Monday, November 26, 2018

Weekend Review {11/26}


Gentle Readers, I have a confession to make.  Prepare yourselves.  I hope you are sitting down.  Ok, here goes.  I don't like turkey.  I will eat it out of Thanksgiving obligation but I don't like it.  I definitely don't like it reheated.  It took me almost 33 years to come to this conclusion, but this year.. I've decided for certain.  I don't like turkey.  Thanksgiving for me is about everything else.  Especially the stuffing.  I LIVE for stuffing.  I'll also generously serve myself mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, whatever form of corn you got, carrots, mac and cheese, maybe 2 rolls if I don't have worry about everyone getting one, and maybe try a little bit of those weird things that are part of your family's "traditions"... but I'll have a minuscule serving of turkey, kthx.  I'll save that for everyone else.

Coffee and chocolate pie filling for breakfast.

We woke up, had breakfast and I had considered going on a run, but wasn't feeling it, so I didn't.  Instead I went to the computer and fucked around until Teh Running Bestie texted me asking how my mac and cheese was, which I had completely forgotten I needed to make.

Does having a head cold and/or having to take medication for sinus problems make anyone else deficient?  There is so much from last week that I cannot remember.. obviously I was struggling during the week as well.  /shrug

Teh PT Wife had brought over a turkey to put in our oven around 11, so I can say I helped with the turkey.  I did actually.  I made sure that every time I even looked at anything that was going to be eaten I washed my hands so my sickness was less likely to be contracted.  Additionally, when it was time, I checked the turkey's temp and took it out when it was finished.

With Teh Running Bestie's prompting, I headed to the kitchen at 1230 to start my mac and cheese.  Most everyone who cooks asked for the mac and cheese recipe, so I think it was a winner!  I'll prob be posting the recipe in the foreseeable future.  Teh German turned on the dog show for me while I cooked.  I thought we had missed the hound group, but we hadn't.  I won't lie.  After the hounds, I turned off the TV and resumed my audiobook.  #Priorities.

After everything was done cooking, I headed upstairs to shower and get ready for public viewing.  By 2 we were next door to celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended family.  We were at Teh PT House for most of the afternoon.  In the evening, Teh PT Wife and I ventured out for some Black Friday shopping at Old Navy, Best Buy, Dick's, and Target.  While we were shopping, husbands were smoking cigars and drinking.

We made it back home around 11 and then it was bedtime.


A slow start on Friday morning.  We started off the day by going to the gym, where death would have been a preferable end for most of the 30 minute workout.  After, Teh German went to help a riding buddy pack/move stuff while I worked for a bit.

While we were at the gym, Meri proved that no matter how much I treat her like my child, she is, but, an animal.

After Teh German came home, I finally showered, we ate late lunch/early dinner, and then we sat down and watched the entire Divergent series.  Sadly, the movies fucking suck and the books were sooo much better.  Additionally, the last movie was complete crap.  Even Teh German started to notice inconsistencies and errors and would point them out, which only served to stir me up and then I started in on my regular bashing, which I had been keeping in check.

Also, Allegiant doesn't really follow the book at all.  NO ME GUSTA.  SHE DIES.  At least get that right, faaacccckkkk.

While we were wasting our lives away in front of a screen, I discovered this Black Friday gem and made a solid life choice.  This is actually Teh Bear's fault, because eons ago when we lived together in MD, I remember him getting a steal of a deal on all 8 Harry Potter movies and I never forgot.  With Teh PT Kid currently reading through the series, I'm amping up for when he eventually finishes the series and we can watch all the movies.  #SorryNotSorry

This is doubly good because then Teh PT Wife can finally experience some Harry Potter awesomeness and she will finally get HP jokes between Teh PT Kid and I.

After watching 3 movies in a row, I was d.u.n.DUN. 


Teh PT Wife wanted to go shopping again.  Who am I to not tag along?  We went by Home Goods and TJ Maxx, then we hit up Tattooed Moose for lunch, then we hiked across Charleston walked to the other end of the mall to go by Belk.  We stopped by World Market so I could pick up spatzle for Teh German.  Then we stopped at At Home, Kirklands, and, finally, Hobby Lobby.

Picked up a sweet $5 tank that I couldn't deny the gift of living in my closet.

After I got home, Teh German and I ate dinner, then we sat down in front of the TV and watched (please sit down to read this part too) the Clemson vs USC foosball game.  I kept making comments that we could watch Shameless instead, but Teh German insisted on watching the game.  We knew which team was going to win (Clemson), but Teh German kept yelling at the TV like it would make a difference.  I won't lie, USC really played hard, despite going up against an undefeated team.

After the game, it was bedtime.


Teh German and I needed to run some errands on Sunday.  We were going to go to Denny's for breakfast, but I discovered as I drove up to the restaurant that they were closed... based on the black plastic over all the Denny's signs.  UGH.. So instead we went to IHOP.

After breakfast, we hit up Sam's, Walmart, then Lowe's.

When we got home,
Teh German was messing around in the garage and I was putting stuff away in the house.  Eventually, I started working on some homework.  Teh German came in just as I was finishing up.  We've been having some back and forth lately about the immigration interview and things we need to bring, but it kinda seemed like Teh German was putting all these things WE needed to bring on my shoulders.  I had asked him to send me a list of documents that we needed and he just kept saying shared accounts.  We have the utilities and a bank account together, but he insisted that wasn't enough.  Despite my objections, I finally looked up a suggested list of documents to bring to the interview and ended up printing out a millionty things.

I discovered that only one of our utility bills has both of our names on it, that my name was still incorrect on our insurance policies, and that many other things could serve to prove the relationship legitimacy.

Teh German was being helpful and tried to move the printer while it was printing to the new stand I purchased, and I almost threatened to cut his arms off and beat him with them.  I have a very precarious relationship with the current printer and when it works, no one is allowed to mess with the printer.  With all the documents in the printer queue, I would have been pissed if the printer had accidentally gotten unplugged and I had to redo all my work.  But he was trying, so 10 points for Gryffindor Teh German.

After I was done printing everything, Teh German suggested a dog walk since the beasts were extra obnoxious and I was obviously a little.. harried.  After our walk, Teh German helped me complete my pot cabinet lid storage task.  Lids are the most annoying part of my pots/pans storage and putting them on the door was the perfect solution.

Then, Teh German headed to Teh PT House for smoking time.  I followed a little while later, after finally putting the rest of the laundry stuff away.  We hung out for a little bit and eventually headed home for dinner.  After dinner, we watched a few episodes of Shameless and then, my Thanksgiving break was over and it was bedtime.


Despite being sick, Thanksgiving break was very good for me.  The benefit to being sick is that midday naps aren't as frowned upon vs when you're just on school break and just happen to be home in time to take a midday nap.  #YOLO

I didn't do any homework, despite having a coding assignment, German hw, the last project for my circuits class, and the final project for my cybersecurity class.  I needed a break.  And I was sick.  It was probably for the best that I didn't even bother.

I cooked so much last week that we probably will only have to make dinner once this week because we still have so much leftovers in the fridge.  #Blessed?  Is that how it works?

This week consists of anxiously awaiting all my Black Friday shipments.
I have an OB/GYN appt to follow up on the follow up for my hot flashes on Wednesday.
Friday, we have our first Holiday party of the season.
Dec 5th, Teh Running Bestie and Teh Chief Smartass will be in CHS.
Dec 7th is the Kiawah Half Marathon. 
Our MD visitors will be taking Meri and Pax with them when they go back to MD and we will be without the beasts until Teh Running Bestie returns to Charleston in January for the Charleston Half Marathon.  There are a few consolations.  1- we will see them over NYE.  2- Where we are staying in Denver, there will be at least 10 greyhounds.  3- the neighbors would happily whore out their dogs if we needed a fix.

Let us trudge together into December!  ONWARD!


  1. I'm ready for December! Mostly I'm ready to go back to MN again. We almost always have 2 meats on both sides of the family for Thanksgiving. This year I think we had turkey & beef. Sometimes it's ham. I like turkey but really only dark meat & only for so long. Basically I only eat it at Thanksgiving.

  2. Turkey isn't my fav either. I enjoy the first 3-4 bites and then it' BUT, we got one from Bojangles this year and the leftovers made an amazing taco soup.


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