Friday, November 9, 2018

Five on Friday #172

EINS - Random Shit

You know how they say life is like a roller coaster?  Well, I'm ready to get off for a while and just sit on a bench until this nausea passes.  So much happening this week in my world and I'm struggling to maintain my grasp on everything.  I'd laugh about it, but I'm past that.

Teh German thangs..

Sunday night when I got home, Teh German had checked his USCIS status and our interview is being scheduled and we will receive a letter in the mail with our interview date.  This is what we've been waiting on since July.

But on Tuesday, the roller coaster finally crested the hill.  I won't share the details here because he doesn't really appreciate me sharing his shit to the public, but Teh German came home on Tuesday with a work announcement.  Now he's come home from work before with shitty news from/about his Company and I tell him that it's fine, we adjust the sails and sail the course, and endure whatever we need to.  This time though, I didn't have those words of reassurance.  This time it was, "You do what you need to do."

But I've thought about his situation more and more and imagine this...
Imagine you have a job and things may not be going well and if this job doesn't work out, you could lose EVERYTHING.  Not just your job, but EVERYTHING.  Like, your house and your family and everything you've worked for over the past 5 years.

^^^That's (probably) what goes through Teh German's head every time something happens with his job/company.

Fortunately, if things with his Company were to be so bad, his green card stuff is in the works, so he wouldn't have to go back to Germany and he wouldn't lose everything.. but just imagine if that was a reality?  That's some stressful shit.  I could tie this into current politics, but I won't because this is about ME and Teh German, so you're welcome.

We didn't talk about it on Tuesday night.  Teh German was waiting on the results of the election to come in, I was doing a millionty years worth of homework that I disregarded all weekend (it was worth it).  Teh German distracted himself by opening up the boxes that had arrived with the fish tank stuff.

I'm an avid supporter of avoiding your problems until you cannot, so Wednesday morning before he left from work, I told Teh German that he should do whatever he needed to do regarding the situation at work.  I know that Teh German worries about providing for our family and financially contributing for his half of our life.  But I reminded him that we are prepared for emergencies, that we had worked hard to ensure that we were prepared, so taking care of himself was more important than the money.  I know he knows this, but sometimes he doesn't KNOW, KNOW this.  The reality is, if one of us is going to endure employment transition, NOW is a good time.

Moving on to election related shit...

While I'm glad that the Dems took control of the House, this is a double-edged sword.  It means shit like furloughs when the budget can't be passed because Congress can't agree on anything.  But, it also means less fear regarding what does get passed in terms of immigration and health care and most other "blue" issues.

Florida passed the amendment to ban greyhound racing.
Here's why I have a problem with this.  This ban goes into effect January 1, 2019.  All these "pro"-greyhound groups (GREY2K) spent sooooo much money on advertising, but those groups will not be there to assist with moving these dogs from the tracks to couches.  It will be the non-profit rescue groups who are mostly volunteer ran.  At this point, there is no plan on how to deal with the ban.. just that racing greyhounds will be illegal after Jan 1.

What makes me sick is that banning greyhound racing will not stop people from racing the dogs.  No longer will the breed be regulated and, I imagine, that "backyard" (i.e. unofficial) racing will be more prevalent.  Just like banning dog fighting doesn't stop people from doing it.  With a plan in place, I might have been more supportive of the amendment, but there is no plan and I'm afraid for the future of one of my favorite breeds.

After Phil, I always planned on having a greyhound.  I mean.. remember that one time that Teh German said, "We're a greyhound family," and he had named our new family member (Pax) within 15 minutes of him being in the car with us?  Yeah.  We planned on having retired racers for the foreseeable future.  We'll see how this changes those plans.

School things...

I had all A's and B's at midterms.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and putting forth the effort) to maintain that, but each day has become more and more of a struggle and I'm sooooo over it.

My cybersecurity class instructor thinks that we're on his Red Team and that we have all been programming and dealing with networks since childhood.  I'm glad that he's so knowledgeable, but I strongly disagree with assignments that are well-above my knowledge level because of the assumed knowledge he thinks we have.  On my most recent homework, I got all of the answers wrong and I have no idea how and the worst part is that... I don't really give a fuck anymore.  I should, I know I should, but I can't.

My computer science instructor announced that if we turn in an assignment within a week after it's actually due, it's only marked down by one letter grade and whatever you miss.  FINE.  I didn't turn in an assignment that was due on Wednesday and it was liberating.  I could have stressed about it.. but I didn't (mostly because I was stressed about too many other things, but that is neither here nor there).  I've asked for assistance from someone who has already taken the class and I'll work on whatever assignments I need to turn in over the weekend.  #YOLO.  Our last test had an 11 point curve because so many people missed 3 specific questions that were worth 11 points total.  I'm not complaining about my curved 88, but if you need to curve like that.. is your test really fair?

My german class is actually fine, but I'm stressing out about it because I was behind from skipping class on Friday, then not doing my HW for Monday, and we had a group project to present on Wednesday (that the freshman in our group completely took over and did it all herself, by choice, so it wasn't really stressful for me, but not helping was actually pretty stressful).  I'll get back ahead of schedule this weekend and that makes my brain happy.  This is one of those classes that I feel obligated to do well in for obvious reasons, so when my average is only 100.4, instead of 103.8, I am not impressed.

My online class is still just as much bullshit as it always has been.  I've stopped giving fucks and I've not posted responses to classmate's discussion posts in 2 weeks.  IDGAF.  I should probably, but I do not.  If the teacher cannot be bothered to participate in the discussion boards, I cannot be bothered to give any actual fucks.  Bare minimum is my new self-requirement.  When I see my grade start to dip because of my lack of fucks, then I'll care again, but I'm feeling pretty confident about not letting this class hold me down.

My circuits class is... complicated.  It's not a difficult class, but the one day I was late to class (a few weeks ago) really threw my game off and I feel like I haven't been able to catch up since.  We have one more partner project that I'm not looking forward to and one more homework and a test and the final exam.  So not really all that much, unless you consider the weight of all those assignments and what happens if I don't do well.

Normal shit...

-One more week till I'm reunited with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda!!!  We're taking over Tulsa for the Route 66 Half Marathon.  #HurtsSoGood #TeamBrokeAsses (well 2 of the 3) #WillRunForBling

-It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks.  It feels like it's still the September that never ends.  Then again, it was 80°F this week, so maybe that's the problem?

-I'm off of school for the entire week for Thanksgiving and I don't even know what I'm going to do with myself....... after I complete all my homework...

-One of my coworkers is quitting at Company and going to join a project with others who have quit at Company.  I'm actually pretty sad about this because this person was one of my faves.  That said, I'm not overly surprised based on the project he's been working on since I've worked at Company, it's the pits.  We would chat regularly about all kinds of things and he never made me feel like because I was young enough to be his daughter that I was inept.  He will be missed.

-When my one hour massage starts almost 10 minutes late and the masseuse has to leave in the middle because their new person doesn't know how to ring up a gift cert, and the massage ends at exactly the hour mark... It makes me disgruntled.

-Voting Things:

I love not stupid Google Doodles.

Civic Duty: CHECK.

We waited in line together for an hour and 20 mins.
It was her first SC election!
Also, Teh PT Husband's Mom has been deemed: Teh NY Chef.

Day after outfit choice...

-I've been having a butter debacle after the general practice doc told me that I should switch from Country Crock to REAL butter because it's healthier for you, a few months ago (when I initially went to the doc for my hot flashes).  I bought a tub of regular butter and a tub of whipped butter, thinking it would spread easier.

Well, Gentle Readers, I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS CLUMPY BUTTER SHIT.  In fact, I'm certain that everyone who has to deal with me on a daily basis has heard about my fucking butter debacle and THEY were probably ready to buy me a tub of Country Crock to shut me the fuck up already... Specifically, Teh German, but he would never actually say to me, "Shut the fuck up, it's butter."  I think he tried to hint at that once, but then realized I was being irrationally angry about this shit show and just left me to stew in my rage.  Smart.

Dear Butter,
FUCK YOU and your clumpy shit.
I will be buying some Country Crock this week because I'm tired of this fucking shit.
-Disgruntled Consumer
PS.  I thought whipped mean it was easier to spread?

We are back to Country Crock and I do not have clumpy problems any more.  I guess now I understand why people leave their butter out all the time: so it's soft and actually spreads...  I also understand why Teh Mom always used Country Crock or it's equivalents.

-My circuits partner, who has been trying for weeks to get under my skin (same cadet who switched up my pens and randomly jerks my papers when I'm writing notes), FINALLY succeeded.  Petty Officer MaidenName came out and lit him up.  Lawd, it felt good.

He wanted to start shit about our last project grade (an 80) in front of the people who were in the classroom waiting on class to start, including the professor, and I have been over his shit for a while, but had been trying to maintain professionalism (haha, I know).. But if you've made it to this point in the post, you're already aware that this was NOT the week to fuck with me.  I loudly, and with many expletives, made him aware of this and gave him the option to take it outside if he wanted to discuss it.  He didn't seem overly interested.  The Professor (a former army officer) didn't even react.  I think we were both surprised that I made it as long as I did without going off on him.

When I finished up the homework I had been working on when he had come in with his shit, I made my way back to my desk and, to him only, said, "Maybe if my partner didn't wait until 11:45 the night before the project is due to actually do the project, I wouldn't have such a difficult time writing the report for the project."  Crickets.  Yeah, that's what I fucking thought. 

-When there's an 8 minute wait at 6pm for grilled chicken at Bojangles, you will NOT be getting my business.  Especially after I've already waited in this drive through for almost 10 minutes.  Nope, nope, nopppppeeee.

-I hate it the most when I feel like I've completely got my shit together and then later, when it's too late, I realize that I completely forgot something and had sufficient time to accomplish it, had I remembered.  Specifically, homework.  Extra specifically, homework that a quiz the following day is based on.  #MeganFail

-This is how I've been spending my post-homework evenings, it's been glorious:

-Dear Cleaners,
Never have I ever put out mismatched sheets to be put on the bed.  That should have been clue #1 to being in the wrong location for clean sheets.  Additionally, these dog sheets are located in the footboard of the bed, NOT UNDER the bed.  Lawd, send me patience.

PS. I know it's an epic first world complaint, let me remind you that I'm grateful that we can have cleaners come to our house to do the shit I don't have time to do and that Teh German fights me so hard on when I ask him to actually do.  That said, when I trust someone to do a job, ANY JOB, me having to redo it, especially if I've paid you to do the job, makes me grumbly.  There were also some other unsat conditions that I found, which always sucks because I hate calling people out on their shitty work. 

PPS.  Thanks to Teh Running Bestie for listening to my crazy lady mismatched sheets rant.  I'm glad you understand my mismatched sheets angst.

-It's insurance sign up time...  Another year for Teh German where I will not be providing him with health insurance, but I will provide dental/vision for him.  To add Teh German on my medical insurance would cost me $3429 for a high-deductible plan and $5236 for a "normal" health insurance plan.  I would rather save my money each year and let him pay for his possible once a year urgent care visit, when he inevitably ends up getting sick at the end of the year and, oh so kindly, gives me his disease right around the time exams end, so I can enjoy the sickness TWICE.  Once while he had it, and again when I'm actually inflicted with it.  Generally, it's worse for me when HE is afflicted with the sickness.

Office all-hands for our benefits presentation.
Yay free lunch/Boo.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Food/gas for a weekend away
-NCSU bookstore self-presents
-Kindle ebook from Ilona Andrews
-water bill
-Post-race massage
-sweet tea

DREI - Random Photo Shit

Howling Wolf

Teh German likes this German song and it sounds like they are saying something about llamas in it, so I call it The Llama Song and he knows exactly which song I'm talking about.  He was legit disappointed that I did not bring this mug home (even though we have too many mugs as it is and I resolutely maintain a Disney theme for our mugs).

After 6 months... it has started.

#GoatDogs attack again.

Willow is emailing me about my washer fluid being low.

So much satisfaction from Willow's new addition.

Teh German has started to unveil the anniversary tank.
Sadly, the base was scratched up by a busted silica packet, so it needs to be exchanged.
These crazy mushrooms sprouted up on campus and they blew my mind.
They were not there then they were there the next day.  CRAYYYY.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

In case you needed the reminder (like I did):

"The you that seems to be under constant storm clouds."Stalkers.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. A post-half marathon massage on Tuesday, even if there were some factors that weren't so good.  My body felt MUCH better afterwards.
  2. The ability to vote and getting to be there with Teh NY Chef as she cast her first SC vote!
  3. Free lunch at work on Thurs for our benefits all-hands.
  4. Rain.
  5. Long sleeves.
  6. Husband's flexibility when the evening plan (i.e. dinner) doesn't come together like it was intended to.
  7. Meri and Pax snuggles.
  8. Getting asked about life with greyhounds.
  9. Less than one month of the semester remains.  
  10. An audiobook and an ebook in my inventory almost completed.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Yeah, I'm with you on wanting to get off the rollercoaster. We could really do with the rest of the year just being entirely uneventful.


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