Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Humpday Confessions #24


Vodka and Soda

I confess that there will not be confessions this week, or probably anything other than pre-scheduled posts for the next week, due to my arrival in Charleston (on Monday), getting settled (on Tuesday), job interview (on Wednesday (today), yay!), departure for our cruise (on Thursday), arrival home from our cruise (on Tuesday), and actually unpacking (after all that).  Please know that all my Gentle Readers are my favorites and I miss you already.

PS.  Sorry if I don't promptly respond to comments for the next week and a half.  My computer isn't really getting proper Teh Megan time either, if it makes you feel any better.

I'm sure that after a week and a half of living with Mr. Mystery that I'll have some interesting things to tell you about (even if we're not gonna be home for a week of that).

For good measure, I'll leave this here:


  1. Wow! Such a busy week. Good luck on the interview and have fun on the cruise! :D

  2. Have a blast! I hope the interview went well.

  3. Good Luck in the interview and have a fantastic cruise!!


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