prior.  Goodbye dollas.

-Old Navy - clothes for Teh German and myself.  Did we neeeeed new clothes?  Not really, but I'm using this as an excuse to purge.

-Dick's - new running shoes.  This was a need and pre-decided on.  I ended up buying 2 new pairs of running shoes.  1 will be put away for when my favorite pair finally gives up on me.  Again, with the purging.

-Best Buy - Back when I lived in Pax River, I used to scan stuff on ShopKick all.the.time.  I had 33,000 points that I'd never done anything with.  Well, after I decided NOT to buy a new laser printer that I really wanted, I realized that I could get some gift certificates with all those ShopKick points.  After a little bit of scanning last night at Best Buy, I ended up with $135 in gift certificates for Best Buy.  I/They couldn't find the printer I wanted in the store, so I came home and ordered it online for the same price.  Done.

-Kohl's - another pre-determined purchase, after a dog (PAX) ripped a hole in our already ripped comforter a few weeks ago, I need/wanted to get another comforter.  It worked itself out that I had a spare king-sized comforter on hand from the guest room, which just happened to be wayyyyyyy too big for the guest bed since it's low to the ground.  So I ended up buying 2 different comforters in queen size.  I'll see which one I like and return the other, probably.  Unless I like both and then I'll keep both and we'll have a back up for when the dogs (inevitably) rip this comforter.  #ThisIsWhyICantHaveNiceThings.  I also purchased a pair of capri workout britches for myself.  I've been on the hunt, so this was also a semi-planned purchase.

-Brooks - When I discovered that the shoes I had purchased at Dick's also came in black, I got pissed because I'd been looking for plain black shoes for walking/casual wear.  They showed on the Dick's website, but couldn't be ordered online and they were not available in any store.  This extra sucked, because it meant I had to pay full price for them rather than getting the 25% off.  BOO.  I did get a stupid ugly christmas sweater shirt with my $120 purchase, but still.  I'd rather get 25% off, kthx.

-Cards Against Humanity - I bought the new expansion and I tried to buy some of their 99% off crap, but wasn't successful.  Oh well.

-Target - Since Teh PT Wife and I were by Target, we perused the store and picked up a few things.  I found some squeaky toys for Meri for Christmas, Pax was already taken care of at Halloween, and some oreos and a white shirt to replace the one that I accidentally tinted blue while we were in Australia, and some Nexium.  I know, real solid Black Friday purchases going on there.

-Audible - I have 2 Audible accounts I switch between depending on if there is a sale running, since sales never apply to current subscribers, which I find incredibly infuriating.  For Black Friday you can pay $7 per month for 3 months.  Done.

All the food/travel things for a Runcation.
-baggage fees (rude)
-eating, plenty of that.
-expo purchases (a percussion massager (WORTH IT), shirts)

Real life purchases:
-Spotify subscription
-Groceries x2
-Dairy Queen blizzard
-Willow's first doctor appointment (first oil change)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

When Husband says, "There's cough drops in the pantry."
And this is what you find.
Honey, that doesn't look like plural cough drops....
Also, what monster only leaves ONE cough drop in the bag?

Nurses have been on duty all week.

Care package from Teh Stepmom was a sweet surprise!

When you wash a linty blanket with your towels and then you have hairy pits and have to rewash ALL the towels.

Nurses on duty again.

When NOT to speak to your Husband.  ^^^

I know it's first worldy, but this plastic drain cover thingy brings me so much joy.
Being able to cover my knees AND my boobs?  #WorthIt

At least his ass isn't on MY pillow.


The beasts rode with me to pick up my meds after my doc visit.

I attempted to make beef (bison) stroganoff.
It was ok.

Morning snuggles

Coffee and chocolate pie filling for breakfast,
it's looking a little like Thanksgiving or Christmas around here.

I also had a poached egg and toast and it kinda looked like a smiley face, lol.

Teh German turned on the dog show for me while I was cooking mac and cheese for Thanksgiving dinner.

Found my EXACT Tamagotchi at Best Buy.
How are these still $20.  I do not understand.

This may be a TMI, but I'm on an antibiotic for whatever sickness I currently have and my doc gave me this for just in case.  #LadyProblems, ya'll.
Came home from the gym this morning and found this.
Thanks, Meri.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Impromptu Black Friday shopping with Teh PT Wife.
  2. Getting schweeeeet deals on shit.
  3. The idea of purging my closet.  
  4. When I squeaky farted getting out of bed this morning and Teh German almost cried from laughing.
  5. Speech-to-text.  For real.  So good.  
  6. A shared running calendar for Teh Running Bestie, Matilda, and myself.
  7. Cooking 2 things perfectly for Thanksgiving: mac and cheese and chocolate pie.
  8. Finally getting to go to the gym, even if I wanted to die.  Sick workouts are not for the weak.
  9. Hot beverages and cold ice cream.
  10. Having things to be grateful for.  Not just this week, but

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I got a FitBit as an "anni-mas" (anniversary+Christmas) gift and I like it, but some things don't make sense. My steps seem fine, although when we went hiking my number was way higher than Hub's Garmin said his number was. But it doesn't seem to track my workouts nearly as well as his does; out of 45 minutes it will calculate maybe 30.


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