Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Humpday Confessions #24

Today marks 3 more navy work days.  Woah.

Vodka and Soda


-Despite how busy last weekend was, it was still completely relaxing.  WIN.

-After Olive put her ass on my head because she is a princess and insists on laying ON the pillows at the head of my bed, the dogs are no longer allowed in my room after Teh MD Adult Roomie leaves in the morning/while I'm sleeping.  Granted, it's only for the rest of this week, but no, no more.

-The Skipper called me out on not attending command PT.. during my last week at VX-1.  I'm just relieved he didn't notice sooner.  Yay self-workouts!  PS.  I couldn't decide between the following 2 gifs, you're welcome.

-I keep getting this feeling like I'm leaving so much work unfinished.  There are things that never got completed, but I didn't care about them to begin with, I'm not sure why my brain seems to care so much about them now.

-Going into work on Monday made me feel all out of sorts.  There were a million little things I needed to accomplish, which always makes me feel anxious.

-I hate my hiccups and sneezes.  My hiccups sound like a donkey baying.  My sneezes are so loud they scare other people and so forceful that I have actually peed a little.  WTF body?  And yes, I've done kegal exercises to counter this problem, no luck, these sneezes make my entire body flail.  Ridiculous. 

-Teh Sister and I have the same obnoxious hiccups.  Yet, she wasn't unfortunate like me with the sneezing problem, which I blame on Teh Dad.

-I'm talking about all this sneezing because I can't take my allergy cocktail this week so I can get allergy tested on Friday and I'm sneezing my freakin' face off.

-I had an update available on Suzy2.5 Tuesday morning and I ended up with visual voicemail.  WIN!

-Teh MD Adult Roomie and I picked up a 4 pack of 1000 count puzzles for $12 and we were super pumped about them.  Then we started doing the fall one (with lots of similar colors) and subsequently wanted to off ourselves because none of the puzzles came with an image other than the itty bitty one on the back of the box and it was hard and sat on our table for over a week.

-I will purposely drive like a crazy person to get you out of my blind spots.  I will purposely swerve in your lane.  I will speed up to ridiculously high speeds and then reset my cruise control so I start going really slowly.  If those 2 things don't make you want to not be near me, you're an asshole.

-If you didn't see it on FB, Olive laid her ass on my head at 0453 one morning.  I took a picture and it would have been funny, if it hadn't been her ASS on my HEAD.

-I just checked the Krispy Kreme website.  There IS a KK in Charleston.  All hope is not lost!!!

-I requested a flight in the MH-60, which was my EAWS platform I qualified in, and it was approved and scheduled.  Hopefully, pics to come!

-Almost a week later, I still haven't watched the season premiere of Grey's.  I'm not ready to face the fact that Cristina is really gone.  /weep.

-My woe voice is very convincing.
Teh Megan: Ohhhh nooooooooo!!
Teh MD Adult Roomie: What?!
tM: We don't have any marshmallows and I just made hot chocolate.
tMDAR: Oh, I thought it was something important.
tM: It IS important!  Why do we feed all our food to the dogs?

She really thought something big was wrong due to my voice.. but "it wasn't that big of a deal."  WRONG, NO MARSHMALLOWS FOR MY HOT CHOCOLATE IS NOT OK!!


  1. 1) WHOA. That's real.

    2) Grey's was pretty good. There was definitely mention of Cristina at least, so it wasn't like some shows where they just completely ignore the gaping hole of a missing character.

  2. Haha I read the puzzle one as pretzels at first. I was over here all "damn yall really love pretzels!"

  3. Hot chocolate with marshmallows is soooooooooooooooo wrong ;)!

    The marching animals are hilarious!

  4. I'm just glad I got to see an Olaf gif today, because that really does make everything perfect. So thank you for that.

  5. My hiccups are high pitched and I only have 1 at a time. It's a random hiccup.

  6. Bahahaha! I have definitely fallen victim to peeing while sneezing!!! Farted once, too. In a store. -_-

  7. I both love and hate puzzles.

    I definitely have sneezing issues. I'm incapable of sneezing just once so I always look like I'm having some sort of attack, I sometimes might pee or fart or whatever else and I just feel like I'm dying, and for whatever reason, I always sneeze when I'm driving. So that's fun.


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