Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #26

I stretched while handing something to Teh German.
Teh German (tG): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SAVENYA....  (the intro song to The Lion King)

After cooking shrimp and grits.
tG: OO we should have added kielbasa, then it would have been surf and turf.
Teh Megan (tM): It is often served that way.
tG: Schwein und Shrimps.

tG, very seriously, to Roomy (the Roomba): I would really appreciate if you would stop getting tangled up with that lamp.

There was a tree in a neighborhood we drive through to get home that had put something like aluminum foil over the fruit on their trees.  It was quite bizarre to me.
tM: I wonder what that is.
tG: What?
I point to the tree but Teh German doesn't look.
tG: Eyes on the road!
tM: I'm like a bird, it was shiny and I had to look!
tG: I was more concerned about driving through the sharp curve.  Also, that's how birds die.

tM: Whew, glad you finally gave me something for your post this month.  It was looking pretty bare.
tG: That was a late entry.

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  1. I almost spit water onto my laptop at the Schwein & Shrimp.

  2. -The Roomy thing sounds exactly like something I would say.

    -There is a tree on my commute that has these huge tin sheets on their tree! WTF?! Google's only suggestion was that it was to prevent squirrels/etc from climbing and eating all the food in the tree. Which still seems friggin' weird.


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