Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday #35


If you were unaware about the most disappointing news on this side of the blogosphere (it's a thing, moving on), I'll just tell you.  Kathy is no longer putting on the Humpday Confessions.  I'm crushed.  A mere 24, 25 if you count this week, weeks and I was into the swing of things, and as I predicted (somewhere on here before that I can't seem to find), the linkup was cancelled.  She said that the confessions could go on, but really, is it the same?  Nooooo.

I feel lost.


Sadly, a blog is not a journal.  There are so many words I wish I could say right now, but I know better.  I will say that transitions are hard and when I stop and pull myself out of the moment, I wonder, "Am I really doing the right thing?"


Hopefully, by the end of the day today, I'll have a not in Navy regulation hair color.  I'm aiming for green or blue, but we'll see what the salon can do.  I tried to call them several times on Thursday to ask if they had "crazy" colors, but no one ever picked up.  I'm not sure that's a solid business practice, but I'll reserve my judgement until tomorrow after my appointment.


Yesterday, I woke up at 0330 with Mr. Mystery and when he left for work, I stayed up doing shopping research to see which stores had the best prices for items that were on the grocery list.  I also finally broke down and became and adult and purchased a printer/copier/scanner.  All the money I saved on Thursday went towards the printer so I could print more coupons.  Couponing is a game.  A very, very fun game.  Until one becomes a hoarder.. thennnn, not so much.


There might be a trip to Raleigh in my future (ok this weekend).  I might get to actually go to the NC State Fair for the first time in my life, ever.  I didn't even go while I was in college, which is pretty disappointing of me.  I've finally come to the conclusion that I'd do many things differently if I could redo college.

(I'm only using this gif because I searched college and this came up and it's an NC State baseball player and I felt obligated #sorrynotsorry.  FYI: By using this .gif I do not mean I'd have twerked more in college.)

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

Linking up with these ladies since it's FFFFRRRRRRIIIIIIDDDDAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!! | |


  1. Don't be sorry, I like guy shaking his butt at me. I didn't know the confessions were gone. Someone needs to start them back up. I will totally miss that. :(

  2. Couponing is exhausting to me. I always forget to bring them with me or check to see if they exist before I go shopping because I just want to go and get it over with. A lady in a group a belong to on FB said she is offering an extreme couponing class. I will not be attending.

  3. I always have good intentions of couponing but I always run out of ink... Also I too am heartbroken over the won't be the same....

  4. 1-2: :( Hope things are okay, feel free to email if you need an ear.

    5: The only times I've ever attended the state fair were in junior high on a field trip. I wonder if it would be as fun as a (semi) adult?

  5. I was so sad when Kathy made her announcement. I've found so many great blogs through that link up (including yours!), and I just loved 'fessing up every week. Can't wait to see the new hair! Have a great time at the Fair!

  6. I watched that gif longer than I probably should have....... ;-) I'm sad about Kathy as well!

  7. Ooo... I can't wait to see what you did with your hair!


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