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Weekend Review {11/19}


After a few hours at work on Friday morning, I headed to Teh German's work to pick him up so he could drop me off at the airport.  After only getting almost 4 hours of sleep, I was done with everything.  Every noise was too loud, every person was too slow.  Stabby McStabberson was on high alert.  Luckily, no stabbing tools were nearby.

$15 shot of Tito's vodka with a splash of grenadine and sprite to
ensure proper nap time happened on my flight from CHS to ATL.

My, I'm so fucking tired, do I really need to load in Zone Poor Four?

Eventually, I made it to Atlanta, where Teh Running Bestie and Matilda eventually met up with me.  I finally had the Big Mac I'd been dreaming about all week for lunch, except that the McDonald's at Concourse E didn't serve sweet tea?  WTTTTFFFF.  /hulksmash.

In a twist of fate, Matilda's delayed flight meant she missed her original connection and she ended up on our flight to Tulsa ANNNDDD she sat besides Teh Running Bestie.  I, on the other hand, sat beside a furry. 

Such a good baby.

The dog had the worst breath, as she was 9 years old, but she didn't make a peep the entire flight.  I was impressed.  After we landed in Tulsa and retrieved our luggage, we waited for the hotel shuttle to come and fetch us, then we had them bring us to the Route 66 Expo so we could pick up our packets and etc stuff.

This guy was VERY festively dressed..

We explored the Expo for over an hour and we left shortly before everything started closing up.  We opted to go straight to dinner rather than dropping off our bags at the hotel.

We all agreed on ramen for dinner, to my delight.

On our walk to the ramen place, we had seen a 24/7 donut shop.  We vowed to have dessert there.

Fruity Pebble, Reese's Cup, Oreo & Peanut Butter.

We ended up cutting the donuts into thirds so we could all try each donut.  After we were overly stuffed, we headed back to the hotel for laziness/bed time.


Saturday morning was the 5k for Teh Running Bestie and I.  It was perfect weather for a run, which we appreciated since the high for Sunday was predicted to be 40°F.

The actual start gun....

Thanks Tulsa, for enabling me with my library scavenger hunt!

With the breeze, I was a little chilly and wanted some coffee.  I saw a sign and we went into a hipster coffee store, where I paid almost $6 after tip for some fancy tea since they didn't have peppermint syrup.  #MeganFail

Matilda had also went on a run and we'd seen her along the course.  We all met back up in the hotel room for showers, then we headed out to Dilly Diner for brunch.  Filed under: Solid life choices.

They had their own version of butterbeer.
Which was good, but I really just don't love butterscotch.
Lesson learned: Stick to pumpkin juice.

After brunch, we headed back to the expo.  We all got free "massages" of some sort, mine was with the Hyperbolt gun.  Definitely helped loosen up some sore muscles from all the walking around we'd been doing plus the 5k that morning.  Matilda and I ended up purchasing percussion massagers, which was good since we got a deal for buying 2.  All the while, Teh Running Bestie was outside the Expo chatting with an Ultra Marathoner and his puppy.

We had originally considered going to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets performed by the Tulsa Orchestra, but we gave up on that good idea to go back to the room and relax and use our new massagers on all our sore spots.  Some of us also took a nap.  I had woke up with a sore throat, after a night of shitty sleeps, so I was really struggling.

Massage train!

The dude at the booth had suggested using it on our face at a low speed to help with sinus drainage (since I had a sore throat).  Not really sure if it helped or not, but it sure entertained Teh Running Bestie.

And of course, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
My hair got caught as I was using the massager on my shoulder and Matilda and Teh Running Bestie had to rescue me.
I lost this much hair.

After naps, I picked out a bbq place for dinner since I had been told to try barbequed bologna if I ever went to Tulsa.  Check.  It wasn't bad.  Tasted liked smoked bologna.  Teh Running Bestie and I split 5 different meats so we could try almost everything.  While Matilda had a potato that was bigger than her hand.

On our way to dinner, we'd stopped in one of the shops and perused and the owner?/cashier? person had given me a hard time for being dressed like I was in Alaska (hat, ski coat).  We explained that we were headed to dinner and we'd walked and we weren't sure what the return trek would be like... and I explained that I'm from Charleston and when it's below 50°F outside, I'm not really sure how to handle myself. 

Coincidentally, on the walk back, Teh Running Bestie, Matilda, and I had been discussing that we'd chosen correctly when we went back upstairs to fetch coats and hats before leaving the hotel, after the doorman had made the suggestion, when we passed back by the shop and the owner?/cashier? guy who was standing outside in a poncho and I said, "See, I am prepared for this!" as a huge gust of wind started up.

When we got back to the hotel, it was FaceTime with Husband, then sleepy time.


We were able to get up "late" on Sunday since the half marathon started at 8 ANNNDD our corral was at the end of our block.  Teh Running Bestie usually likes to be at the start at least 30 minutes early, but with a "feels like" temperature of 26°F, she was willing to relax her standards a little bit.  When I woke up, I felt like a hot sack of ass.  My head was killing me, my throat needed to be ripped forcefully from my body, and my stomach was disgruntled.  After eating a granola bar, my stomach eventually felt better, but the headache and throat soreness persisted.

We arrived to the corral around 0745 and snuggled up with some strangers to stay warm and listen to the National Anthem.  At 0815ish, it was our turn to start.  

It was fucking cold.
I'm wearing: fleece lined leggings, pants, fleece lined shirt, jacket, bandana, beanie, jacket hood, and gloves.
It was still nibbly.


We were not able to keep up with Matilda, who runs marathons btw, so she left Teh Running Bestie and I, which was fine.  The wooooorst part of the race was around mile 3.75 when Teh Running Bestie and I BOTH rolled our ankles.  While I'm trying to run it out while cussing loudly, Teh Running Bestie had went down and it took several people yelling at me for me to turn around to see I had a (wo)man down.  We got back up and endured on, as #TeamBrokeAss is known to do.  It was definitely unpleasant.  After that point, everything that hadn't hurt, started to hurt and that's a real bummer to happen so early in a 13.1 mile run.

We did see some interesting things:

We were offered some sort of shot (straight, jello, soaked in gummy bears) no less than 15 times.
Had I not been so cold and miserable, I may have considered it.
Also, shots after only eating a granola bar?  That definitely wouldn't help my coordination.

I bet they serve shrimp and grits..

Route 66 sign selfie!


Double Challenge Finishers!
(5k + 1/2)

Our on walk back to the hotel room, we made a stop at The Center of the Universe, a neat echo chamber type of place.  We also got to see plenty marathoners still running.

We had planned to go straight back to our hotel room, but I suggested we stop for breakfast first, which was a solid life choice.  We went back to Dilly Dinner, I had the exact same thing, so no food pics.  I know, you're life is over.  My bad.

After running a dude out of his, not really, but kinda (we hovered and he heard me say we were going to sit there after he finished, but that I wasn't planning on rushing him out of his seat), we sat at the bar, shoveled food in our mouths, and headed back to the hotel for showers.

At 2, we caught the shuttle to the airport.  Again, we were all on the same flight to Atlanta, but in Atlanta, we all headed our separate ways... 😭😭

One last selfie before we part ways!!

At the Tulsa airport, I had dumped out my bottle of water to get through security and hadn't gotten a chance to refill it.   Matilda had picked up a cherry coke for me, which I had requested to see if my headache was due to a lack of caffeine.  Even after a cherry coke, the headache persisted. 

When I boarded my flight to Charleston, I asked at the wrong time, if I could get a bottle of water.  Unfortunately, the flight attendant was unable to get it since we were about to take off.  When the snack/beverage service came around, I asked for THREE bottles of water and the flight attendant scoffed a little, but still gave me all 3 bottles.

She was even more surprised when she came back around to pick up trash and I had to signal for her to wait and handed her back 3 empty bottles.

My flight came in 25 minutes early, so I had to be an Illegal McIllegalson and turn on my phone in flight to text Teh German to come and get me, right NAOW.  He did.  He's da best.

After we got home, Teh German brought my stuff upstairs for me and I loved on Meri and Pax.  Meri wouldn't stop touching me, so I'm going to assume that means she missed me.  Pax was really more interested in my ability to distribute bully sticks and he pouted in his bed until I finally went to the cabinet to hand out treats.  #WellTrainedHumom

I got everything unpacked and then it was bedtime for my sick/broken/grouchy ass.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to sleep because I kept coughing and then after almost choking on my own sinus drizzle, I got pissed off, did a sinus rinse, (probably) ODed on sinus meds and went back to bed.  I felt super bad for Teh German, who I was certain I was keeping awake.


Today, I teleworked because if I am diseased, I don't want to spread this.  Additionally, I didn't sleep well and sleeping in didn't hurt my feelings.  Also, Nurse Meri snuggling with me didn't hurt my feelings.

When I did make it downstairs, I hung my medals. 

The rack is officially doubly full and that's without Disney medals!

Sadly, I had to bring Willow in for her doctor's appointment at 10, which meant being in public.  While I was in checking in, the shuttle left, which royally pissed me off, since I had requested the shuttle in my online service request.

Instead, I had to sit my sick/cranky/miserable ass in the Subaru waiting room for over an hour and I was ready to stab someone by the hour mark.  I had debating putting chairs together and taking a nap or just going to lay down for a nap in the back of a show floor car.  15 minutes later, when my keys were finally in hand, I was about to steal a car and leave.

I came home and did sick things all day.  Drank tea, ate rice with sugar for lunch, snuggled with Meri and Pax.


All things considered, a very fun runcation with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda.  The getting sick thing (or having sinus drip or whatever is wrong with me) sucks, but I got medals and I survived the cold and nobody broke anything (or confirmed anything is broken) and no one died (confirmed this one). 

We're already debating locations for our next runcation. 

Teh Running Bestie will be back with me in December when she's here for the Kiawah Half Marathon and to steal Pax and Meri for the holidays so we can go on our Snowcation.

This week includes:
-Trying to not choke on my own sinus drizzle.
-Pretending like homework isn't my entire life.
-Thanksgiving with Teh PT Family
-Etc things that I'm sure will come up.

Happy Thanksgiving, Gentle Readers!

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  1. I'm sorry you're feeling like crap! I hope you feel better soon! All the food & puppies!! Glad you had a fun runcation.


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