Monday, November 12, 2018

Weekend Review {11/12}


School, work, gym on Friday, then I headed home and Teh German and I opted to go out for dinner (I know, surprise).  We opted to go to Olive Garden since we've had a gift certificate sitting in the bowl on the island for idk how long.  Additionally, we had something to celebrate!  Our immigration interview has finally been scheduled!! WOOOOO!!!

Meri and I snuggled while I waited on Teh German to finish getting pretty.

Lemoncello beverage, stuffed chicken marsala with mashed potatoes, with a side of fettuccine alfredo (since it cost about the same for a side as it would to sub the mashed potatoes.

I haven't been to Olive Garden in a long timeeee (like since Teh PT Wife and I went last year or earlier this year?  IDK, but I was craving some breadsticks.. And I will not lie.. That side of alfredo was worth every.single.penny.  As in.. I'd do it again soon.. and I'm very anti-chain restaurant in Charleston where we have so many options to choose from, so I'm semi-ashamed, but I had forgotten how good Olive Garden is.

After dinner, we came home, watched 2 episodes of Shameless, then it was bedtime.


Saturday was a slow start, then homework for me.  Teh German went out on the bike to meet up with some other bikers and then ended up at the Rockabillique Festival in Park Circle.  When I finally emerged from homework hell around 1:30/2, I called Teh German to tell him I was going to ride down to James Island to try a burger for Burger Week.  There were food trucks at the event he was at, so he said he was going to stay there.  NBD, I ain't afraid to eat alone.

The Mack Burger
I thought it was going to be like a Big Mac, but there wasn't enough "mack" sauce on it to overpower the pickle flavor...
Oh well.

I headed home after my late lunch, where Teh German had already arrived.  We were generally lazy (Teh German watching his videos, me finishing up a book), but did eventually shower and get ready for a neighborhood gathering.  While I was taking a bath (because riding makes me cold in my bones), Teh German came in and handed me a very official US government document.  I had no idea what I was looking at and then I started at the top and saw the header...

TEH GERMAN RECEIVED THE LETTER THAT HIS WORK AUTHORIZATION CARD IS INCOMING!!!!!!!! YYYYYYAAAYYYY!!! This is the document that makes the biggest difference for us since it means he can get a job in the US without the company sponsoring his visa.  It means he can work for any company in the US and it doesn't cost them money for his visa.  For real, ALLLLLL the praise hands emojis should go here.

At the neighborhood gathering, the resident doggy and I hung out, one of my favorite habits.
This is Cooper (not Copper, as I want to call him).  He's fuzzy and soft and I think a golden doodle or something, but he's the mini version. 

We headed home around 1015 because we tired and promptly went to bed.


Sunday, run-day!  Teh German got up with the beasts, who then decided that it was snuggle with Mahm time.  I tried to go back to sleep, but was mostly unsuccessful.

Part of my sleeping in was hoping that the temp would raise a little since it was in the 40s.  It did, but barely..  So I finally rolled out of the bed, much to Meri's dismay (boo, my pillow!) and Pax's delight (yay more space!).  They both thought they were going with me.  They were quite disappointed when they did not get to come with me, but Teh German and I arranged to go on a family walk after my miles were completed.

 Mahm, you gonna take me wifs you??

Lady, I'm ready for my collar.  Here's my nose.
Let's do dis.

After 5 miles, I came home and Teh German had the beasts ready to go.  We did the long (1 mile) loop and both dogs were pleased.  When we got home, I showered and started the laundry and got to add a "things I thought I'd never say" to my list.

I was sorting the laundry and Pax came over the dark pile, picked out a pair of my underwear and started to walk off with them.  I said, "Don't take my underwear, you dirty old man!"  He dropped them, but then didn't even look a little ashamed when I called him a panty-snatcher.  This is my life, People.

I made a meal plan for the week after getting laundry started.  I also went into the office to do computer things and finish up my audiobook while Teh German put together the fish tank stand and remove all the stuff we've received from the boxes.  My dinner idea hadn't thawed, so we ended up going to Texas Roadhouse in search of a veteran's meal, but turns out they only due lunch.  Ugh.  Oh well.

Since we were home from dinner by 6pm, we opted to watch movies to entertain ourselves for the evening.  First we watched Elder Millennial, suggested by Teh PT Wife, which we both laughed out loud at, at least once each, although I laughed more than Teh German did.  I want to love Iliza, but I only kinda like her.  I struggled with her belly shirt this time, like... it was distracting me.  Well really, her outfit in general distracted me...  I did, of course, like the points she made about women's body image, so I mean.. easy home run there.

After that, we agreed to watch a movie and when I saw Fantastic Beasts on the Plex, that was the decision.  Teh German tried to keep scrolling and I'm like, "Uhh, no.  I just made a decision.  It's not even animated." 

Pretty good movie.  Also, Muggle > No-Mag errday.  Ugh, stupid Americans.  When the movie was finished, it was 9:30, which is when I need to be IN the bed.  I still had to do some laundry and then brush my teefs, etc.  By 10:10, I had made it into the bed.  As I was falling asleep, I told Teh German, "I'm tired of being a Muggle."  He laughed and then we fell asleep.  But for real, where do I get my house elf?


It felt like this weekend flew by.  I'm certain that it was just the calm before the storm that will be next weekend (Route 66 race weekend).  I did as much homework as I could without bringing myself to frustrated tears and then I had Megan time.  It was nice.

This week looks quiet, but I feel that's a deception. 

Wednesday, I'll be doing a German essay early since I won't be in class on Friday since my flight to Tulsa departs at 11:30.  As I was considering my Friday situation, it's going to be a time crunch to go to my computer science class to take my quiz, but maybe if I get there early, the instructor will let me take it so I can head out to the airport and not interrupt class with my leaving after the quiz?  IDK, I'm sure it will sort itself out.

I am in my element people. 

All summer, I suffered, silently, while I was melting, about how hot it was, very seldom/when prompted, mentioning that fall/winter are the best seasons ever.  Now all these people who love summer won't STFU about how cold it is and how much they miss summer and I want to get on my soap box and scream, STFU! I suffered through your favorite season (that went on for like half my life this year), so if you could stop counting down the days until my favorite season ends, I'd appreciate it.  Just call me the Queen of Bitterness.  Also, yes, I know I live in the "wrong" place.  There are reasons for that.  I.e.: Teh German.

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